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Giveaway Results: $50 Bonefish Grill Gift Card

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Sorry this giveaway is now closed! We would like to congratulate our two winners-Commenter #45  (Jennifer) & Commenter #247 (Wendy) on winning these great gift cards. A huge thanks to Bonefish for making this giveaway possible! Please check back next Tuesday for another great giveaway!

One of our favorite spots to visit when we have a date night is Bonefish Grill. A little known fact is that they have some really great drink specials for $5 that often include a delicious sangria, a wine selection, and martinis every night. If we want to keep the evening budget-friendly, we opt for awesome drink specials and a set of appetizers to split. The appetizers are so filling and there is nothing like a little Bang Bang Shrimp to make a girl’s night complete.  Between the appetizers and their yummy bread, we keep our date night under budget and still have a fantastic night out at a beautiful restaurant.

When the waiter encourages you to get another martini though,  just say no. You aren’t in college anymore and one drink is PLENTY…but I digress.

In the spirit of all things great about Bonefish, I wanted to share with you the new series that Bonefish is offering that shares the fascinating history of Rum Running. With a new and exciting series of Webisodes, premiering this month, Bonefish Grill is sharing the Rum Running experience and history with you and would love for you to check out some of their great Webisodes to learn more!

In honor of their Rum Running series, they wanted to offer a special night out for two of our readers. They are offering two lucky readers $50 in Bonefish gift cards that can be used on your next night out! I can think of no better Mother’s Day gift for you then for you to have a delicious night out, free of dishes and free of the bill, then this!

For more information and sample menus from Bonefish Grill, visit You can also find them on Facebook and become a fan! (

To enter this giveaway please share one way you keep your date night under budget when heading to a restaurant.  For an extra entry, check out the Webisode below and share one thing you learned through this series!  Two winners, chosen at random, will receive $50 in gift cards to accomplish the ultimate in a frugal date night out- how about FREE? Tuesday 04/13) at 8PM EST. Our winner will be drawn at random. Good luck, everyone! Entries will be taken through



  1. 251

    To save money on date night you could eat a late lunch so you wouldnt be as hungry later. You could plan a trip to a park or nice overlook with a dessert prepared before for a romantic dessert in private. Maybe feed each other…. lol.

  2. 252

    One thing we do to keep date night’s cheaper is to always order water to drink. Soda is ridiculously expensive at restaurants, and beer or wine is even worse. So we always drink water and it saves $5-10 a meal.

  3. 253

    we like to go to places for lunch dates rather than dinner. You usually get the exact same amount of food for less price just because of the time of day!

  4. 254

    My husband and I are really good about splitting meals alot of the time when we go out for dinner (not at real fancy places, but usually at chain restaurants where the meals tend to be larger anyway).

  5. 255

    On occasion we’ve been know to pick up a fancy dessert from a local restaurant… and sneak it into the dollar movies. :-)

  6. 256

    I have a light snack before we leave,and get the salad bar, he orders an entree. We share the salad. Been married almost 39 years!!

  7. 257

    We tend to hit happy hour specials so our date night is super cheap. And then we still have some time to get home and watch a movie (usually from the library).

  8. 258

    We usually get water, share a meal, and use a gift card from Christmas or a birthday.

  9. 259