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Giveaway Results: Baby Bjorn Organic Baby Carrier With Carrier Cover

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Sorry! This giveaway is closed! Congratulations to Jay (Commenter #44) on winning this prize pack. Please check back next Tuesday for another great giveaway!

Today we have a great new giveaway starting up for a Baby Bjorn Organic Baby Carrier with Carrier Cover. This giveaway is courtesy of a new film that is coming out called, “MOTHERHOOD,” starring Uma Thurman, Anthony Edwards, and Minnie Driver.

This new film is shot entirely on location in New York’s West Village. This poignant comedy distills the dilemmas of the maternal state into the trials and tribulations of one pivotal day. MOTHERHOOD probes into exactly what it takes to be a mother, with both wry humor and an acute sense of authenticity. MOTHERHOOD, a humorous and poignant look at the daily challenges and mothers everywhere face, is a hymn to joys and hardships of raising children and the necessity of not losing yourself in the process.

Exclusive engagements of MOTHERHOOD begin on Friday, October 23, but in the meantime, you can visit the MOTHERHOOD Facebook page and even view the trailer below!

In honor of this film release, I have a beautiful Baby Bjorn Organic Baby Carrier with the Carrier Cover to giveaway.To enter to win, please leave a comment and tell me what is one thing that has surprised you about your own parenting journey! Please leave your comment by Tuesday (10/20) at 8PM EST. Remember, even if you don’t have a little one anymore, this would make a fantastic gift for a baby shower or for Christmas! Our winner will be chosen at random! Good luck, everyone!



  1. 51

    Great giveaway! My daughter is 7 weeks old and we could really use this.

    What surprised me most about parenting was just how tired I would be. Sure, people tell you about the night wakings, but it’s not real to you until you actually experience it.

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    What surprised me is how tired I am – all the time :) because of how much work it takes to be a mom. Also, how selfish I can become sometimes when I need to put my kids needs first. My mom made it look easy.

  4. 54

    What surprised me the most is how tired I am – all the time :) because of how much work it takes to be a mom. Also, how selfish I can become when I need to put my kids needs first. My mom made it look easy.

  5. 55

    What surprises me the most about motherhood is how much you wear your heart on your sleeve as a parent. They love to pull on your heartstrings but it’s so worth it! I love being a mom…this is probably the best role that I’ve played thus far in my life:)

  6. 56

    #3 on the way, We have 2 sons, 3 and 16. My wife and I are excited, we are suprised how well the two get along so nicely, adding 1 more to the mix should be at the very least interesting.

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  8. 58

    …how something so small could require so much work yet be so rewarding, amazing and awesome all at once despite how tired you feel each day. I go to bed exhausted yet also so excited to see our daughter smiling in her crib in the morning.

  9. 59

    What surprised me is how crazy it is. I knew being a mom was crazy, but not THIS crazy. It’s crazy busy and yet crazy fun.

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  11. 61

    What’s surprised me the most has been how quickly he changes. I swear, my son was just born yesterday, and then I blinked, and now he’s nearly six months old!

  12. 62

    I am surprised, at the continual changes. Just when you get into a routine, or think you understand whats going on in their head. At that point, they come out with something that makes you go wow! how did they think that. To sumerise, I think the surprise is how indivual and unique each little one is :-)

  13. 63

    Everything lately has surprised me…but mostly how my 2 year old copies everything that we say in front of him…

  14. 64

    wow this would be great!!

    Our journey changes so often, I am most surprised by our strength through all that happens. I know when I’m at my worst, those kids just lift me right back up!!

  15. 65

    The one thing that continues to surprise me is how much I miss my children when I am not with them. It seems like it should get easier but the older they get, the harder it seems to be apart. When we go out of town when I feel I need a getaway I miss them so much I ache.

  16. 66

    I am surprised by how much having children has caused me to be more aware of the earth around me. I find myself daily doing things to ease my (our) environmental impact. It all starts with one person, right?

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    I’m actually a stepmom…and what has surprised me is how fast kids change and how it sometimes happens when you don’t even know it! Looking back to pictures my step son has changes for much just in the short time we’ve been together!

  19. 69

    What has surprised me the most is how much having a little one can bring an extended family together—Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, everyone wants to know how my little men are doing and what is the newest thing. Having babies truly brings new excitement to a family! <3

  20. 70

    What surprised me the most is how your kids seem to know so much more than you give them credit for!

  21. 71

    awesome giveaway!!! i would say that since i became a mommy,my whole world has changed.everyday is a new exciting good days and bad,my kids make everyday 2 boys can make everything bad that happens that day go away with a smile or hug.being a mommy is the best feeling and experience in the world.i am blessed to be a mommy.

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    This would be so awesome to win. And I can’t wait to see the movie it should be a riot~!

  24. 74

    What surprised me the most was how much my focus changed. I am a single mother and I stopped thinking in terms of me, or even of me and him, and started thinking in terms of we. He filled a void I didn’t even know I had.

  25. 75

    I would have to say that the thing that surprised me the most was how hard parenting is. I had lots of siblings so I thought I had a handle on things before my little one came but I learned that I had far from it!

  26. 76

    What has surprised me the most? Probably no matter how crappy my day has been that my little man can cheer me up in the matter of seconds.

  27. 77

    What surprised me most was that it was the hardest job in the world… that I never knew, that I always wanted. I felt like the moment I became a mom I’d totally figured out who I was supposed to be.

  28. 78

    I have 3 boys and I always thought I would have girls.Now I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

  29. 79

    I didn’t know that I’d fall in love with my little guys over and over again…that even tantrums would make me love them more!

  30. 80

    I have a 15 month old and I think the thing that has surprised me, is how much they really notice what you’re doing and how much they imitate you! It’s the cutest thing.

  31. 81

    My surprise was that although baby #1 had no problems nursing baby#2 does :(

    I really need this carrier.

  32. 82

    What has surprised me most is how smart my son is. I did not expect this much so soon. Now do not get me wrong he is a normal smart, but it is so surprising. It also surprises me at how fast my baby is growing. It seems like I just had her yesterday and it was really 3 months ago! Geez time flies when you are having fun!

  33. 83

    I think I’m surprised at how much patience I actually possess. Then my three year old wakes up from his nap and I’m reminded that I don’t have nearly enough. :) I’m due with our second in December, so this would be an AWESOME prize to win!

  34. 84

    Great movie, seems like my life. I work part time/evenings and during the day I am so worn out prior to going to work. This trailer seems like my life. I manange 30 plus people at work and it’s easier than managing my home. Seems to be the question of the day. Should I stay home full time going forward?

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  37. 87

    I am always surprised as how I come out in my children’s voices and expressions – and not always in a good way! Certainly makes you clean up your act!

  38. 88

    I am surprised at how guilty I feel that I can’t hold my twins, at the same time, close to my chest. I love my little men.

  39. 89

    I am so surprised that as a stay at home dad, how difficult it is to do simple things such as grocery shop with my twin sons. I can put one of my peanuts in the cart but I have no where to put the other guy, so I hold my 5 month old in my arms!

  40. 90

    I am still new to this motherhood thing but what has surprised me the most is how much I enjoy spending time with Max. I had always assumed I would want to work after I had kids – and that I could never stay home full time – until I was staying home with Max. Now I could definitely see myself staying home full time with him.

  41. 91

    What surprises me is being 44 years with a 2 month old. My niece and I had a baby at the same time. Now, that’s a surprise. My daughter is 18 and my son 15. I’m surprised by what I have to relearn, all the new and wonderful products available now, being upset to the point of tears because my daughter wouldn’t breastfeed and having to pump instead, how often I whisper in her ear not to grow up too fast becuase I just want to soak in every moment of her existence. What surprises me?? The pure joy she brings to everyone.

  42. 92

    The first surprise was my mother’s uncontrollable tears of joy when I told her she was finally going to be a grandma! She couldn’t even talk to me she handed the phone off to my dad–whom I am sure was unsure of what was happening!

    The unexpected surprise was when I called my Mama & Papa (grandparents) and told them they were going to be great-grandparents. First I told my Papa, as my Mama was actually at the store. He said she is going to be tired when she comes in and could use some good news. Papa asked her when she came in the door. “Are you feeling okay?” She said, “I am tired but I am okay. Why?” He said again, “But your okay?”. She said, “Yes, I am fine. What did you do?” thinking he broke something while she was gone. He asked her, “Can you dance?”, she said “yeah, as good as I ever could!” He said, “Then let’s dance.” She thought to herself, what in the world is going on?
    Finally, as they were dancing he said to her, “What would make you the happiest woman alive?” She just shrugged and before she could say anything else he announced–”We are going to be great-grandparents!!” She screamed and jumped up and down and then called me to scream some more. Wow, I have NEVER seen my grandparents so out of control. What a wonderful surprise!

  43. 93

    That at the end of the day when I’m exhausted and feel I can’t take one more second I can go to bed and wake up with a new dose of grace, patience and love!