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Giveaway Results: Another $100 Visa Gift Card from Scott Common Sense

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Scott Common SenseSorry! This giveaway is now closed! We would like to congratulate Amy (Commenter #46) on winning this gift card. Thanks for your entries & happy holidays!

Today we have another $100 Visa Gift Card to giveaway to put towards your holiday shopping this year! If you missed entering the last giveaway or you did not win this giveaway before, we are excited to offer you another chance to win!

I have had the great honor of writing for the Scott Common Sense Blog these past few months and it has been such a blast. The site is full of great information on how to save money, keep your house tidy, manage the everyday routines, and stay organized. Their missions align perfectly with our missions here at MomAdvice and that is why it has been such a natural fit for both of us. If you are interested in reading my special guest blog column, you can find my entries here! I am very proud to have worked for the company and am excited to offer a giveaway to our readers in conjunction with this partnership!

Scott Common Sense Community is an online destination where users can exchange tips and advice on life’s everyday challenges.  In the month of November, Scott Common Sense Community is all about Holiday Festivities with tips on getting organized for every occasion, decorating on a dime, and Thanksgiving dishes you can make ahead of time.

Share your best tip for staying on budget this holiday season and you’ll be entered to win a $100 Visa Gift Card to put towards your Christmas shopping…which should really help you to keep that budget on track!  And don’t forget you can leave your tips at too! Entries will be taken through Tuesday (12/08) at 8PM EST. Our winner will be drawn at random. Good luck, everyone!



  1. 251

    My best tip is to shop alone. You stay focused & on track! No disruptions :) Also, I’m going to be giving homemade gifts from the kitchen this year which will save on the budget as well!

  2. 252

    Things have been tight now for a while, so I always make a list and stick to it. Know how much you have to spend, then as you shop, add up your total before you get to the checkout. Price compare online, check every store add and you will save time and money by just going straight for that item you need. Don’t spend time wandering the aisles.

  3. 253

    I do alot of price matching and if there is a coupon for the item I’m trying to buy I use it to sweeten the deal. I also use my register rewards, manufacture coupons, store coupons at Walgreens to get free items and make baskets to give to the adults. They love them!

  4. 254

    We are giving used gifts this year to save money… ex. my little girl wants a skateboard, so were buying one from a friend to help her out this holiday and also save money for us! Win for everyone!

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    My best tip would be to price compare online before venturing out. You may find the best deals online or perhaps at a store you never thought would provide you with a price that low.

  7. 257

    The best tip for staying on budget is to actually start with a budget! That is something we often forget to do before we start buying gifts.

  8. 258

    We make homeade gifts. My daughters help and love doing it, we make crafts, picture frames, etc… We also make baked goods and put them in decorative containers.

    I stick to my lists, I love shopping but lately I have to stick to my list or things I don’t need end up in the cart, so I follow my list.

    I’ve also been using ebay and or craigslist to get things super cheap or even free.

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  10. 260

    In recent years our family has grown significantly. We decided to only give one gift per person and by the end of the day everyone has opened at 20 or more presents. It keeps cost and clutter down.

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    My very best tip is simple. Stay out of the stores whenever possible. If you shop for groceries at a SuperCenter, stick to the grocery section. I find that no matter how committed I am to my gift budget, I am always tempted when I see how much STUFF I am not buying! I shop mostly online so I can go directly to what I am buying and see exactly what I am spending as I shop.

  14. 264

    I have 2 tips…

    #1 Use Cash (or visa gift cards;)) This way you are less tempted to overspend

    #2 SHop LATE – I know a lot of people say shop early, BUT if you shop within 14 days of Christmas, you can go after Christmas and get PRICE ADJUSTMENTS. Most retail stores do price adjustmenets within 14 days of purchase!


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    I buy our Christmas gifts throughout the year when I find great deals, and finish my shopping on Black Friday! That way I don’t spend the whole holiday season rushing around and in debt! It lets me spend more time with my family which is what makes holidays memorable! :)

  17. 267

    I make lots of lists to follow, shopping online so I can ponder and come back to it. . . much easier with 3 toddlers also.

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    None of my kid’s presents have cost over $10, and I am only spending $50 on both of them.

  20. 270

    I am making most of my Christmas gifts this year. For other gifts, I will be watching the sale ads online and shopping where I can get the best deal. (It saves a lot of time wandering around the mall looking for that special something.) I already know what to buy and save on impulse spending!

  21. 271

    My best tip for this Christmas season is to reuse coffee cans/tins (or other various empty food type containers) as gift containers. Gift containers can be so expensive and this is a great way to cut down cost and put your personal touch on the gift. Simply clean out the container, wrap it with some wrapping paper, ribbon, etc. and viola!

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    We’ve simply scaled back who we buy for….and when we do buy, only buy on sale and often with a coupon. Making more homemade gifts as well.

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    This year I’m making rag dolls for the little girls in my life and wool felt play food for the little boys. Homemade gifts are so much more personal and inexpensive than buying the latest toy sensation!

  26. 276

    I’ve made quite a few holiday gifts from promotions on sites for photos books and such and that have saved me so much money and still made the most personal gift!

  27. 277

    My tips:

    check out the dollar stores and don’t be afraid to use them especially for decorations and little kid gifts.

    if you are shopping at a certain place, go online to find coupons and deals before going.

  28. 278

    find promotions, shop online, make homemade gifts and make a list when going shopping. it’ll limit you to only what you need.

  29. 279

    My son and I have started composting at his home. I save all of my compostables and donate them to his “Winter” garden (we live in the South) so that our “Spring” garden will be rich and bountiful! He saves his newspapers and aluminum cans for my recycling endeavors!…..reduce, reuse, recycle! I coupon heavily too and have gotten him into the habit too! Woo!Hoo!

  30. 280

    for the past 3 years we have been doing mostly handmade gifts. staying out of the stores (and off of online stores) helps me from over buying, and giving in to all of the “deals”.

  31. 281

    I shop sales, use coupons, take advantage of free shipping when shopping online. I subscribe to numerous blogs that give me a “headz up” when doorbuster sales are coming up! No more penny-wise, pound-foolish for me!

  32. 282

    We are paying cash for the gifts we purchase this year, with the majority of gifts being homemade. Clearance sections and dollar bins at various stores are helping to fill stockings!!

  33. 283

    my best tip is that I thrift interesting and originally expensive items for the people who I know value thrifting! I can get them more for less and it’s “green” as well!

  34. 284

    I start shopping sales in the summer and keep a list of what I have bought and who it’s for, so I don’t forget what I have already bought. I also take advantage of coupons and do a lot of online comparison shopping.

  35. 285

    I shop all year long. I am usually done by Thanksgiving so that I can enjoy the holidays and not be so stressed out. I got some amazing deals for very little money. Another great thing I have started doing is trading gifts from the gift closet with friends that have extra things in their gift closet. It has been so fun!

  36. 286

    I check blogs daily for deals, use coupons (Sunday paper is a must and printable coupons).

  37. 287

    We save money all year so when Christmas comes its not such a drain on the finances.

  38. 288

    To save money this Christmas I had our kids make gifts for the family. I bought a bunch of ceramic ornaments and some acrylic paints- washable of course!- and let the kids have fun painting ornaments for family and friends. After they dry the the kids wrote their names on the back and the year. A cheap gift, fun, and a wonderful keepsake!

  39. 289

    My friends and I start a savings club during the months of Sept – Nov and save 10.00 each week at work instead of eating out. We go together and purchase the amazon prime as well so between these two things and the typical savings we all do well.

  40. 290

    this year we’ve decided to cut back by doing a lot of things homemade.. such as for christmas gifts this year I am baking (with love) some homemade fudge for all my family members! spending about 20$ for everyone rather than 20$ per person :)

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    Do not deviate from a list, you will stay on budget that way and have a little bit extra for that last minute gift.

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    We started the tradition last year for each of us to make something for the other to cut down on the cost of Christmas and to personalize gifts a little bit more. Last year we knitted, painted and even tie dyed and it was so much fun. The gifts that you give with a part of your love in them mean so much more.