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webkinz jrSorry! This giveaway is now closed! We would like to congratulate Janet (Commenter #46) on winning this holiday giveaway! Merry Christmas, everyone!

Do you have a child between the ages of three to six that would love to join the world of Webkinz? We have some great news for these parents because Webkinz now makes a line of Webkinz Jr products with just these children in mind.

Discover the most huggable plush pets you’ll ever love and a friendly world of imaginative interactive play—just for kids ages 3 to 6.

There’s so much to do at

Age-appropriate play and activities

Fun new characters to guide your child as they explore

You can set the level at which your child plays

Parent Area to register pets and review your child’s progress

So many places to visit in our neighborhood:

Home, with cozy rooms and lots to do

School, our Acorn Academy, is full of interactive activities

Park, with Ranger Kenny helping you play hide–and-seek, tag and more

Caring Center, Playhouse and W Shop, too

That is just a taste of what one of these lovely little Webkinz Jr plush toys offers! Who wouldn’t want one of these wrapped up beneath their Christmas tree this year?

Today we are giving away a Webkinz Jr to one lucky reader! To enter to win, read our review of this fun product and then come back here and tell us why your child (or you) would love one of these. Entries will be taken through Tuesday (12/15) at 8PM EST. Our winner will be drawn at random. Good luck, everyone!



  1. 51

    Stuffed animals are always welcome in our house! We all have allergies to “live” animals (at least the cute & furry ones!). What a cute addition to our brood!

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  3. 53

    My nephew would love this adorable Webkinz Jr. He already has several and plays with each online. It’s a great toy because he can take it anywhere and still play with the online features. Here we come grandma!

  4. 54

    My younger daughter is turning five on Dec. 28th and has recently started being interested in the computer. She loves to watch her older sister playing with Webkinz and has asked for one herself for Christmas so she can play on the computer with it too.

  5. 55

    My daughter loves her Webkinz, and I am sure my younger son who admires his older sister would just love the Webkinz Jr. If the site provides fun games that are geared to younger kids, it would delight my son.

  6. 56

    My older daughter loves her webkinz, so this is a great idea for my younger daughter. Now they could have their own webkinz with games for their ages.

  7. 57

    My 4 yr. old would love this. he is just starting to really get the computer figured out, and this would be so much fun for him!

  8. 58

    My child would love this product to help him with his reading struggles. He seems to respond very well to animals and that would peak his interest.

  9. 59

    My kids would love to have a Webkinz Jr. – I have 4 year old twins. They would enjoy the interaction on the computer.

  10. 60

    my daughter 3 years old has 6 brothers and 1 female cousin whom she loves to follow even though she is 11. Her cousin is really into webkins and I know my daughter likes them to so this is really cool that they have webkin junior for her age. They could play together

  11. 61

    I play on the computer and my girls (2 and 4) watch. It would be nice for them to have their own game!

  12. 62

    My daughters just discovered Webkinz online and love the interactive games. They love the softness of the original Webkinz and would love the junior version, too!

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  17. 67

    My little girl might still be too young for this- but my four year old niece would love it! She loves technology! :)

  18. 68

    My nephew would love this. His big sister and my daughter are always playing with their Webkinz, but he’s still a bit too young. I think this would be perfect for him to start with. It will make him feel like such a big boy!

  19. 69

    I didn’t know about Webkinz Jr. – my youngest would love it! He tries so hard to keep up w/ the older siblings on computer games, but he can’t read yet (or only very small words). I love the idea of something geared toward his age group. And even my 13yo hasn’t outgrown something to snuggle!

  20. 70

    Thank You for having this giveaway! My 5 Year old would love a webkinz jr because he loves animals and we do not have any. He has wanted one for quite some time now!! Thanks!

  21. 71

    My 3 yr old son would love to get one of these, as his 3 older siblings are addicted to webkinz (we are late-bloomers with this, too) He watches them on webkinz almost every day. I love that it has an educational aspect to the games and money management

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  23. 73

    my granddaugther would love this toy. i have her while her parents work and this would give her hours of enjoyment,

  24. 74

    My son absolutely loves these, he is Autism spectrum diagnosed and very little can keep his attention however he loves the games on webkinz and the daily activities keep him structured enough to remember daily tasks and he enjoys the routines ;-)

  25. 75

    My oldest loves Webkins & of course little sis would love her own so she can be a big girl as well.

  26. 76

    I think my 3.5 year old son would love one of these Webkinz Jr toys bc my lil sister have the reg Webkinz and he is forever wanting to do what they are doing. With this one being age app., He would have a great time playing with it

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  30. 80

    We have a regular Webkinz account and my 2 1/2 year old son loves to watch it. I didn’t know they had Webkinz for younger kids! He’s just learning how to use the computer and this sounds perfect to help build the basic skills.

  31. 81

    My oldest daughter plays Webkinz quite often, my youngest who is turning 4 the day after Christmas is just waiting for the opportune moment where she can “play” with a pet online too. I’ve seen these in the stores, very cute, and sooo soft!

  32. 82

    My son is just turning 5 but finds it difficult to do regular webkinz because he can’t read. I think he would love the webkinz jr.

  33. 83

    My son LOVES stuffed animals. If he ever gets anything new, he always says I want a new pet. I would love to get him a new one to play and cuddle with at night. Of course, he has to cuddle with ALL of them at night time :)

  34. 84

    My son 7 & daughther 8 have asked for one of these for Christmas they seem to really like them and looks like alot of fun to play with & go online to something that is actually safe & okay to do =)

  35. 85

    My 3 year old daughter Ellise would love this. She always wants to help her older sister with her Webkinz account but it is to hard for her so she just sits and watch’s.

  36. 86

    I would love to get one of these for my daughter! I love that it is fitted just for her age range and so cute. I also like that I can use the internet with it as a teaching tool.

  37. 87

    This would be great for my 3.5 yo son. Games for that age have been hard to find, so this looks awesome!

  38. 88
  39. 89

    My three year old wants to do everything the big kids do. Including play on the computer. Our experience with WebKinz has been nothing but positive, so we’d love to win this!

  40. 90

    My daughter loves stuffed animals and has really taken in interest in our computers–playing online games with her daddy:-). This would be great! Something she could possibly do a little more independently so that she can feel even more like a big girl (also, if we have to give a little extra attention to her teething little brother, we can).

  41. 91
  42. 92

    My daughter is turning 5 and loves to play with her stuffed animals, and she is asking to play on the computer, so this would be the perfect combination.

  43. 93
  44. 94

    I think my daughter would love this! She loves animals and loves playing on the computer even more! Age appropriate games are even better.

  45. 95

    My daughter would LOVE a webkinz JR.
    She has played with the regular Webkinz site, but finds the games to be a bit hard for her. I think she would have a total blast on the Webkinz JR site, and LOVE her cuddly new friend :)

  46. 96

    I have 3 older children and my my fourth (age 3 1/2) wants to join in on everything. The Webkinz junior would let her be a part of Webkinz world like the older siblings.

  47. 97

    My daughter would love to play with this, she enjoys pbskids, and i think this would be fun and appropriate for her to play with too.

  48. 98

    My son Caleb is almost three and loves dogs and carries around a webkinz that his great grammie gave him last year for Christmas.

  49. 99

    I have two boys, 5 and 7, and they love Webkinz….they are just so cute……..very cuddly….I’m partial to the Zebra.

  50. 100

    My 4 year old daughter would love this. She loves stuffed animals and would love to play games on the computer.