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Madeline DollSorry! This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Commenter #4 (Grace) on winning this beautiful Madeline Plush Doll. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Thank you for joining me in another fun giveaway this week! Today’s giveaway is for a beautiful plush talking Madeline doll that would be perfect for any little girl in your life.

This year’s buzz is all about Madeline, a little French girl in a signature blue coat, who made her debut in a 1939 storybook. She quickly captivated boys and girls with an illustrated tale of spunk, determination and compassion.

Kids Preferred, one of the leading plush manufacturers, scooped up the literary license from the pages of Ludwig Bemelmans’ classic tale and created several huggable versions of the precocious redhead for specialty and toy stores – one that’s right for every budget and home. This month they launch three exclusive designs just for Toys R Us

Today we are showcasing the beautiful Madeline Soft Talking Plus Doll. This bilingual gal stands 17” tall and speaks both French and English to whoever may be holding her. Lucky little ones who press the hands of this Madeline doll will quickly learn four French phrases.  She is valued at $24.99 and is intended for children ages three and up.Ooh la la!

Ooh la la indeed, because we are giving one of these sweet little dolls away to one lucky reader.

To enter this giveaway, tell me why you should have this wrapped under your Christmas tree this year!  Entries will be taken through Tuesday (11/10) at 8PM EST. Our winner will be drawn at random. Good luck, everyone!



  1. 51

    My daughter is Madeline-obsessed. We have checked all the books out from the library, and we often “play madeline” by pretending we are the characters in the book. (Usually, I have to be Genevieve, the dog.) This doll is adorable! I know Juliet would love it.

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    My youngest babies are 2-month olds, so my almost 3-year old is still dealing with not being the baby anymore, so this would be great for her! She could take care of her madeline (who she loves, by the way) while I take care of my twins!

  4. 54

    My 7yo daughter has just started taking french. I love the idea of a french speaking Madeline.

  5. 55

    I love Madeline! I’ve read it many times over the years and know that my 2 1/2 yo would love to find this under the tree!

  6. 56

    My 1st grade granddaughter is very interested in languages and is taking Spanish in school. Her friends moved to Switzerland and are learning to speak German, so this has her very interested also. I’ve read the classic book about Madeline (that I loved as a child) to her, and she really enjoyed it. She would be surprised and thrilled to find this sweet doll under the Christmas tree this year!

  7. 57

    I am a mother of 4 trying very hard to keep within our budget as a family. I would love to have this doll for my 3 yr. old neice. her parents are in the middle of a divorce & I really would love to help give her the best christmas, seeing as thou it will be very hard this year for them. anything would be a tremendous help.

  8. 58

    I loved Madeline growing up and would love to pass a piece of my childhood onto my 4 year old daughter. It would be a special gift for a very special little girl!

  9. 59

    My granddaughter is having a difficult fall, having had the swine flu and breaking a bone in her foot. I have been planning and dreaming about what I wanted to give my three year old darling for Christmas. A Madeline doll would be a wonderful gift. Thanks so much.

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    I would love to wrap this up and put it under our tree and give to my little girl – on her first christmas – a fancy doll to look forward to playing with!

  12. 62

    If I were to win this doll I would give it to a little girl who would love it dearly! She is the youngest child in a family of 8 and the only girl. She would absolutely fall in love with this doll!! Thanks so much for offering this giveaway :)

  13. 63

    My little daughter has recently gotten into baby dolls, and she loves to talk and imitate, so she’d enjoy the language aspect as well.

  14. 64

    I have always liked Madeline. She is so cute and I know my granddaughter would like her too. Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. 65

    I loved the Madeline books growing up and I can’t wait to read them to my daugher – I would love to have this doll for her!

  16. 66

    I would love to win this doll for my daughter. She just loves dolls and has a thing for anything from France. She was obsessed with the Madeline dolls when her grandparents took her to Disneyworld, and they visited the France portion of Epcot.

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    this doll is so cute! i loved the madeline books as a child & am still in awe of how simple and beautiful the artwork is. the stories were wonderful and were always heartwarming with a great message. i’d love to share this doll with a younger relative along with some of my old madeline books. thank you so much for the giveaway!

  21. 71

    I love Madeline, I’ve been learning French since I was 16 and one of my dreams is to one day take a mom and daughter trip with my little Emma… I’m waiting for the right time… I love Madeline… that character might be one of the biggest reasons why I fell in love with the whole Paris thing!

    I love the doll and would crazy-love to have it :)

  22. 72

    Actually, If I won this, I would donate it to Toys 4 Tots. So it would be wrapped under someone else’s tree and that would be the best gift I could get!

  23. 73

    If I won this, It would be under my tree for my niece. She is the perfect age for this doll and I know she would love it.

  24. 74

    My 5 year old daughter loves dolls and Madeline as well. This would be an incredible present under the tree for her. My husband is not working due to surgeries so we will be having a Charlie Brown Christmas this year.

  25. 75

    My granddaughter loves books and this will be a great gift to coincide with the books I’ll be giving her for Christmas. It will help her to expand the books into imaginary play.

  26. 76

    I need this dollie because I have a Madeline.

    When I was pregnant with her, the “Madeline” movie was just coming out. We had picked her name before we knew this, and one day when we were at this gift shop, they had a display for the movie set up. In huge words, it said, “Coming Soon: Madeline!”

    We laughed and laughed because she was going to be born any day. It’s a great memory and we love to tell Maddie about it. We also love to get her Madeline dolls. :)

  27. 77

    I would love to give this to my granddaughter. I loved Madeline growing up and would love to pass this on.

  28. 78

    My aunt has taught French for more than 20 years. She takes middle- and high-school kids on summer field trips to France and has hosted several exchange students. She loves all things French and has introduced my own daughters to the culture. Last year, she bought a miniature Madeline tea set for my youngest daughter. If I won this gift, it would go under my tree from my daughter to her Bubbe (Aunt).

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  30. 80

    Awww! How cute is she!!? I would love to have this wrapped for my daughter under the tree this year not only because it’s the cutest thing ever, but because you hardly ever see anything “Madeline” anymore. I can remember when she used to be really popular, but you hardly hear talk of her anymore. I’d love for my daughter to be able to “meet” her!! :)

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  32. 82

    I think my girls would really enjoy this doll & it would help us out a lot since gifts will be slim this year with my husband unemployed.

  33. 83

    I had a Madeline doll when I was a little girl and I’d love to introduce the Madeline story to my daughter now!

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  36. 86

    My daughter is absolutely fascinated by Madeline! This would be a great present for her under our tree this year.

  37. 87

    Oh my gosh, my 2 1/2 yr old daughter would go nuts for this Madeline! She is soooo stinkin’ cute! My daughter is totally into dolls and babies and just loves Madeline. She would flip out to unwrap this Christmas morning.

  38. 88

    My daughter loves dolls and only has one. She would love to have a Madeline doll and she is at the perfect age to start learning French.

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  40. 90

    My sweet little 4-year-old has just discovered Madeline books and she loves the stories. She would love to have this wrapped under the tree for her on Christmas morning.