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Giveaway Results: Lunchbox Giveaway (Worth Over $150)

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Sorry! This giveaway is now closed! We would like to congratulate Shaunda (Commenter #211) on winning this fantastic prize package. We hope this is a wonderful addition to her family’s new school year! Please check back each Tuesday for another great giveaway!

It is back-to-school time again and I am so excited to share with you a really fun giveaway worth over $150 to get your child ready for another great year.

Packing a lunch can sometimes be a mundane task, but Lunchbox Builder is hoping to change that.  Motts, Smuckers, and Pepperidge Farms have launched the Lunchbox Builder, a fun tool, where you can design your own lunchbox, add it to the lunchbox gallery, and rate other people’s lunchboxes.

Not only can you create a fun lunchbox on the site, but you can also download coupons for Mott’s Applesauce, Smuckers Uncrustables, and Pepperidge Farms Goldfish. I know these coupons will be a total hit for all of our coupon mommas!

As part of the Motts, Smuckers, and Pepperidge Farms Lunchbox campaign, they sent me a lunchbox care package to try, and they’re letting me give one away one of our lucky readers!

The lunchbox is worth approximately $150, and it includes:

  • An iPod Shuffle
  • An insulated lunchbox
  • Sharpie pens in multiple colors
  • Colored Pencils
  • A Smuckers Uncrustables Container
  • An Optical Mouse
  • A Smuckers Belt Pack
  • A Motts Reusable Shopping Bag
  • A Smuckers Strawberry
  • Pencils
  • Coupons
  • A Walmart Gift Card
  • A Pedometer


In addition, the winner will be receiving 5 Labels for Education, worth 10,000 points each, which can be used by your child’s school!

To enter this contest, please share with me one way you have found to save time or save money on making lunches for your child. Please leave your comment by Friday (08/28) at 8PM EST. Please only one entry per person. Any entries that do not follow the guidelines for entry will be disqualified from the contest.



  1. 301

    My tip would be to help make lunch the night before with your child or better yet have them make their own lunch to ensure that they will eat it the next day. I also, make sure that I have enough snacks in my snack basket so they have a varity to choose from.

  2. 302

    We homeschool, so we don’t pack a lunch every day. At home, we usually just eat leftovers, sandwiches, or quesadillas w/ baby carrots or salad. In a lunchbox, we keep it simple – pretty much the same w/ maybe a homemade cookie thrown in & a bottle of water. I have found that they usually don’t eat as much as I think they will, so I’ve scaled back from what I used to do.

  3. 303

    My tip would be to make sure that I have enough snacks in my snack basket so the kids have a varity to choose from. Also, stock up on snacks when they are on sale.

  4. 304

    My time saving plan involves: Cutting a block of cheese into cubes/slices all at once (rather than each day), Using reusable containers and filling them Sunday nights, Using a refillable water bottle.

  5. 305

    My children love cookie crisp cereal because they think it’s dessert. When I pack their lunches, I put in a small plastic container with the cereal in it. No expensive fruit snacks for dessert- my children LOVE it and that box can last weeks!

  6. 306

    My children have a nice hot lunch served every day at their school.
    The only bad thing is sometimes my son who is 11 doesn’t like what is on the menu for one day so we pack a lunch that day. We can plan ahead because we have the menu for a month.
    I make it the night before and usually he likes a pb&j sandwich along with chips and a dessert item. I always put them in a baggie and of course I make sure he remebers to not throw the baggies away because I always wash and dry them for the next time he needs to take a lunch.

  7. 307
  8. 308

    I pack “snack” lunches. I pack crackers and cut cheese or yogurt, plus extras- maybe fruit and cookies, or pretzels- they eat more and aren’t “bored”.

  9. 309

    one new way i have found to save money on packing a lunch for my daughter is to stock-up on the home 360 zip sandwich bags at food lion. they were on sale for 1.19 (quart-size) for 22 bags. use a $1 flip and i pay 19 cents for 22 bags. i prefer the quart size as it will hold a sandwich wrapped in a paper towel then i can put other pre-wrapped snacks –nuts, pretzels, raisins, cookies, etc..–down in there, too.

  10. 310

    My son loves pasta so I put some sort of pasta (i.e. ravioli, macaroni etc,,,)in a thermos to keep it warm. Most of the time his lunches are leftovers.

  11. 311

    I don’t know how original these tips are, but we put lunches together the night before, use reusable containers, and let my son help select what’s going in his lunch so there’s a greater chance of him eating it!

  12. 312

    We buy our snacks in bulk from Sam’s Club or BJ’s. Much cheaper than buying the small boxes of individually wrapped snacks. Instead of using baggies, use re-usable plastic containers. This will save money as well. Try to fins constainers that are square, you can fit more into a lunch box that way!

  13. 313

    I have always taken my kids with me food shopping and let them pick out what they wanted in their lunchboxes, as long as it wasn’t all “junk” food. They had to pick a drink (not soda), a healthy main meal, a fruit and then they could pick something in the “junk food” catagory. It was always lots of fun and now that they are in college, and so far away, I love to send them “care packages” with all the things that I know they love!! I also include a note with some memory of when they were little.

  14. 314

    On Sunday I take the large bags of chips, chex mix anything that and put them into the snack size bags. Then when it is time to make lunches I just grab one. The cost is lower as you are not paying for the company to purchase. And the size is just right too.

  15. 315

    I like to make them the night before for my lunch. I have an infant & would like to win this pkg for my neice or nephew as they are living in poverty & need something special.

  16. 316

    I home school so my kids are always home for lunch. I have found that when I plan the menu for the week, it not only saves me time, but also money as we don’t buy a lot of things we don’t need.

    Thanks for the opportunity,

  17. 317
  18. 318

    I always buy big bags of snacks then repackage them into smaller serving sizes, this saves a lot of money. I also always pack lunches the night before to save time in the hectic morning.

  19. 319

    Starting in Jr Hi, I started giving the kids the equivalent of the cost of lunch every day (plus about $5 allowance) each week. Then it was up to them whether to eat in the cafeteria or bring lunch. Amazing how “uncool” becomes much “cooler” when there is money involved. I don’t think my son ate in the school cafeteria more than a dozen times over the next 6 years.

  20. 320
  21. 321

    I save time by having them do it the night before after dinner. That way they eat it and not bring things home.

  22. 322


  23. 323

    I try to pack most of the lunch the night before. I use a lot of pre-packaged items – granola bars, cheese sticks, yogurt tubes – that I can just take and throw in the lunch bag. I also buy the already cleaned, large packages of veggies – snap peas, baby carrots – that I can take a few and throw into a snack sized plastic bag. I try to pack a fruit every day as well. I usually buy things that are naturally “packaged” – bananas, Clementine oranges, grapes, plums, small apples. The only thing that’s left to make in the morning is the sandwich!

  24. 324
  25. 325

    We try to fix lunches the night before, since mornings are very hectic at our house.

  26. 326

    The best way to save money is by going “old school”. No pre-packaged convenience items, just good old-fashioned real sandwiches, or warm items in a thermos. Chips, crackers or other snacks in a snack size baggie, milk or juice in a thermal drink cup with a straw. All that saves a fortune as opposed to lunchables and small bags of doritos!

  27. 327

    My child usually eats the lunch the school provides, but if I do pack her a lunch, i do so the night b/4. One way we save money is by making our own bread in a bread machine. And I think that it’s healthier than the stuff you buy at the store, too.

  28. 328

    I like to buy in bulk and pack small. I try to use reusable containers instead of plastic bags where I can.

  29. 329

    My little one and I get together after dinner and make up her lunch box. We discuss several different sandwich types, goodies, fruit and drinks. When we both are happy with the list, we pack the box, put in the frig and it is ready for her run out the door the next morning to catch the bus. She thinks this is a fun way to prepare lunch (eats it all!) and it saves me time.

  30. 330

    I always make lunches the night before.
    Also saving money (not necessarily time) by purchasing the cute plastic sandwich holders – now I don’t have to use a ziplock every single day for the sandwiches.

  31. 331

    My tip is to purchase food in bulk and put in snack size baggies or re-usable containers for the lunch box. You will save a lot of money if you do that instead of buying food items in their individual packages.
    Also pack the night before. Do not buy juice boxes either. Buy a larger juice and poor into a drink holder.

  32. 332

    I make a week’s worth of pb&js and then freeze them. My kids don’t know the difference. :)
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  33. 333

    Instead of buying expensive lunch meat and snacks I like to use foods already around the house like eggs, or real turkey meat for sandwhiches. And brownie or cake mixes to make a sweet treat.

  34. 334

    i pack her lunch in the night before. i look for special deals and use coupons.

  35. 335

    My son is in 7th grade, It’s hard to get him to drink water at home so insted of buying him juice drinks I send a reuseable water bottle. Saves lots of money and its much better for him.

  36. 336


  37. 337

    I pack for my four boy’s the night before,And I buy full size snacks and break them down in littel cantiners,or small baggies that can be reused,buying in bulk also saves money,having them help,you get some extra time and memorys to spend with your kids

  38. 338

    As a single dad of two little guys I am always looking to save time, money and avoid foods they won’t eat so I let them both pick out the “special lunchbox snacks” at the store for the week. I also make sure to always pack their lunch the night before with some input from them to ensure they eat what is packed! (great giveaway too…by the way!!)

  39. 339

    We have two children who take their lunch to school everyday. I make their lunch and compeletly pack the lunch boxes at night and just put the whole thing in the fridge so in the mornings I just have to pull the lunchbox out and put it into their backpacks…makes things soo much easier. Also to save money I buy large bags/boxes of snacks/chips and divide them up into smaller bags. We also make homemade lunchables. It really works out and saves a lot!!

  40. 340

    My best advise is find the stuff on sale. Also my son loves baby carrots and grapes but the pre washed packs are so expensive so I buy a bag of ‘normal’ carrots peel them and cut them myself I also buy a bunch of grapes and wash them myself saves money. Make the lunch the night before use a little cool bag that way lunch stays cold till lunch time!

  41. 341

    To save time, I pack our lunches the night before, leaving the drinks and fruit cups in the fridge until last. I clip coupons and reuse containers to save money.

  42. 342

    my son is in 3rd grade. i let him pick from different catagories each day. this way it gives him some choices but also includes the healthy choices.

  43. 343
  44. 344

    The best way I’ve found to save is to shop sales with coupons, limit pre-packaged items and make your own from bulk purchases/make from scratch and freeze the extras for later use, keep it simple with fresh fruit/veggies.

  45. 345
  46. 346
  47. 347
  48. 348
  49. 349

    We like to use different shaped cookie cutters to cut sandwiches into fun shapes. It makes them a little more fun to eat so my daughter is willing to eat a sandwich (cheapest lunch out there!)more than once a week. And we can make them the night before to save time.

  50. 350

    I’m a first-time lunch maker mom, but here is what I’ve decided for my slow, picky eater: a daily schedule…tuna sandwich on Monday, cold pizza on Tuesday, pb&J on Wednesday, back to tuna on Thursday, and pb&nutella on Friday. The snacks & fruit will change daily according to what we have, but w/ the sandwich already decided, there’s no last-minute mind changing the night before. Hope it works!