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Giveaway Results: Dinner for Six from Schwan’s Home Service

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Sorry! This giveaway is now closed!! We would like to congratulate Lee Ann (Commenter #97) on winning this incredible giveaway. Please check back next Tuesday for another great giveaway!

As a busy mom, I know that preparing dinner every night can be a real challenge. Although I do love to cook, I welcome any help that I can get and definitely would not object to anyone who wanted to offer me a night off from cooking. Thanks to Schawn’s, I get to share an amazing dinner with one lucky reader, and their family,  which will include Chicken Pot Pie, a side dish, and a dessert of their choice for a fun night off from cooking.

Schwan’s Home Service, America’s largest direct-to-home food delivery business, offers approximately 400 great tasting dishes like ice cream, pizza, fruits and vegetables, choice meats, seafood, breakfast items, desserts and more.  Since 1952, the company has delivered frozen food orders door-to-door to households across the country and now ships nationwide, too.  From the freezer to the dinner table in less than 30 minutes, Schwan’s meals provide a quick, convenient and pocketbook-friendly way for busy moms to serve their families delicious meals – and eliminate time spent at the grocery store.  Ordering is simple at or by calling 1-888-SCHWANS.

To enter this giveaway please browse to pick a side dish and dessert you feel would go best with Schwan’s Chicken Pot Pie. Leave a comment here to let me know what you would pick for your night off from cooking.  One winner, chosen at random, will receive a full family dinner (serving up to six members) featuring Chicken Pot Pie and their preferred dishes courtesy of Schwan’s Home Service, shipped right to their door! Entries will be taken through Tuesday 03/30) at 8PM EST. Our winner will be drawn at random. Good luck, everyone!



  1. 151

    I would do the California vege blend, (mixed into the potpie on the plate, YUM!!) and for dessert, Apple Streusel Dessert (still warm) with a scoop of french vanilla ice cream/vanilla ice cream. Man, I need to hit the deep freeze tonight. That is in there and we can have that tomorrow.

  2. 152

    I would choose the green bean fries as a side dish. I’ve seen those and wondered what they would taste like. And dessert would have to be Maple Nut ice cream. I tried that at my sister’s house, and it was heavenly!

  3. 153
  4. 154
  5. 155
  6. 156

    Our favorite side dish from Schwan’s is actually considered an appetizer, so I don’t know if it counts, but we love the Cheese Balls!

    For dessert it’d probably be vanilla sundae cones! Thank you!

  7. 157
  8. 158

    my lil man loves macaroni & cheese and wild rice pilaf, hard to choose when he loves them both. So, I just asked him and he went for the mac n cheese and with such a great hubby and daddy I’d have to pick the Double Layer Chocolate Cake.

  9. 159

    Sounds Great.
    I’d serve either Asparagus spears or the
    Broccoli/cheese for the vegetable; AND
    Apple-Blueberry Cobbler for dessert.

  10. 160
  11. 161

    This would be a hard decision, but I think I would choose the stuffed baked potatoes for my side, and the apple pie for dessert. It all looks so good!!

  12. 162

    I would definitely add the Double Layer Chocolate Cake and the either the sweet potatoes or broccoli with cheese

  13. 163

    Pot pie with the Multi Grain loaf bread with the Blueberry Apple cobbler sounds wonderful! Thank you so much for this chance.

  14. 164
  15. 165

    The key lime pie sounds lucious and the green beans would tempt any appetite. I hope I’m the lucky one

  16. 166

    As a side, I would choose the Multi-Grain Loaf. For dessert, the S’mores look like something my kids would devour.

    Thank you!

  17. 167

    Very hard to decide. I usually don’t serve a side with this wonderful entree, but I think Broccoli & Cheese would be a good fit. And for dessert: cookies from Chocolate Chip Frozen Cookie Dough.

    Very unfair that we have to choose just one dessert from all of Schwann’s delicious choices! LOL!

  18. 168

    I would love some green bean fries to go with the chicken pot pie along with some delicious marble cake chocolate fudge ripple ice cream!

  19. 169
  20. 170

    Roasted baby bakers and a key lime pie would round out a delicious chicken pot pie dinner! Mmmmm…

  21. 171

    Roasted Sweet Potatoes and for desert Marble Cake and Chocolate Fudge Ripple Ice Cream

  22. 172
  23. 173

    Yum!! I’d choose the Cheese and Herb Biscuits and the Double Layer Chocolate Cake. My husband LOVES chocolate cake and my 19 month old twins love their biscuits. I think the whole combination sounds delightful!

  24. 174

    I love key lime pie (though the double layer chocolate cake looks really good too)and the red garlic mashed potatoes sound yummy.

  25. 175

    Cheesy Quik Tators and some apple blueberry cobbler. I haven’t tried either of these, but they sound good!

  26. 176

    We’d go with the Creamy Parmesan Risotto with Peas and the Turtle dessert for one.

  27. 177

    Tough choices but to accompany the chicken pot pie, I would love to try the potatoes au gratin and end this wonderful meal with either Passion punch sorbet or the Jeff Gordon mint chip ice cream (if it were up to the kids :) )
    Thanks for hosting such an awesome opportunity for a night out of the kitchen!

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  30. 180

    Yummy… We would have Supreme Stuffed Baked Potatoes as a side dish and a decadent Double Layer Chocolate Cake for dessert!

  31. 181
  32. 182

    I would have roasted sweet potatoes as a side and SCHWANS SIGNATURE® Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Miniatures for dessert. Sounds delicious! And delivered to my door is even better :) Thanks

  33. 183

    yummy! I would probably choose the cheese stuffed breadsticks, because my son is a cheese head (haha) and the apple pie. this is making me hungry!