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Giveaway Results: Another $100 Visa Gift Card from Scott Common Sense

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Scott Common SenseSorry! This giveaway is now closed! We would like to congratulate Amy (Commenter #46) on winning this gift card. Thanks for your entries & happy holidays!

Today we have another $100 Visa Gift Card to giveaway to put towards your holiday shopping this year! If you missed entering the last giveaway or you did not win this giveaway before, we are excited to offer you another chance to win!

I have had the great honor of writing for the Scott Common Sense Blog these past few months and it has been such a blast. The site is full of great information on how to save money, keep your house tidy, manage the everyday routines, and stay organized. Their missions align perfectly with our missions here at MomAdvice and that is why it has been such a natural fit for both of us. If you are interested in reading my special guest blog column, you can find my entries here! I am very proud to have worked for the company and am excited to offer a giveaway to our readers in conjunction with this partnership!

Scott Common Sense Community is an online destination where users can exchange tips and advice on life’s everyday challenges.  In the month of November, Scott Common Sense Community is all about Holiday Festivities with tips on getting organized for every occasion, decorating on a dime, and Thanksgiving dishes you can make ahead of time.

Share your best tip for staying on budget this holiday season and you’ll be entered to win a $100 Visa Gift Card to put towards your Christmas shopping…which should really help you to keep that budget on track!  And don’t forget you can leave your tips at too! Entries will be taken through Tuesday (12/08) at 8PM EST. Our winner will be drawn at random. Good luck, everyone!



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    I have been shopping with coupons and sales and I’m trying to make most of our presents.

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    I’ve done several things this year to make our holidays budget-friendly. If your credit cards offer a point system that you can redeem for gift cards, save up your points throughout the year and redeem for gift cards for family and friends. I charge things to get points and pay the balance in full each month. This year I was able to redeem for 3 $25 gift cards to restaurants and was able to get my niece a CD that she was asking for. Instead of buying a gift for each person, we give couples a $25 restaurant gift card for an evening out together.

    Also, I search online for freebies, wrap them up, and place in baskets for free gift baskets! The women in my life LOVE getting hair, beauty, and skin samples. Sometimes you can even find full-size trials so the person you’re giving to doesn’t have to know that they were free.

    I clip coupons – a great idea is finding coupons and coupling with sales to buy pistachios and nuts as gifts.

    I shop online through ebates and Shopathome, get great discounts, free shipping, and money back on purchases through these sites.

    My grandparents don’t like asking for help and especially don’t want for us to spend money on them so I came up with a great idea – I make personalized coupon books for them which includes things like free homemade meals, free car washing, and free leaf raking. It makes them feel better when asking for “help”. It’s a great idea for seniors in your life and you can personalize for your partner with things like free back massage, etc.

    Target offers toy coupons online and you can couple with manufacturer coupons for great deals.

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    Making a budget is the first step. Then commit to keep that budget whether it be for gifts, food, or any other item. Keeping your eye out for sales and discounts all year long is a sure fire way to get your gifts bought at a reasonable price and avoid the bustle of the Christmas season. I also am a big fan of homemade gifts. They mean so much more because they come from the heart and are usually so much less expensive! Better Home and Gardens always offer ideas for these little gifts all year long.

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    Merry Christmas!
    Here are a couple of my favorite money saving holiday shopping tips.
    1) Shop throughout the year looking at sales on items you know your family will really like.

    2) Search the sale papers, and price match at walmart and hhgregg.

    3)Make Christmas Cookie batter and freeze it. Then give it wrapped with a bow and baking directions.
    Have fun saving!

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    Starting early is key! I start in September and October. Although I don’t follow the “latest & greatest” trends my kids did want the zhu zhu pets this Christmas. I bought them in October with no problem. Now I see people waiting in long lines at midnight for them and triple paying what I paid. Also, if you start early you can shop the sales and take advantage of some great prices early on. I also do a lot of internet price comparisons to see who has what for less. I actually saved $30 on a toy my son really wanted this year by doing that.

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    I’ve saved some of my higher end freebies to put in gift baskets and I’ve used a lot coupons for other items I’ve purchased for the baskets. I also started saving earlier this year. It has helped with my budget.

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    We set spending limits for each person. I am a bargain shopper, so I start looking for deals right after Christmas. We live far away from our family, so we mainly send gift cards back home to save on shipping charges.

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    I try to cut cost in other areas during holiday season such as groceries and usually spread the cost between November and December.

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    I keep a spreadsheet to help save money! It lists each person for whom I have to shop and the dollar amount I plan to spend. I update it each year, and it’s a great resource for me to remember what I bought and how much I’ve spent for the past several years.

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    I am a stay at home mom with 3 girls and my husband was out of work for 10 1/2 months during this past year. This was definitely the hardest year we ever had, but it was also so good too. I have always known the difference between wants and needs, but this situation brought it to a whole new level. Look around you and see what you have and how blessed you are. Things could be so much worse than they are. It is not about how many things you have. It is not about money. It is about family and being together. You don’t have to compete with friends, family, and neighbors to make yourselves look good. Figure out what is important to you and stick to it. Say no to things you don’t need. You will be amazed at what you already have.

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    My tip is to consider using eBay.They have new items too. Just be sure to check the sellers reputation and shipping costs.

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    My tip for staying on budget this Christmas is to compare prices and keep an eye out on what is on sale.

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    I am using several of the free photo items I got through Freebies4Mom as gifts this year. Also will only be buying for the kids that are still in gradeschool.

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    My sisters and my sister-in-law and I have decided to not exchange gifts for the adults. We often just end up swapping gift cards anyway. We’re giving each other the gift of less stress, lower bills, and a heart for celebrating the birth of Christ!

  18. 218

    My wife does the shopping. She is much more prepared and thrifty than I am. She got this cool Santa potato head for our youngest for $.99!

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    We are trying to follow a plan, and of course doing alot of homemade gifts…cds, gifts from the kitchen…the kids love helping too!

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    I try to look at blogs for really good deals early on in the year. It really saves us money and time during the helidays just to be with each other. Thanks for the giveaway.

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    Shop with coupons all year – free pans and cake mixes make great gifts!! And they cost you nothing.

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    Instead of buying lots of presents, we buy little presents and create a game that everyone can participate. Everyone has a great time, create good memories, and the gifts are just for fun.

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    My husband and I watch for clearance sales all year. We take advantage of every free gift card we get from Kohl’s, JC Penney, etc. We also shop garage sales. You would be surprised to see all the nice things we find that are still in packages or with tags. I also stock up on freebies from Walgreens, Rita Aid, and freebies from the internet. We still have to do some :regular shopping” but always watch for sales. Sometimes we use Amazon and ebay and luck up on get great prices.

  26. 226

    I’m a new mom and learning things all the time. This year we are doing things simple. I’m taking advice from other moms. I am making my nieces and nephews homemade gifts I know they will love!

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    I watch for rebate items at Ace Hardware (they always have great ones on holidays). I shop wih coupons and do price matching.

  28. 228

    My best tip for this holiday shopping is to have a budget. Then make a list of the people your going give a present to, then see what they would like and look online for deals. this works for me every time. You just have to stick to your budget.

  29. 229

    am buying online this year, searching out discounts and free shipping. cannot be tempted to overbuy this way. homemade goodies for friends (food and crochet items). am really having a great time myself. forgot how enjoyable it could be without all the crowds and hassle.

  30. 230

    I started buying in August this year and I buy things on sale year old. I always use coupons or shop online and look for codes and deals. I am a very frugal person and I just try to give everyone the best christmas ever.

  31. 231

    I am huge on clearance sections in stores. I always head there first. I look for deals online at sites like Its all about buying things at the right time. For example if you want a coat… buy it at the beginning of the summer when they go on clearance and use it the coming year… etc

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    My husband and I have been taking advantage of the freebies we have run across in the blog world and are using those as gifts. We have been married a little over a year and thought it would be neat to make a recipe book with recipes and family photos from each side of our families and giving them to our siblings and parents as a gift!

    Robin Fulton
    [email protected]
    http://[email protected]

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    I have shortened my list of recipients by drawing names (at work) and only purchasing gifts for the children of our family.

  34. 234

    I have three boys under five and we have a large list on our Christmas shopping list. The way I stay on budget is to buy gifts all year round. Keep my eyes open for unusual gifts and sales and whittle down the list so that it’s spread out over a longer time frame than simply Nov/Dec. I also sell Stampin’ Up products and make card sets and other gifts all year round.

  35. 235

    To stay on budget I price shop online and then head to stores. I also watch for and clip coupons. Checking out all of the great blogs are also extremely helpful.

  36. 236

    I find that if I map things out and stick to my list I don’t wander the aisles and buy things I don’t need. Also, if I am grocery shopping I make sure to eat before I go. It helps reduce the impulse buy!

  37. 237

    Determine what gifts you want to give and price range and include alternatives. Make a list and stick with it. Shop online to compare store and online prices. Also check with freecycle or freepeats to find gently used gifts, especially items for baby or toddlers. They do not know the difference. Another way is to make gifts like baked goods. I made gel air fresheners last year using baby food jars.


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    I spend less when I do most of my shopping online or from catalogs. There is just something about being in the stores that tamps down my willpower to not spend extra. See no evil, do no evil! lol

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    My best tip for staying on budget this holiday season is living within your means. If you can’t afford it — don’t buy it. Find something less expensive that you can pay cash for. Credit and layaway might be free to use, but costs $$. Better yet, homemade goods make the best presents :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

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    Decided to make a very detailed list of people to shop for/things to buy and keep to a strict budget for each recipient. If I go over on someone’s gift, I need to take off of someone else’s present. Can be easy to go over our limits especially with tax nd shipping, do needed a budget this year.

  43. 243

    We had a tighter budget this year, so I just had to start planning early and shop online for deals. I also am planning on making breads, cookies, and cocoa mixes for gifts for all our friends.

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    Scale back, and shop the day after Christmas sales for the following year, and any birthday gifts during the year.
    Thank you.

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    I have a set amount that I spend on each person and use my medical flex money kind of like a X-mas account to help budget. I request a Christmas list by thanksgiving from each family member so I can research black friday specials. This year there were better deals online w/ Free shipping so didn’t fit the crowds. I do one day of shopping and get it all finished and then wrap. That way there is not changing my mind and I don’t add as I can set back and relax before Christmas.

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    I carry a small book in my purse at all times with my list of who to buy for. I notate my budget per person and then list ideas through the year of what I would like to buy. Once I buy for them, I write what I bought, where I bought it and for how much. Receipts are also saved in here for returns and I am always on the lookout for a better deal.

  50. 250

    My best tip for keeping on track is to set a cash only budget and keep that budget. It is very easy to say that you will keep things under control but without a strict cash budget, you can never be restricted.