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HP Photosmart Touchsmart Printer

Sorry! This giveaway is now closed.  We would like to congratulate Commenter #7 (Shawn) on winning this fantastic giveaway! We hope to offer many more each Tuesday on the site. Thank you all for your entries!

I have to say that I absolutely LOVE my job. We are planning a slew of giveaways for the holiday season and nothing could kick this off better than a fantastically shiny new printer from HP.

My love for HP knows no bounds and we have happily become an HP family. This new printer is just another shining example of functionality with a streamlined design that I have come to recognize from this company.

I have put together all of my thoughts in our review of this new HP Photosmart Premium All-in-One Printer.

Here are some of the highlights:

• Print Google maps, movie tickets, news updates, coupons, food recipes and more without using a PC1
• Access and print photos from, plus upload photos to online albums without turning on your PC4
• Get up to 50% paper savings using automatic two-sided printing
• View, edit and print photos without a PC using the memory card slots and large HP TouchSmart screen
• Print photos without changing paper using the 20-sheet photo tray
• Produce templates and games, including fax cover pages, calendars, notebook paper and Sudoku puzzles, using Quick Forms
• Copy and scan documents and photos in the comfort of your own home
• Create photo reprints in brilliant color without going to the store
• Print Web pages without ads, menu bars and other unnecessary info using HP Smart Web Printing5
• Reduce interruptions: print up to 100 pages without reloading the paper tray

• Set up your wireless printer with the touch of a button2
• Reduce the clutter of messy cables
• Share your printer with multiple people
• Print documents and photos from Bluetooth®-enabled mobile phones6 and PCs
• Print photos wirelessly from your iPhone® or iPod touch® using HP iPrint Photo7

• Produce everyday documents like Web pages, emails, homework and checklists
• Print creative projects like flyers, photo books, greeting cards and activities for kids

For project templates, tips to help you get started and more, visit the HP Creative Studio at

• Count on this ENERGY STAR® qualified product

• HP, the #1 brand in ink is the #1 value
• Count on documents with sharp text and photos with bright colors using Original HP Vivera inks
• Choose higher-volume XL cartridges for more ink and lower cost per page8
• Print up to 65% more pages than bargain inks9 using Original HP ink
• Create impressive documents and photos using a variety of Original HP paper
• USB cable included in the box for wireless setup only

To enter this giveaway, head over to our review and read all about what this printer offers. Come back here and tell me which feature you think you love the most on this all-in-one printer. Entries will be taken through Tuesday (11/03) at 8PM EST. Our winner will be drawn at random. Good luck, everyone!



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    I’m very excited about the individual color cartridges. I’m just sure that my current printer has been wasting color ink. Arrgghh

  4. 304

    I like the fact that this printer is extremely fast and has great printing options. I have a Dell 922 all-in-one printer that has served me well but is getting old, and the speed has decreased over the years. The quality has decreased also, so a new printer would come in handy for someone who has just become a grandfather for the third time.

  5. 305

    My printer is so old…not sure if this is a new function, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this: “Print Web pages without ads, menu bars and other unnecessary info using HP Smart Web Printing5″

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  7. 307

    I love the fun parent feature! I love to print pictures at home for fun and for scrapbooking!! I love that it has a direct link for disney etc for coloring pages and activities! I know what I want for Christmas if I don’t win :)

  8. 308

    I love the fact that it has separate trays for printing photos and paper projects – would be excellent for my scrapbooking projects.

  9. 309

    Being able to print great quality photos at home! A lot of the features sound great, but I think this is the one that I would use the most. Thanks!

  10. 310

    Fast speed printing does it for me. What a great printer! I will be happy to try to solve the pesky scanning issue if I win it.

  11. 311

    I like the fact that it says it prints fast. I hate waiting on a slow printing printer. LOL. I also love the fun features it has for parents and kids activities!

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    I love the hp smart that only prints the info you want not the whole page with all of the unnecessary info on it.

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    Printing coupons wireless! Imagine printing coupons from my iPod Touch…wonderful!

  18. 318

    I love the touch web feature, the fact that it is energy star, and the separate ink cartridges.

  19. 319

    i love that it is wireless and that it has seperate print cartridges.

    i hate having to buy a new cartridge for just one color and refilling doesn’t always work for some reason.

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  21. 321

    There are a lot of great features. I’m not sure which one would be my favorite, but I like the space saving aspect, the separate print trays and separate toners. I would love to win it!!!

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    I finally got the revelation that you get pulled in by MUST reasonably priced printers, then to replace an ink cartridge you have to take out a home loan. The ink for this printer is affordable even in replacing only one at a time as needed. And can I say YAAAY for double sided printing.

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    I have got to tell you that the fact that you are connected to the web without having to turn on your computer really makes me happy. How cool is that! Now you can print that much needed coupon as you are headed out the door without waiting for you computer to start up. Yee ha! Thanks for offering this fantastic giveaway.

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    I love that it is wireless and fast. My printer is not even that old but it sounds so outdated compared to this.

  36. 336

    I have seen this printer and I loved it My in- laws almost lost it when I left their home In Calif. It was comming home with me back In Washington State I was printing everything that my printer could not print like it

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    I love the fact that this will print wireless. With children sometimes I can’t even make it to our printer.

  41. 341

    My husband keeps buying me the CHEAPEST printer ever- can’t even increase the shade or size of anything- just has a “print” button and that’s it! What would this be like?! AMAZING!

  42. 342

    Theres too much that I LOVE about this HP photosmart printer!!! First off, it looks professional, it would definately go to my work! I love that it prints high-quality pictures, since I’m always printing off pictures to give to my clients (pictures of their dogs, that is), and always adding pictures to brochures that I pass out to let people know about my business (a dog day care..woof). Also it would be so great to print stuff off without turning on my outdated computer. And whats the best part is that it will save energy. Who wouldn’t love this??!!

  43. 343

    Would love to win this- our printer is so unpredictable-never sure what it will print. Also love the wireless feature!

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  45. 345

    My printer is from the stone age! it’s one of the first that came out with USB connections instead of serial connections. wow, that’s old. it’s still kickin! i have to get my ink cartridges refilled at cartridge world because they are so old.

    i think the feature i love the most is the Fun Parent Features. with 2 kids & a neice in my house this is ideal!

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    WOW!! How can a person pick just one feature to love. Its the most amazing thing Ive seen! I love the touch screen and the wireless thing is so awesome. Im tired of signing off my laptop to get logged onto my husbands desktop just to print my coupons!! It looks to be an incredible an incredible timesaver.

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  50. 350

    Being wireless…. that means I could print form my laptop without having to go into the office, crouch down and try to hook my laptop up in the dark and dust lol