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Giveaway Results: Select Comfort True Silver Sheets (Almost $300 Value)

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silver sheetsSorry! This giveaway is now closed! Congrats to Commenter #124 (Gigi) on winning this fantastic set of sheets!

Today I have another great giveaway for you and I am so excited to share it with you! This giveaway is a hot one, particularly for my sweet and tired parent readers out there who would just love to get a good night’s sleep. Lucky for you, I bet you could get just that if you had some fancy temperature controlled sheets to help you achieve it.

Select Comfort offers True Silver Sheets that  are chemical free and offers anti-microbial, anti-odor and anti-static benefits. All-natural 280-thread-count, 95% cotton with 5% X-STATIC®* silver fiber helps regulate your temperature while you sleep. These sheets can help you accomplish that great night’s sleep that you have been dying for and we want to give away a set to you.

What are some ways that you can help get that rest that your body has been craving? s. Sleep Expert and Director of Sleep Innovation and Clinical Research at Select Comfort, Pete Bils, has tips and tools to use improved sleep as a way to protect your immune health and ward off sickness.

1.     Make sleep a priority: Put sleep at the top of your to-do list.

2.     Consistency is key: Maintain a consistent bedtime routine and schedule sleep all week long – even on the weekends – since altering your sleep schedule can create jet-lag-like symptoms. Remember that sleep is not negotiable.

3.     Avoid anti-sleep activities: Don’t eat, exercise or consume caffeine late in the day.

4.     Pay attention to your environment: Go into a dim, quiet room one hour before you plan to go to bed, and turn off all screens so you start to relax.

5.     Check your bed: Take advantage of innovations in bedding that allow you to customize your comfort, like the Sleep Number bed and accessories.

You can read more great sleep tips here!

To enter to win, head over to our review and read more about the product. Then just come back here and tell me why you  need that perfect night’s sleep! Entries will be taken through Tuesday (11/17) at 8PM EST. Our winner will be drawn at random. Good luck, everyone!



  1. 301

    I loved reading everyone’s comments and realized how important sleep is to all of us!! I feel that I need a good night sleep because I have Multiple Sclerosis and 3 young children that I have to keep up with. I am constantly fighting fatigue and being cold so having a good set of sheets would really help. My husband also has many allergies so maybe it would help him to sleep better too.

  2. 302

    I would love to win these sheets!!! I am a very busy mom that needs good sleep more than anything to keep me going throughout the day. Without good sleep I am non functional

  3. 303

    I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in I don’t even know how long! I have a stressful job and at the end of the day just want to crawl into bed and relax! I’ve also never had the ‘perfect sheets’, they’re always either too thin, too thick, too rough or too slippery. I need some help, and would LOVE to be able to receive these sheets which are way beyond my budget!

  4. 304
  5. 305

    I am remodeling our house and have been getting up at 4:00 am and going to be at 11:00 pm. I would love to have 8 hours of sleep in one night!

  6. 306

    I can’t even remember the last time we had new sheets! We do still have the ones that were received at our bridal shower (a long time ago!) I always made sure the kids had nice colorful new ones, but neglected ourselves. These sound terrific, and since I suffer from insomnia, and if I do get to sleep, I wake up if I get a bit chilled…these would help so much by regulating body temperature. Great giveaway!

  7. 307

    I could really use a good nights sleep between my newborn and 2 year old always waking up at night. Sheets like this could really make those few hours of actual sleep count! Oh how i would love them!

  8. 308

    These sheets sound awesome. I need something to help with temp control. I am always waking up sweaty and I hate it. I am a cotton snob with my bedding. Everything has to be all cotton. No polyester. Even the batting in my quilts. Love to try the sheets, no way I would pay the price though.

  9. 309

    I need the perfect nights sleep because im an awful insomniac and cant sleep a lick no matter what time it is so I take prescription meds every so often so that I wont get addicted. But boy would it be nice to have one good nights sleep without the aid of medicine!

  10. 310

    I need the perfect night’s sleep because I’m a Nanny and work with a foster baby. I need to be well rested and alert to pay extra close attention to her to look for signs of drug withdrawals, health issues etc.

  11. 311

    I work full time graveyard shift as a labor and delivery nurse, I am a mother of three girls(I have years of no sleep ahead of me) I homeschool my 11 yr old, and my kindergardener. I have a husband with many chronic illnesses and I need to sleep well the few hours I get to rest my old, wrinkled, tired body.

  12. 312
  13. 313

    Husband plus 3 3/4 cats and 1 large dog in a queen size bed make it tough to get a good night’s sleep… sheets would be a help!

  14. 314

    I am a busy mother of three boys! I work part time and home school my middle child with learning disabilities. Climbing into bed at night is the closest thing I’ve had to a vacation in a few years and these sheets would make it even better!

  15. 315

    I need a good night’s sleep because I teach and may day lasts forever if I don’t sleep well!

  16. 316

    i need a perfect nights sleep because i wake up for school at 6 in the morning and often come home at around 5 or later. plus i drive home in super terrible southern california traffic… ahhhhhhh! thanks so much for the chance to win!

  17. 317

    O boy do I need a good nights sleep! I am a mother of a vibrant 4 yr old little girl and a very active and adventurous 8 mth old little boy. I am a full-time college student studying to get my degree in Early Childhood Ed. I work 2 part-time jobs. One is nannying for a family of 3 children and the other is Admin Asst. for the Director of the Children’s Ministry at Life Center Ministries. O and did I mention I am doing this all on my own at the age of 23. I live no where near my family or the father of my children. But that being said I would not change anything in my life! I am blessed beyond measure….I just need sleep!!! Blessings to you and to whom ever gets these sheets!

  18. 318

    What an awesome give-away! When I read the facts on these sheets I was thrilled! My husband is a Marine and he fought overseas when the war first began back in 2001. (He was a tank driver and actually drove the lead tank in the invasion of Saddam’s palace!) Since then he suffers from post traumatic stress disorder and sleeps terribly. He sometimes suffers from nightmares and gets super hot as he sleeps. In the winter months he has to have a fan blowing on him (and ultimately US) just to keep from sweating through our sheets (which he always does anyways). No matter how many layers I wear, I find it awfully hard to get warm. Having these sheets would be such a blessing to the both of us. Hopefully for my husband, it would keep him cool and give him a better nights rest–and for me, I wouldn’t have to suffer through cold winter nights with a fan blowing on me anymore!!

    Thank you for your consideration. Blessings to all involved!

  19. 319

    Would LOVE to give these to my mom who has no money and has balls all over her current set of sheets!!


  20. 320

    I need a perfect nights sleep for two reasons. First, I am of “that age” where my body is changing. A full nights sleep is often difficult. Also, I have a college age son who comes in the house all hours of the night also making it difficult to get a full nights rest.

  21. 321

    I neeeeeed this! I need a good night’s sleep because I finally found my way out of a hostile environment, and am getting a divorce. It’s been stressful– and, I’m pregnant. Whew. I would love to have a good night’s sleep!!!

  22. 322

    Just the thought of these sheets makes me a little excited. Nothing beats fantastic sleeps for sleeping well all night. It would be nice to relax on such divine sheets.

  23. 323

    I would love to try these for temperature control. I am always hot and my husband is always cold!

  24. 324

    Sleeping is my biggest struggle. Every noise my daughter makes – down the hall – and every time my husband moves next to me in bed, I wake up. FOR HOURS! I’ve been averaging about three hours of sleep a night even though I lay in bed much longer. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, so I’m hoping these sheets will help!

  25. 325

    Kids, kids, kids!= NO SLEEP! From ages 14-8 there is always SOMETHING to do or worry about that keeps you awake. Laying on some nice comfy sheets sure does sounds inviting and could at least HELP to relax a active mind! :o ) Best of luck everyone!

  26. 326

    Actually I need these sheets so husband can get a good nights sleep so I, in turn, can get a good night sleep! His tossing and turning keeps me up all night! :)

  27. 327

    I’m dying for a GOOD nights rest for once! I’m a mother of a 4 and 6 year old and work a full-time job, plus a part-time job on top of normal mom duties, so I’m tired quite often.
    A wonderful nights rest would be a GREAT Christmas present for me!

  28. 328

    I need a great nights sleep to keep up with full time job as well as three kids on two soccer teams, 3 choir programs, orchestra, and a three year old! I am pooped! Please help!!!!

  29. 329

    I need a perfect nights sleep, because I’ve never had one. I have hip dysplasia. If its not my hips hurting, its my youngest child (2 years old) keeping me up all night. She’s never slept through the night – so she also needs a perfect nights sleep!

  30. 330
  31. 331

    I live in NE and we have already had 3 snowstorms! It is cold here for a long time in the winter so the thought of sheets that warm you sounds wonderful. I pastor a small church and would never be able to buy such expensive sheets but would certainly like to win them!

  32. 332

    I attempted to enter B4 but must be lost in cyberspace. I live in NE and we have already had 3 snowstorms. It is cold here and it would be great to have warm sheets. I pastor a small church and would never be able to afford $300 for sheets but I would love to win them!

  33. 333

    i’d love new sheets cause my lil boy sleeps with us…and we sometimes have accidents, so clean sheets are always needed on standby

  34. 334

    I would love new sheets….expecting baby #3 in a few months and am trying to get all the sleep I can right now!

  35. 335

    Wow! These sheets sound like a great possibility. I’m always freezing in the winter and the thought of toasty sheets sounds wonderful. Hmmm…zzzz…


  36. 336

    I’ve been sold on products with silver woven in for some time… in hiking shoes, outdoor clothing…
    It works!! I would love to have these sheets – I am sure that they are worth every penny if past experience counts for anything.

  37. 337

    I’d love a good nights sleep. I’m either too hot or too cold…I’m a mom of two whose hubby has lost his job and is having a really hard time finding another. I know I couldn’t afford these on my own.

  38. 338

    We are in need of some nice sheets to replace my favorites that have a hole that is beyond repair!

  39. 339

    I’ve had a rough couple of months and my sleep patterns are definitely off as a result. It would be great if this sheet set could solve my sleeping issues.

  40. 340

    With 2 young kids, I’m awake most of the nights. So when I do put my head down on the pillow, I’d love to get some quality sleep so I can function as close to normal as possible.

    This would be just perfect! Thanks.

  41. 341
  42. 342

    need a perfect nights sleep after having 4 surgeries in the last year- been rough for me!!! physical therapy is now taking its toll and the holiday schedule is getting brutal! Just to be me again!!!

  43. 343

    I need a good nights sleep because as a stay at home mom raising two girls, a husband, a dog and being the full time chef, cook etc—I still run my own small business and am president of my HOA—needless to say those precious few hours I am in bed—I need a good nights sleep :)

  44. 344

    WOW! Not only do we need sheets (ours sadly have holes in them) but we need a good night’s sleep. I don’t know that any parent ever REALLY sleeps well but I know my husband does. Our daughter’s cancer dx in 2007 has kept us from sleeping really well, especially my husband. Maybe new sheets like these would keep him sleeping longer with less waking up!

  45. 345

    I would love to have these! A good night sleep? I am not a good sleeper anyway so anything that helps me to sleep better is great! When my triplets were small sleep was really touch and go! And I could use a new set of sheets!

  46. 346

    I have two boys (8 and 11). I have a husband who has sinus issues all night long. I am always the opposite temperature from my husband. (I go to bed cold, wake up hot. He goes to bed hot, wakes up cold.) I homeschool my kids. ‘Nuff said. :)

  47. 347

    My husband on a CPAP, unmentionable stress in our lives = need for “good” sleep. After 31 years of marriage and farmning out sheets to our adult children, ours now consist mostly of bits and pieces.

  48. 348

    I am super busy, as a lot of moms and wives are. I work two jobs, one in which I completely volunteer my time at, and the other as a cashier at Walmart. I leave the house at 7am and often times don’t get home until after midnight. On top of all this, I am taking full time college classes and need to do my homework most nights when I get home from working all day. When I do finally get into bed, for the few hours that I have left of the night, I need to sleep soundly. I would love to have new sheets.

  49. 349
  50. 350

    Like a lot of moms and wives, I am super busy. I work two jobs and go to schoo full time. I don’t have enough hours in the day.