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silver sheetsI received a set of True Silver Sheets to review from the Select Comfort company and I am looking forward to sharing a giveaway of the same sheet set with our readers tomorrow.

We began our relationship with Select Comfort by reviewing a set of their memory foam pillows. At that point, I can say that I really didn’t think the cost of these pillows was justifiable. I am a frugal girl and products like these seemed “too good to be true.” Having said that, the cost invested in a set of these would be totally worth it after discovering that I no longer need to visit the chiropractor weekly. My co-pay for those visits was really adding up, and since I have used their pillows, I haven’t had to visit the chiropractor since. Just throw me in an informercial for the company and I could spout off all the awesomeness that is my life since these pillows.

Justifying sheets that cost almost $300 is a bit trickier than the pillows though. Select Comfort offers True Silver Sheets that  are chemical free and offers anti-microbial, anti-odor and anti-static benefits. All-natural 280-thread-count, 95% cotton with 5% X-STATIC®* silver fiber helps regulate your temperature while you sleep.

After sleeping on these for this last week, I want to share with you our experience with the sheets and who we believe this product would be good for!


Generous Sizing- We have a pillow top mattress and it is difficult to get sheets that have generous enough pockets and that will fit nicely on our mattress. There have been many nights where we have somehow lost the corners of our sheets because of the improper fit. These sheets have a beautifully gathered pocket that is roomy enough for even the largest mattress. Just to make sure they never come loose, there is an elastic band that goes underneath to anchor the corners further so you can enjoy a perfect night’s sleep.

No Smell- For family’s that suffer from allergies or sensitivities to fabrics, these sheets are absolutely ideal. Even after a spin in the washer and dryer, the sheets had zero scent. After a week of sleeping on them, they remained odor-free. The fact that they are anti-microbial is great for anyone who suffers from allergies and has difficulties with the allergens that are trapped in other sheets and bedding.

Temperature Control Extraordinaire- The real question to these sheets for me was if they actually are temperature controlled? I am constantly freezing at night and my husband is hot at night. We both agree that we were both comfortable and have slept great in these sheets. I can tell that they are working because if I get up at night, the sheets stay nice and toasty when I slide back in my spot. It is quite extraordinary that they do this and so effectively too. Because of their temperature control, they are perfect for couples like us that run at two different temperatures and would be ideal for women that are suffering from hot flashes or hormonal changes to help them sleep more comfortably at night.


Wrinkly & Loud-  When I got the sheets, I threw them immediately in the washer to freshen them up and take the packaging creases out of them. After a quick run through the dryer, they looked like a wrinkly ball. The packaging says that they can run through the dryer on low, but they did not wash up very nice for me. That being said, I need to experiment to see if fabric softener or white vinegar would have made a difference on the wrinkling, but did not want to deaden whatever properties were in the sheets that keep them temperature controlled.

Because of the fabric being anti-static and the silver blend, climbing into bed is a little…loud. It almost sounds like a package being ripped open when we climb in bed. I can hear my husband climb into bed and the sounds of wrinkled tissue paper as he settles in. Once we are settled though, the sound doesn’t bother me as much.

No Smell- It depends on what side of the smell fence you are on, but having a freshly washed scent is exactly why I love washing my sheets. I love the smell of sheets that have been hanging on the line or the smell of my fabric softener. Without the smell, things just feel less homey, but the fact that I am toasty seems to make up for it!

Price- Not many people would be able to afford these sheet sets. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to review them and share them with my readers though because of this very reason! That being said, if you are someone suffering from allergies, hot flashes, body odor, or are severely freezing all of the time, this would totally be worth the cost so you can get a comfortable night’s sleep!

Suggested Retail Price- $279.99 – $329.99

Website for More Details- Select Comfort

This product was received as a review sample. The thoughts and opinions expressed will always be honest and heartfelt and no reflection on receiving a sample copy.  We promise to always do our best to also give away each of these products to our readers because it is always better to give than to receive!  Want to know more about how things are handled here at MomAdvice? Be sure to read our Disclaimer which clearly states how things work and know that we will always offer only the best reviews to our readers.



  1. 1

    Wow Amy,

    Thanks for sharing this with us! Although the price is far outta my reach right now, I have to say that giving up a Mt. Dew or something everyday to help save up for these sounds very tempting! I FREEZE all of the time and my husband burns up as yours does. It makes for less time of snuggling for a couple when this happens :( With that being said, I would LOVE to try out this new product!!!!! Best of luck to everyone. :o )


  2. 2

    Thanks for the review! We bought a select comfort bed almost 3 years ago. It was very expensive and at the time I was doubting my sanity but I can say after 3 years I am very happy with the bed. Innerspring coil mattresses make me very uncomfortable and I was going to the chiropractor a lot. I rarely have to go now. My hubby also had hip replacement done (he’s on 40) and I don’t think he would have been able to sleep very well if we didn’t have this bed. It’s like lying on a cloud.

    I’m not sure how the sheets work but they sound interesting. The hardest thing I had to get used to with my bed was at first feeling hot and I am a freeze baby. Over time you get used to it and I like to be toasty now. Living in MN there’s nothing better than a warm bed. The sheets are out of my price range with one income but definately something that piques my interest.


  3. 3

    What a fascinating concept! Temperature regulating sheets! I like being able to roll into a set of warmed up bed linens and this sounds lovely to me. The price? Well, not so much.

    Thanks for posting a thorough, honest and entertaining review! We linked to this excellent post on our blog, *Product Review Round-Up* under the category of Home Care. The link is embedded in this listing:

    NEW 11/10-Select Comfort True Silver Sheets review with pros (special silver fibers regulates body temps) and cons (noisy! pricey!)

    Happy Trails to you,
    Grace and Tiffany
    The Uncommon Cowgirls of Product Review Round-Up


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  5. 4

    It would be the temperature thing! My husband is always hot and I am usually cold.

    Thanks for a chance to win.

    pscole3467 at gmail dot com


  6. 5
  7. 6

    I love good sheets. I am very picky. I do not want the cheapy ones. They sound very luxurous!!! I actually like to hear sheets. :) Can’t wait to sleep on these! (wink!wink!)


  8. 7

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win these amazing sheets. WOW!!!! My husband will love well as myself. We will sleep like babies!


  9. 8
  10. 9
  11. 10

    Just the thought of slipping into the most dreamy sheets ever!!! What more could you ask for after a long day with three young kids, being the director of a non-profit organization and a personal chef to my family! :)


  12. 11

    I need a perfect night’s sleep because I have a beautiful 10 month old that wakes up four times a night!!!


  13. 12

    I’m interested in anything that may give me a good night’s sleep. Now, if you could give away a really great mattress…


  14. 13

    I would like the oppertunity to try these fantastic sounding sheets. I work two jobs and I have three children at home 1 in high school 1 middle and 1 elementary school after helping with three different levels of homework making dinner and getting everyone ready for bed, I need a little something for myself. A very tired MOM!


  15. 14
  16. 15

    I could really use these sheets! I am expecting our first little one, and I don’t always get the best of sleep these days. Outside of all the joys of being pregnant, we’re building our home (hopefully in time for this little to arrive) while living in a small garage apartment. Thanks!


  17. 16

    I spend a lot of time in bed. It is my sanctuary. Comfy mattress, cozy blankets, and soft sheets are heaven at the end of a long day, and make starting the next one so much better! ;0)


  18. 17

    What will they think of next? These sheets would serve a purpose in my bed as my feet are cold always. I appreciate your review for you candid ability to discuss both cons and pros. Nicely done.
    Crossing my fingers, Good luck to all!


  19. 18

    Thanks for a chance to win this very “luxiorious” sheet set! I would never be able to afford these – but hey – why not try to win them! For my husband who is always hot and I am always cold the temperature control feature is perfect! Good luck to everyone!


  20. 19

    These sheets would be great. I share my bed with my 2 cats and these sheets would be a great addition to my feather bed and down comforter I already have.


  21. 20

    I would love to just have a set of these wonderful sounding sheets .I could never afford to buy them -but true probaly for a lot of people ! ha !! Gee they sound too good to be true !!! hope I win !! …or even a little sample of one night would be grand too . I think your reviews are very good and it shows –they are honest!!!


  22. 21

    This is something I would like to try but never be able to spend the money on them. If you could come up with a sheet set that would quiet my husbands snoring that would be amazing.


  23. 22

    I definitely could use these sheets. I am currently in a queen size bed with a husband who sleeps like a 5 year old and is all over the place, a 2 year old who doesn’t want to move to his own bed (and maybe mommy doesn’t want him to yet either) and a 2 month old baby on the side in a co-sleeper. I could really use a good nights sleep on these comfy sheets!


  24. 23

    As being disabled and paralyzed, I think the temperature control would be the greatest thing. Not being able to move on my own I have problems with sweating. These sheets sound like a great invention!!!


  25. 24

    How nice it would be to actually have warm feet at night. Iam working full time (with my husband out of work and stressing out working on his Masters Degree), I care for my aging father and am trying to fix up and sell his home in all my spare time. Our 5 children are teenagers so they are at least not as demanding as the younger years. Bedtime is my only “me” time and good sheets are my little piece of heaven. Thanks for the great offering :)


  26. 25



  27. 26

    All I had to read was “temperature control”!! My husband and I have a temperature preference that varies at least 10 degrees. The perfect night sleep for us both, AT THE SAME TIME, would be beyond amazing!!!


  28. 27

    I would love to have the sheets. I am 42yrs. old and already have had several hip replacements,and will have to have more in the future just to be able to walk. I don’t rest very well at night, maybe the sheets would help me rest better.



  29. 28

    This sound like avery neat product. although out of my price range for now. As far as using those sheets I could put them to really good use I have a 2month old son that I am up off and on with all night nursing and it makes it hard to get back to sleep when your bed is freezing when you get back into it. I also have a toddler 18 months that like s to crawl into bed with me. And it would be so nice to snuggle into a warm comfy bed. I know I would get more sleep at night.


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