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Giveaway Results: Lunchbox Giveaway (Worth Over $150)

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Sorry! This giveaway is now closed! We would like to congratulate Shaunda (Commenter #211) on winning this fantastic prize package. We hope this is a wonderful addition to her family’s new school year! Please check back each Tuesday for another great giveaway!

It is back-to-school time again and I am so excited to share with you a really fun giveaway worth over $150 to get your child ready for another great year.

Packing a lunch can sometimes be a mundane task, but Lunchbox Builder is hoping to change that.  Motts, Smuckers, and Pepperidge Farms have launched the Lunchbox Builder, a fun tool, where you can design your own lunchbox, add it to the lunchbox gallery, and rate other people’s lunchboxes.

Not only can you create a fun lunchbox on the site, but you can also download coupons for Mott’s Applesauce, Smuckers Uncrustables, and Pepperidge Farms Goldfish. I know these coupons will be a total hit for all of our coupon mommas!

As part of the Motts, Smuckers, and Pepperidge Farms Lunchbox campaign, they sent me a lunchbox care package to try, and they’re letting me give one away one of our lucky readers!

The lunchbox is worth approximately $150, and it includes:

  • An iPod Shuffle
  • An insulated lunchbox
  • Sharpie pens in multiple colors
  • Colored Pencils
  • A Smuckers Uncrustables Container
  • An Optical Mouse
  • A Smuckers Belt Pack
  • A Motts Reusable Shopping Bag
  • A Smuckers Strawberry
  • Pencils
  • Coupons
  • A Walmart Gift Card
  • A Pedometer


In addition, the winner will be receiving 5 Labels for Education, worth 10,000 points each, which can be used by your child’s school!

To enter this contest, please share with me one way you have found to save time or save money on making lunches for your child. Please leave your comment by Friday (08/28) at 8PM EST. Please only one entry per person. Any entries that do not follow the guidelines for entry will be disqualified from the contest.



  1. 351

    We keep a container of approved lunch bits (snack packs of crackers, fruit snacks, etc) in our pantry so the kids can pack their lunches for themselves.

  2. 352

    We make our lunches the night before. I make the main ingredient and while I am doing this, the kids go to the chip basket and pick one item and then to the sweet basket to pick one thing. Backpacks are by the backdoor with lunches ready to go. YEAH!

  3. 353

    to save money I look for sale items with coupons I can use or I buy in bulk with coupons.
    Having a large family I never have to worry about buying too much. lol

  4. 354

    I freeze Capri Sun or other juice boxes then slip them into the lunch at 7 a.m. By the time lunch comes around (noon), the lunch is still chilled and the kids have a cold drink.


  5. 355

    I stopped buying juice boxes. I now send her with water. It’s cheaper and better for her!

  6. 356

    We do not buy any packaged items, only having fruit or veggies as snacks, and keep things really healthy. The tiny Tupperware containers come in handy for all the little items.

  7. 357

    We do lunches together and I ask his opinion on what he wants…sometimes it’s over-the-top and we’ll discuss why it should be something different. I find that if he is more involved, he’ll eat his lunch more often.

  8. 358

    I let my daughter pick out what she is taking to school in her lunch the night before. As soon as she picks her items, I place them in the lunchbox and pick the lunchbox in the refrigerator. As I’m fixing breakfast in the morning, I take lunchbox out and place reusable ice bags on top and put the lunchbox in her backpack. I follow the same routine every day.

  9. 359

    With 5 kiddos packing lunch can be a daunting task.
    We have 2 children with sensory issues and can only tolerate ceratin food textures. I printed out a sheet for each of them listing a main item, a fruit, a snack etc. They pick one from each column every night and we make lunch.
    It saves me from early morning meltdwons because someone got the wrong lunch!

  10. 360

    I always make lunches the night before because I am not a morning person and anything I can do to get up a little later is worth it. I’ve also found that my girls like salads for lunch which is a great substitute to sandwiches all the time.

  11. 361

    My daughter loves the prepackaged lunches so instead I buy deli meat, crackers, and cheese. I slice the meat and cheese and place the three items into a divided container. I put a fruit or vegetable in also. I freeze a water bottle to keep her food cold in the lunchbox. She decides whether to buy milk or juice at lunch or just to drink the water. If she decides to drink the water she gets to keep the change I send in her lunch.

  12. 362

    I like to buy the snack size baggies and put grapes and carrots in those. I also give them small throw away containers w/lids that I buy in bulk at Smart n Final and put ranch dressing in there. I do buy crackers and chips in the big bags and then separate them into the snack baggies they day I buy them so when it is time to pack the lunch I just grab the prestuffed baggies. Also, instead of buying the lunchables I make my own.

  13. 363

    we pack our lunches at night in reusuable containers to cut down on waste. then in the morning I slip in a personal note (even for dd) to let them know that I am thinking about them during the day.

  14. 364

    I taught the kids to pack their own lunches- with guidance. That saves on time! To save money, we buy large bags of snacks instead of individual packages, and bag them up ourselves.

  15. 365

    I alternate packing leftovers from dinner. Especially when its one of her favorites and healthy quick foods like yogurt, cheese and crackers, apples, baby carrots, granola bar and sometime popcorn. She packs a refillable bottle of water everyday.

  16. 366

    I love to pack something warm, such as a small thermos of soup or ravioli, for my son to have for lunch (especially in the winter months). In the morning, I heat up a can of soup and put half in his thermos. The other half I keep for myself to enjoy for lunch. Thanks!

  17. 367

    I have found that having my kids involved in the entire process keeps them excited about making their lunches! We sit down together and clip the coupons we need (and they want) for items they pack in their lunch boxes. Then they go shopping with me and help me to stock the pantry. Then they always know what we have and they can pack their lunches more easily!!

  18. 368

    I save time by packing it the night before and I save money by turning leftovers into fun lunches. Left over potroast might turn into a shredded beef quesadilla, for instance.

  19. 369

    I use frozen bread to make sandwiches. By the time the kids eat lunch the bread is perfect!

  20. 370

    I have a place where I jot down any great lunch or snack ideas as I receive them via the internet or a friends suggestion, etc. I always have this go to list when I feel as though I’m running out of ideas or my daughter is bored of eating the same thing.

  21. 371

    we have 5 children so time and cheap is everything to us, for time saving ideas we usually pack lunches the night before that way we can grab and go.Each of my children rotate helping me make lunches, To save money We make our own bread, use our coupons to get cheap or free peanut butter~ we make our own Jam and freeze it, grab it as we need it through the year. we save money on buying a large ham when they are on sale, and cut the ham into slices and freeze them same with turkey, grab it as we need it. We make our own treats (cookies) cinnamon rolls etc- for drinks we use washable bottles and the kids fill it up with juice or water with Kook aid drop in’s! We also do alot of Roll up Kind of sandwiches- A tortilla can be used for hundreds of things!!!!

  22. 372

    We do many of the things listed on these great comments, but my kids favorite is to freeze grapes in snack bags for the week! They love them!

  23. 373

    I’ve been inspired by so many of these comments! I’m going to involve my boys more in putting their lunches together the night before. I always pack water in a reusable bottle. I’m going to look into getting smaller, reusable containers so as not to use so many baggies! Also, buy more bulk!

  24. 374

    With my twin boys, I always try to pack their lunch the night before to save some time in the morning. With everything ready are far less “rushed.” I make one sandwich and split it between the two of them and then send yogurt, fruit, nuts, and maybe a small cookie or homemade goodie.

  25. 375

    My tip is always to involve the kids in the process and as a result you know that everything in the lunch is something your kiddo will eat, therefore you don’t have to worry about having her/him wasting food!

  26. 376

    I always pack lunch the night before to make sure everything is properly measured and healthy.

  27. 377

    My daughter is very involved with her food. So we discuss what her preferences are; what the budget is; what healthy eating means and now that she’s in 4th grade she makes her own lunch. Saves us both lots of time and contributes to happiness for the both of us.

  28. 378

    I buy bulk snacks and separate them into my own 100 calorie packs. I keep the packs in the original box so they can easily pick out a snack. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  29. 379

    I buy large size snacks and repackage in small plastic containers. Wash and reuse. I pour juice into smaller bottles. Wash and reuse. Every day he came home with unopened juice boxes! But not the bottles. Thanks

  30. 380

    first we will plan lunch for the week on sunday and make sure i take my list to the supermarket then i will prepare lunch the night before and store it in the fridge.

  31. 381

    Ok, I just found this site & think it is awesome! I also have several tips for lunch so please bear with me. I am a mother of two ages 11 & 17. My 11 yr old is disabled & requires a lot of care therefore saving both time & money is a huge issue in our lives. After many, many “oops! Mom forgot my drink, sandwich etc”, we decided to start packing everything in the lunch boxes the prior evening & just keeping the entire lunchbox refridgerated. This keeps the drinks, veggies/fruit & sanwiches cold. It saves time & prevents the big “oops!” when the kids open it at school. To cut down on money, I purchased each of the kids a reusable drink bottle & individual sized food containers. The food containers are better than bags because they are durable & don’t squash the food. You can purchase both, the reusable drink container & a 6 pk of food containers for $1 at the dollar tree. Plus, pk of food container includes a sandwich container. I buy everything bulk with coupons & match price & each Sunday, I divide everything up into the individual containers for the week for each child. It helps to keep 1 refridgerator drawer specifically for this purpose. Then each night, we just grab out a couple of containers each, pack & refridgerate the entire lunch box. In the mornings, we just “grab n go!” We purchased insulated lunch kits with an outside hot/cold thermos pocket ($4 at walmart). For hot items, we just fill the thermos the night before & in the morning heat & pack. In the end, you only add a few extra little items to your dinner dish washing routine. All in all, I spent only $12 total on the kids lunch kits for the year (or longer)& everything is reusable. Not only do you save time & money, but you also save all the plastic bags & disposable products from the landfill!

  32. 382

    I buy all food in bulk or on sale. I always divide bulk items into smaller servings on my own immediately after grocery shopping. I prepare lunches the night before.

  33. 383

    My daughter loves fresh fruit in her lunch but it’s expensive and she never eats enough of it before it goes bad. So now I buy it in bulk when it goes on sale and freeze it in little snack size baggies. I bought 3lbs of strawberries this week for the price of 1!. Each Sunday I take out the snack baggies and defrost them. Frozen grapes are a favorite!

  34. 384

    I separate larger bags of snacks into small snack bags and place those snack bags into a storage container. There may be several varieties at a time in the storage container so nacho chips one day might be followed by cashews the next and dates yet another day. There can be a huge variety without lots of half stale open bags and boxes.

  35. 385

    My husband and I have found that the best way to save time and money packing my son’s lunch is to pack our lunches as well. We avoid the individually wrapped items and buy larger quantities to share. Each evening we make it an extension of the family dinner time and pack our lunches together. Making bread at home and using small plastic containers for fruit, yogurt, crackers with cheese or peanut butter, and homemade cookies instead of disposable food wraps is healthier and better for the environment. Instead of a juice box, my son clips a Sigg (reusable, environmentally-friendly aluminum bottle) bottle of water to his backpack and refills it throughout the day.

  36. 386

    To save money, I’ve been stocking up all summer on easy things to put in my son’s lunchbox- applesauce cups, fruit bars, crackers, etc. I have everything in one place in my cabinet, so in the morning all my son has to do is grab one or 2 things to go in the lunchbox with his sandwich.

  37. 387

    I save money on packing my child’s healthy lunch by watching blogs to scope out buy one get one free items at local stores and combine them with both internet and newspaper coupons. I save time by talking to my child the night before about our lunch options so I’m sure she’ll actually eat what I pack for her and not waste the food!

  38. 388

    My son is in preschool and we pretty much pack his lunch the minute we walk in the door. We discuss what to pack while he is eating his afternoon snack. This has been a great way to talk about nutrition as well as his day and what other kids have brought for lunch.

  39. 389

    Definitely make the lunches the night before – otherwise the morning gets off to a rough start!

  40. 390

    I pack everything that can be done ahead on Sunday for my two children for the whole week and then just have to grab and drop in the lunchbox except the items that need to be made the night before or in the morning.

  41. 391

    my daughter is a second grader and likes to make her lunch in the morning time. I oversee what she packs , but at the same time she is getting to make choices for herself. She takes 1/2 sandwich, fruits, chips, and a snack, and a water bottle. She likes to take flavor water packets. We buy in bulk and use baggies. When I pick her up from school I bring her the other 1/2 of sandwich and a drink.. because she is always hungry after school ( they eat so early). She loves coupon clipping and we hit store sales.. We act like it’s a game.. How much can we save and how much stuff can we get. It is actually really fun and we enjoy it..

  42. 392

    My daughter and I clip coupons, stores sales, internet coupons and blogs. She packs her lunch in am with my help, but I still allow her to pick things i know she’ll eat. We buy in bulk and use reusable containers and a water bottle. We treat it like a game and she loves it. How much can we get with little a cash as possible.

  43. 393

    We make lunch the night before with help from the kids. We prepare snacks we buy in bulk and make bags from ziploc snack size baggies.

  44. 394
  45. 395

    We cook extra for the dinner, and pack the leftover for the kids’ lunch, along with some fruits and mixed nuts.

  46. 396

    My tip is to make lunch the night before and have your child help with the work and decisions.

  47. 397

    I combine coupons and sales to stock up on lunchbox items. This time of year, there are lots of great deals out there.

  48. 398

    Definately pack the night before and hope she likes it. If not, there is an extra $2 for hot lunch emergencies in her back-pack.

  49. 399

    I buy the large containers of yogurt and put it in small reusable containers, then freeze them. It thaws by lunch and keeps lunches cold so an icepack is not necessary.

  50. 400