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HP Photosmart Touchsmart PrinterI was so excited to receive a new HP Photosmart Premium with TouchSmart Web to review and also to giveaway to our readers this month.

If you knew the kind of circumstances I had been working under, you would understand the necessity for a better appliance. The lights in our office would dim when we turned on our printer because of its low energy efficiency. I would hook the scanner up and rest it on the floor to scan a document, hunched over just trying to make the darn thing work. Couple that with a fax machine from 1980 that I found on eBay, and you can see an office that wasn’t operating at its quickest efficiency.

Cue the singing angels as I hook up the HP Photosmart Premium with TouchSmart Web which is all three things in one. I have such high hopes for what this printer can deliver and how we can use it for our family. With a price tag of $399.99, it should do a lot of cool stuff for us… and in many ways it delivers. $399.99 worth of delivery though? I will let you be the judge of that!


This printer can print extremely fast. When I say fast, I mean lightning speed.  I would say 33 pages per minute is one of the fastest home printers I have ever seen.  The pictures also print quickly and look amazing. Printing fast is not as important to me as the quality of the printing job and this printer delivers on both accounts.

Great printing options- I love that there are so many options for printing. The options include two-sided printing, a fast/economical print that looks as good as my old printer did for its best printing job, and paper-saving printing.

Separate Photo Tray- I love that there are two trays on this, one for your paper and one for your photos. It makes running two different types of jobs easy and seamless.

Fun Parent Features- As a mom, I love when appliances have me in mind. This printer has on the home screen links directly to Disney and Nick Jr for free coloring pages, activities, and recipes.  Other features include a relationship with for customized coupons for your local area, Google Maps,  and Snapfish so you can print photos straight from the printer from your Snapfish photo albums. You can visit the HP Creative Studio to get more printing ideas.

Space- Saver Extraordinaire- One of my favorite features is that this is such a space saver in my office. The fact that it is wireless means that I can put this printer anywhere in my office and it frees up precious space on my desk. It also saves me from having a separate fax machine and scanner.  I love the streamlined look of this appliance and I feel like I gained an extra desk in workspace for my office.

Picture Quality is Amazing- The photos that I printed with this printer look like they were printed professionally. I can’t tell you how handy it is to be able to update the pictures around our house with just the press of a button. The colors are vivid and absolutely beautiful. I printed 4×6 and 8×10 photos and both were sharp and clear and not a hint of a home printing job. I think this is one of the things that I am most impressed with.

Separate Ink Cartridges- I love that this printer takes separate ink cartridges so you only need to replace what actually needs replacing. The cartridges are moderately priced.  I have not used the printer long enough to determine how quickly this model goes through ink, but I am hoping that using some of the faster and lower quality printing modes will help keep the costs low on printing.

After printing just a few pictures and a few pages though, my colored ink cartridges are already nearing the halfway point while black is holding steady with very little used. This is a cost factor that you would need to consider when purchasing this printer. HP does offer an ink cartridge recycling program.

Energy Superstar- Hurray for Energy Star appliances. My lights are no longer dimming in my home. I wish that was an exaggeration, but it is not. My 1967 home thanks you for your energy efficiency!


Buggy Setup- Despite the simple step-by-step wizard, we found the setup of the printer to be riddled with problems. Two reboots were required on Windows 7 and four on Vista before we were able to print the test page. Even after several hours, we were never able to send a photo for printing over the wireless connection.

Scanner Not Communicating- The feature I was most excited to use was the “Scan to PDF” function. Unfortunately, no amount of waiting ever produced anything scanned to PDF. It seems to hold in the scanning mode and never get past it. I can get around it by using a memory stick and sticking it into the printer to grab the scanned image and then plop it into my computer, but I wish I could do this wirelessly and without getting up to do it. This seems to be a common problem with these printers as a quick Google search yielded people with similar problems.

Touch Screen is Touchy- The images should be able to move like the iPhone, but it doesn’t move very easily. Likewise, selecting on the touch screen can take a few pushes before it actually registers.

Pricey- A fancy touchscreen and wireless connection directly to the Internet comes at a cost. Sure you can watch a full theatrical preview of the latest Disney movie on your printer, but is that worth the higher price?

Overall, this is an excellent printer and other than the setup and scanning bugs, I have had no problems at all with this.  It has made my life considerably easier over these last two weeks and we look forward to making this one of our most used appliances in our home!

Are You Too Techy for this Momma’s Review? Here are some technical specifics:

Technical Specifications

  • Print Specifications(11)
    • Print speeds of up to 33 pages per minute (ppm) black and up to 32 ppm color; 4 x 6-inch photos as fast as 18 seconds
  • Scan Specifications
    • 4800 x 9600-dpi optical resolution scanning(12)
    • 48-bit color scanning
  • Copy Specifications
    • Up to 33 copies-per-minute (cpm) in black and up to 32 cpm in color(11)
    • Up to 4800 x 1200 dpi black copying with 1200 scan dpi
    • Up to 4800 optimized dpi color copying
  • Fax specifications
    • Fax speed of up to 33.6 kbps
    • Up to 300 x 300 dpi in black and photo faxing and up to 200 x 200 dpi in color
  • Dimensions/Weight
    • 17.99 inches (w) x 19.33 inches (d) x 7.76 inches (h)
    • 16.53 lbs.
  • Support/Connectivity
    • Pictbridge
    • USB High-speed 2.0, 802.11 b/g/n wireless, Ethernet and Bluetooth
    • Microsoft® Windows Vista™ or XP SP1 or higher; Mac OS X v10.4, v10.5 or v10.6
    • Windows 7 ready. Some features may not be available.(13) For more information go to
    • HP products are backed by HP Total Care—service options in and out of warranty plus access to 24/7 real-time award-wining chat support and e-mail response in about an hour.
    • Enhanced support services include an exclusive toll-free number featuring trained experts and one-year repair with “Next Business Day Turnaround,” including brand new units for the first 30 days after purchase. More information is available at

Website for More Details: HP Photosmart Premium with TouchSmart Web

Suggested Retail Price: $399.99

This product was received as a review sample. The thoughts and opinions expressed will always be honest and heartfelt and no reflection on receiving a sample copy.  We promise to always do our best to also give away each of these products to our readers because it is always better to give than to receive!  Want to know more about how things are handled here at MomAdvice? Be sure to read our Disclaimer which clearly states how things work and know that we will always offer only the best reviews to our readers! After all, it’s only what we know you have come to expect from us!



  1. 1

    WOW! This is an awsome giveaway! With the cost of school pictures these days, and having lots of kiddos to buy them for, this would be an awesome addition to my home! I LOVE the fact that it has seperate ink cartridges so that you ONLY have to replace what is NEEDED! That is a HUGE money saver right there! Best of luck to everyone! :O)


  2. 2

    This looks amazing! I recently bought a AIO printer for my home business, and it turned out to be the worst investment ever the ink was a big money waster. I love that this AIO printer has seperate ink cartridges and that it has great photo quality(mine has horrible quality) This would be a blessing to our family if we won it! especially since our AIO printer turned out to be a bad buy! Also… Thanks for your reviews they help so much! :)


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  4. 3

    This better be a fabulous printer for the price :>)

    I love that it links directly to Disney et. al, to print out pages, etc. AND I am working from home much more now, so a fax would be a great addition!


  5. 4

    I am working with a “sometimes” working printer. I love this with all of the features would make my life a heck of a lot easier. putting more than 1 peice of paper in at a time would be the biggest bonus!


  6. 5

    I love that its a printer.. as mine is ready for the trash can. lol REally though there are many things that make this printer really fancy and cool. The fact its engery effecnt and it can print great photos is a real plus to. No more crazy trips to walmart trying to my photos printed. Whohoo


  7. 6

    What’s not to love? I love the idea of printing on both sides. I also love the presets for Disney, Nick and coupons. And it’s an HP product. Love HP. I have a HP printer at home.


  8. 7
  9. 8

    Gosh, where do I start? Seperate ink cartridges?! Love that! A printer that actually has awesome printing capabilities? Wow! This thing sounds incredible! It’s direct link setups will help to curb the fighting for the computer too.


  10. 9

    Wow talk about finding that one perfect printer!
    The biggest plus I see is its Amazing diversity of widgets for printing coupons, coloring books, movie tickets and more also Possibly the easiest Wi-Fi setup, I have had so much trouble with that. I have always used HP for my business and their products are reliable when you need them which is all you can ask for in my opinions their one of the best out there, they have really raised the bar here and I’m sure they stood tall when they introduced this new printer against the competition, Anyone would be lucky to own one!


  11. 10

    I love you don’t have to turn on a whole computer to use this. YOu can touch a button on the printer and it can print. I will be able to print pictures from my iphone. How cool is that?!!


  12. 11

    This printer would be great for myself, my family and the students I teach. I am an elementary teacher and I love to take and print pictures of my students. We put them into a book and I write about them which makes them so excited to read. I also have a 2 year old son that we take pictures of constantly. However, taking him to the store to print them isn’t so fun so this would be great to have at home. I already have HP products at home so this would be a great addition!


  13. 12

    I love the coupon printing capabilities the best, but the speed of the printer probably comes in 2nd. I love the facts that it has seperate paper trays and seperate ink cartridges as well. I really hope I win! I would love to give it a try!


  14. 13

    I love the fact that its linked directly to Disney! My kids are always looking for new things to create! It seems like the HP printer is simple to use and practically anyone can do it.


  15. 14

    I love two things about this printer. First of all, I like that it can be set up anywhere in your office. I never have enough room on or around my desk. Secondly, I like that it prints fast. It sounds like an awesome printer. And boy do my pictures need to be updated around my house!


  16. 15

    Hurray for the seperate ink cartridges!! Glad that it is Energy Star rated and it prints fast. Would love to win this awesome printer!!!


  17. 16

    I love that it is wireless. There are so many wires behind our computer desk, it is crazy. One less wire to have to hook up = awesome!


  18. 17

    I can not believe this printer puts out 33 sheets per minute. I have a very expensive printer at work which does not put out these many pages. Being wireless and a space saver are great bonuses. What a great addition to my home office this would be. WOW!


  19. 18

    This sounds like the perfect printer. Wireless so no more cords to trip over. High resolution for photo quality pictures, plus no computer needed. I definately want to try this out. With two kids and various sports, we have tons of pictures which need printing.


  20. 19
  21. 20

    I never imagined that one printer could do so much. WOW!! The pictures are so sharp…the widgets for so many different projects…it is so fast…Please Thank the people that made this printer possible…they are wonderful….
    Big Hug to All


  22. 21
  23. 22

    This sounds like an awesome printer. I really like the feature for connecting to the internet without the computer. I also really like the coupon printing option and all in all it sounds like a real cool printer.


  24. 23

    There are so many cool features, but I especially love that this printer is wireless! Would be great to share with a second computer on our home wireless system!


  25. 24

    Wow! I want! I need to replace my current printer. Love my printer but it only has one tray and this one has TWO! If I’m not printing internet coupons I’m printing labels for something and what a pain in the rear it is to constantly change paper! I would LOVE to win this one!


  26. 25
  27. 26
  28. 27

    This printer is a beautiful baby to have. I hope I will be blessed to be the winner. Thanks for your generousity.


  29. 28

    I would love to have a new printer! I love making copies of pics, and the grandchildren are always wanting Disney coloring pages, would make this Nana’s job a lot easier! We are always looking to print invitations and baby shower and household shower games, would be absolutely amazing to have a copier that would actually work when you need it to!


  30. 29

    I have to say being able to quickly print coupons before running out the door without having to turn on your computer. I read about this printer on the Freebies4Moms site and was instantly hooked! Best of luck to everyone! I know everyone wants one now for sure.


  31. 30

    I love the space-saving feature & especially the wireless feature! I live in a one bed/one bath apartment & space is a at an all time premium. I would love to own this printer!


  32. 31

    Wow, as a scrapbooker I love the fact that it prints such wonderful professional looking pictures with the separate trays for photo and document printing. My other favorite feature is the the separate ink cartridges and apparently, the price of those cartridges.


  33. 32

    I love the separate ink cartridges. I get so frustrated with my current printer runs out of one color and I have to throw the whole thing away.


  34. 33

    I LOVE that there are separate ink cartridges. I have spent so much money replacing ink and I like the fact that I can only replace what I need with this.


  35. 34
  36. 35

    I think it’s very cool that this printer is wireless. We have very little space in our “office area”, so this would be a huge help.


  37. 36

    I have an HP wireless printer [not all-in-one, but portable] and the feature I was most interested in was the wireless printing. I never could get this to work, BUT I think that is because the printer needs to be connected directly to your home/office wireless router. Mine is in the basement, so I have yet to test this theory. Does this offer bluetooth as an option? That would eliminate the need to connect directly to the router.


  38. 37
  39. 38

    I would love not to have to boot up my old desktop to print something since my laptop won’t hook up to the old printer. And the ability to scan and copy would be awesome. I love the idea of 2 paper trays…one for fresh paper and one for recycled paper (used on one side) for coupons and less important stuff!


  40. 39

    I have to say that over the years technology has really climbed the mountain for making life so much easier at home. With working from home and kids in college as well as high school this printer would make my house a much happier place. It really sounds amazing, but the only way to know for sure, is to have that beauty set up in my home.
    With 3 teenagers and a 21 year in college commuting everyday, our computer and printer get a good dose of usage most everyday. And with the one in college majoring in photography, printing out her projects as well as the high school kids printing their homework, well lets just say our printer is begging for an assistant. And there are some days, I know it is telling me it is ready for retirement. My thinking is that this HP would take over the position as boss. Especially for the college one. Printing her photo projects with this hp would make her life a little easier. Less trips to the phote store for printing. Not to mention the other 3 having a much better printer at home. Of course I will not know the full extent of all it has to offer until I have the pleasure of using it myself.
    Thank you for the chance to win.


  41. 40

    It’s a dream of a printer Wireless,fast,high resolution,seperate ink catridges,energy star plus more that I excitedly didn’t mention plus it’s made by HP.


  42. 41

    I like that it is a space saver and is wireless. I love the fact that it is linked to Disney and Nick Jr. My daughter loves to color and this is GREAT!!!


  43. 42
  44. 43
  45. 44
  46. 45
  47. 46

    I have an old color printer. It would be nice to win this new printer that certainly print picture well, I hope I win. :)


  48. 47
  49. 48

    I love the idea of 2 separate paper trays – I love that you don’t have to keep switching from paper to photo paper! I also love that you can link directly to Nick Jr,, and snapfish for printing – how convenient! Thanks for doing such a great giveaway… I’ll keep my fingers crossed!!


  50. 49

    I would have to say there are a few things that are my favorite about this review. If I would have to pick one I think it would be the picyure quality. I am just starting to get a little creative with photos and would love that! Thanks for the chance! Becky


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