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blackberry visor mountI use a Blackberry for my business and recently shared about some of my favorite applications for this cell phone. I have never bought any accessories for the phone, but was excited when I was contacted to see if I would be interested in reviewing the Blackberry Visor Mount VM605.

The Blackberry Visor Mount is a hands free Bluetooth speakerphone. The visor mount can receive your calls and your favorite music from your BlackBerry using your car’s FM stereo system. For safety purposes it is good to know that it supports voice activated dialing, caller ID, and verbal notifications to let you know who’s calling. With this device, you can stay in touch while keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

The set up of the visor mount was quick and easy. I am not very technical so I really appreciate any techy gadgets that I can set up all by myself without hollering for my husband to assist. Within five minutes of a few simple instructions, my Blackberry was communicating with the visor mount and I was in business.

I called my husband at work to let him know it was all set up… right from the driveway.  I first attempted the voice activated dialing, but it wanted to call everyone except my husband so I was not able to do everything entirely through the mount itself. Even though the voice dialing did not work, my husband said he could hear me clearly and also could hear my daughter in the car too.

While the hands-free calling is great, I was secretly more interested in using it to listen to music. Just like you would use an adapter for your iPod in the car, you switch to the FM station that is recommended (simply by clicking the button on the left of the device) and then set your station on your radio to stream your music.

Instead of paying for an expensive subscription-based radio,  I can now listen to the music I really love through Pandora with minimal commercial interruption. The sound quality is amazingly good and I love going on trips where I can use this. The downfall, of course, is the drain on your phone’s battery. This can be remedied with a good charging before a trip though. If you have more than one place to plug in a charger in your car though, you could be charging the visor mount and phone simultaneously. Alas, nothing like this was invented in my ’99 Subaru, but a girl can dream!

Overall, it is a handy gadget that I plan to use often in our car. It is a great way to communicate with my hubby when I am on the road, the kids love hearing their dads voice through the speaker, and none of us can get enough of the streaming radio

Suggested Retail Price: $69.99

Website for More Details: Blackberry Visor Mount

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