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Giveaway Results: Dinner for Six from Schwan’s Home Service

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Sorry! This giveaway is now closed!! We would like to congratulate Lee Ann (Commenter #97) on winning this incredible giveaway. Please check back next Tuesday for another great giveaway!

As a busy mom, I know that preparing dinner every night can be a real challenge. Although I do love to cook, I welcome any help that I can get and definitely would not object to anyone who wanted to offer me a night off from cooking. Thanks to Schawn’s, I get to share an amazing dinner with one lucky reader, and their family,  which will include Chicken Pot Pie, a side dish, and a dessert of their choice for a fun night off from cooking.

Schwan’s Home Service, America’s largest direct-to-home food delivery business, offers approximately 400 great tasting dishes like ice cream, pizza, fruits and vegetables, choice meats, seafood, breakfast items, desserts and more.  Since 1952, the company has delivered frozen food orders door-to-door to households across the country and now ships nationwide, too.  From the freezer to the dinner table in less than 30 minutes, Schwan’s meals provide a quick, convenient and pocketbook-friendly way for busy moms to serve their families delicious meals – and eliminate time spent at the grocery store.  Ordering is simple at or by calling 1-888-SCHWANS.

To enter this giveaway please browse to pick a side dish and dessert you feel would go best with Schwan’s Chicken Pot Pie. Leave a comment here to let me know what you would pick for your night off from cooking.  One winner, chosen at random, will receive a full family dinner (serving up to six members) featuring Chicken Pot Pie and their preferred dishes courtesy of Schwan’s Home Service, shipped right to their door! Entries will be taken through Tuesday 03/30) at 8PM EST. Our winner will be drawn at random. Good luck, everyone!



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    How great to have a night off from cooking would be!
    side dish:sweet cream pretzel poppers

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  5. 104

    Asparagus. Roast it with a drizzle of EVOO, S&P, lemon juice, and place it under the broiler. Toss occasionally, and cover with shredded Parmesan as soon as it comes out of the oven!

    And for dessert? Try the Apple Blueberry Cobbler and top it with the Chocolate Fudge Brownie Frozen Yogurt!

    I’m tellin’ ya….. From experience…. You won’t be disappointed!

  6. 105

    I would serve the Cheddar Herb biscuits (my hubby’s favorite) and for dessert plain old vanilla ice cream and add some chocolate syrup (takes me back to when I was a kid). Winning this would be so awesome! I have one year old twins so anything I can prepare quick is a good thing!

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    I would choose Mac and Cheese and Double Chocolate Layer
    cake. What a great prize!

  9. 108

    I would have to order the frozen biscuits. They’re fantastic! For dessert, my family of four would demand ice cream!

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  11. 110

    My family would love the cheese and herb biscuits with old-fashioned apple pie for dessert! Thanks for the giveaway!

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  13. 112

    I’d have to choose Chedder and Herb Biscuits, and Cookies and Cream Ice Cream! It would be so nice to get a night off from cooking! Thank you so much for the chance!

  14. 113

    I would choose the cheddar garlic cheese biscuits & the Double Layer Chocolate Cake:)

  15. 114

    I would pick veggies for a side, and the Fire Roasted Vegetable Blend looks great. For a dessert, you can’t beat key lime pie. Thanks!

  16. 115

    The coconut shrimp looks delicious and my mouth is watering for the apple pie for dessert!!!

  17. 116
  18. 117

    Triple Berry Blend and Marble Cake & Chocolate Fudge Ripple Ice Cream! Oh my, so yummy!
    I love Schwan’s. Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. 118

    i would do the cheese and herb biscuits and funnel cake fries for dessert!! mmmm that sounds yummy!

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    KRUNCHIE POTATO WEDGES for dipping in the sauce and


    YUM! now i am so hungry! I will order my Easter meal from here.

    thanks for the giveaway!


    Jane A.

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    I would pick the roasted sweet potatoes and the monster mania frozen cookie dough to go with the pot pies. We absolutely love Schwan’s food..thanks for the chance to win a night off from cooking dinner!

  25. 124

    Big yum-yum! No ho-hum! To lean a bit towards healthy, I’d pick Creamy Parmesan Risotto with Peas as our side dish. And to balance out the learning, I’d pick Double Layer Chocolate Cake for dessert! Hurray!

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    Frozen bread dough and chocolate chip cookie dough would probably be the add-ons here. I do lots of fresh salads already. Thanks for the chance at Schwans. Nice to have something available for a family of 6 (used to be 8 – two have grown & flown!)

  28. 127

    I’d have the roasted Sweet potato’s and either Strawberry Supreme Yogurt, or it would be chocolate, wait those S’mores look awesome, would be great for cool camping treat! I’d let my children pick.

  29. 128

    How great that would be. I would have to go for the Au Gratin Potatoes and for dessert the smores of course.
    thanks for the chance.

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    Definitely the roasted sweet potatoes as a side and key lime pie for a nice airy finish!

  35. 134

    I would choose the Mediteranan Blend veggies. (because you can never have too many veggies) and the Apple Struesel. (apple pie is as american as Pot Pies!

  36. 135

    I would pick the garlic redskin mashed potatoes and apple blueberry cobbler to go with the chicken pot pie. It all looks so yummy! :-)

  37. 136

    The side dish was easy to pick out but the dessert was hard. Even my 6yo daughter had a had time picking. She picked the dessert for one so that each of us could have our own. 6yo logic, you got to love it!

    CHEESY QUIK TATERS™ Potato Rounds and DESSERT FOR ONE™ Turtle

  38. 137

    I would choose the Fire-Roasted Vegetable Blend and Old Fashioned Apple Pie for dessert!!

  39. 138

    We would have the Paramsean Risotto with Peas as a side and the Apple Strudel Dessert. Yum!

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    The seasoned potato curls would be a hit with my boys and the smores would be awesome to try!!

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    Mini Bow Tie Pasta and Vegetable Blend & Dark Sweet Cherry Ice Cream PLEASE!!! WWWEEEEE love Schwans!!!

  46. 145

    I’d get the southern style biscuits, and double layer chocolate cake for dessert, Yum!!

  47. 146

    I like the garlic cheese french bread and the Apple pie. So much to choose from. Thanks!

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    I would choose the Cheese & Herb Biscuits for a side and for dessert, I choose the Old Fashioned Apple Pie.

  50. 149

    I don’t know if this is considered a “side” but the croissant dinner rolls look AMAZING!The cocolate layer cake also looks very yummy.