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Giveaway Results: Lunchbox Giveaway (Worth Over $150)

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Sorry! This giveaway is now closed! We would like to congratulate Shaunda (Commenter #211) on winning this fantastic prize package. We hope this is a wonderful addition to her family’s new school year! Please check back each Tuesday for another great giveaway!

It is back-to-school time again and I am so excited to share with you a really fun giveaway worth over $150 to get your child ready for another great year.

Packing a lunch can sometimes be a mundane task, but Lunchbox Builder is hoping to change that.  Motts, Smuckers, and Pepperidge Farms have launched the Lunchbox Builder, a fun tool, where you can design your own lunchbox, add it to the lunchbox gallery, and rate other people’s lunchboxes.

Not only can you create a fun lunchbox on the site, but you can also download coupons for Mott’s Applesauce, Smuckers Uncrustables, and Pepperidge Farms Goldfish. I know these coupons will be a total hit for all of our coupon mommas!

As part of the Motts, Smuckers, and Pepperidge Farms Lunchbox campaign, they sent me a lunchbox care package to try, and they’re letting me give one away one of our lucky readers!

The lunchbox is worth approximately $150, and it includes:

  • An iPod Shuffle
  • An insulated lunchbox
  • Sharpie pens in multiple colors
  • Colored Pencils
  • A Smuckers Uncrustables Container
  • An Optical Mouse
  • A Smuckers Belt Pack
  • A Motts Reusable Shopping Bag
  • A Smuckers Strawberry
  • Pencils
  • Coupons
  • A Walmart Gift Card
  • A Pedometer


In addition, the winner will be receiving 5 Labels for Education, worth 10,000 points each, which can be used by your child’s school!

To enter this contest, please share with me one way you have found to save time or save money on making lunches for your child. Please leave your comment by Friday (08/28) at 8PM EST. Please only one entry per person. Any entries that do not follow the guidelines for entry will be disqualified from the contest.



  1. 401

    Once your kids are old enough have them make their own lunches. I found out that if I put the lunch in their hands it makes my life more easier and no more sandwiches thrown away because I didn’t make it right. This works especially good with teenagers as they can be pretty picky.

  2. 402

    We have found that preparing a list of lunch ideas over the weekend and getting the each meal together the night before takes a lot of the time consumption out of packing a lunch.
    Together we make meal planning educational by basing each meal off of the food pyramid. My daughter gets to choose 5 fruits, grains, vegetables, etc. she wants with each meal and mix and match to create lunches 1, 2, 3, etc. Usually her meals are mostly composed of finger food sort of snacks but they are nutritious and I like knowing that she is eating organically and healthy.

  3. 403

    I’m starting making lunches for my son this fall so I’ll take some tips from these comments! I think to save money I’ll keep the prepackaged snacks to a minimum and stick with whole fruits and snack baggies instead.

  4. 404

    When we buy an item at the store that is intended to be used for lunches, I break the item up into smaller containers or bags the same day. I then add it to one of the baskets in my kitchen. My baskets are set up as snack (cookies/crackers)basket and a fruit/veggie basket. Then when it is time to pack lunches everybody knows that they cannot have more than one item from the snack basket. This is also great for a quick snack on the go or packing lunch for a last minute picnic.

  5. 405

    I always buy my favorite brands while they’re onsale … i also always pack healthy food in my childs lunch and a little note that says mom loves him !!

  6. 406

    I pre-pack fruit, crackers, and mini-cookies in the tiny tupperware containers, and fill my daughter’s thermos the night before.

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  8. 407

    I make getting lunches together easier by making a weeks worth of sandwiches on Sunday. Then I freeze them. Each morning all I have to do is pull one out from the freezer. It also helps keep the yogurt or applesauce I put in cold too.

  9. 408

    The biggest help w/making my sons lunch is having him help me all the way. Starting w/cutting the coupons all the way to packing it up. He is learning the value of the items as well as I’m assured that he’s making healthy choices. We also have a lot less waste since he is picking the foods that he knows he’ll eat.

  10. 409

    I like to save some time and money by preparing a “lunchtime tapas” the night before school. My kids can help me assemble the food–apple slices, finger sandwiches, you name it. I like to include an ice pack to keep the food crisp and cold as well. And because my little guy likes water, I have a kid-sized aluminum bottle to send along with his lunch; I’ve saved money by cutting out sugary box juices this way, and we’re more eco-conscious as a result of the bottle!

  11. 410

    This is my daughters first year in school so although I don’t have super awesome secrets, I have really been enjoying reading all of the other comments. When I make my husbands lunch though, I do make it the night before so it is one less thing to do in the morning :)

  12. 411

    I like to buy in bulk. I have 5 kids going to school. The older kids will sometimes make their own lunch and that saves time for me!!! It is true if your kids help make their own lunch they will eat all of it!!!

  13. 412

    when I buy a loaf of bread, I make sandwiches out of the whole loaf, then slip them all back into the loaf bag and slip it in the freezer. In the morning, I put one into the tupperware and into the lunchbox!

  14. 413

    I think having the perfect containers saves time and money. I found some really great containers for crackers, sandwiches, and yogurt. They are the perfect size and the lids never leak. I don’t have to waste time wrapping up the sandwich in saran wrap or trying to find a sandwich bag. I just throw them in and pop the lid on. It saves money because I can buy the yogurt in bulk, instead of individual servings, and I don’t have to buy sandwich bags anymore.

    ggriffith20 [at] hotmail [dot] com

  15. 414

    Since my son is at a daycare/preschool we have to pack breakfast and lunch. In order to save money we buy his favorite breakfast foods in bulk (Lucky Charms and frozen waffles) so that they are always on hand and ready to go.

  16. 415

    We make a grocery list for the week to get everything planned. I stack and combine coupons and stock pile things that will keep. I make lunches the night before so there is no rush for the next morning. We pack fruit and granola, with a second smaller portion in the bottom of her backpack for after school snack.

  17. 416

    My son and I pack his lunch. We use plastic container for his sandwich so its easy to resuse. We found ways to reuse everything. The large juice box’s can be cleaned out and carry fruit. and We have even used gallon milk jugs and sangwich holders. I looks like a envelope.
    We sometimes the night before make it so it can be grabbed on the way out.

  18. 417

    I always pack the night before. When I buy baby carrots, grapes or other fruits and veggies. I prepackage in snack bags and put them in the fridge to grab for snacks or to throw into lunches. Saves both time and money.

  19. 418

    My son is will be starting the full-day kindergarten class in a week. I plan to do the same thing I always do when preparing for a trip – having him help me pack the night before. Also, I buy in bulk and put it in smaller containers for each day. I have purchased special containers just for his lunches – one for a sandwich, one for fruit, etc.

  20. 419
  21. 420

    My son and I usually sit down at the computer on Sunday Morning to look through the papers and see what are on sale. Ofcourse like any other kid, he wants the good stuff. But me being the mom I also want him to pick out the nutritional items too. We make out a the list to do the pricematching at Walmart. Some stores have those double coupon days….look for them….they are nice. But I have noticed if you will buy the bigger boxes or bags of items…just buy some little sandwich baggies and you can put whatever size your child needs for the day…then you can make your purchase last for more than one day. If your child is like mine his eyes are bigger than his stomach actually is…so he ends up taking more than he needs. Hope I have been helpful….my son would love to win this package…his birthday is in September.

  22. 421

    My grandchildren prepare their lunch right after they finish supper so in the hectic rush to get to school they can be sure to have a healthy complete lunch.

  23. 422

    My tip is to pack the night before. Use gladware to pack can fruits and applesauce instead of buying those expensive serving sizes.

  24. 423

    I pack a fruit, snack, sandwich and something to drink. I also find that if you buy the snacks in large quantity you save a lot more than buying the individual sizes.

  25. 424

    I save time by having my child pack her lunch and I just check it to make sure she has some healthy stuff too.

  26. 425

    To save time, my daughter also helps in packing her lunch. We have learned about serving sizes and try to pack a well-balanced lunch that she will enjoy. I also save a lot with coupons, and love to get snacks at Big Lots.

  27. 426

    My husband and I are big on coupons. We have the kids help us pick out which coupons they think they would like to put towards their lunchs. After dinner, they help us make their lunch for the following day. After they go to sleep, my husband and I make sure that they have fruits and veggies in them. Its a good family activity, and the kids don’t complain about what they got, because for the most part- they packed it!

  28. 427

    I buy in bulk so like the goldfishes, cookies etc. Once i get home I pull out the ziploc bags and ziploc all the food so its ready to just put into the lunch and there is no fuss or rush. And i do try to pack lunches at night.

  29. 428

    This year I am making double lunches and it is important to find the fastest and easiest way especially when my 2 boys have such different tastes. I take the Boys shopping at have them pick out 1 lunchmeat each, fruit and 3 types of snacks and one lunchable each. On Friday, as a treat they can have their lunchable so I get Friday “off”. I pack everything but the sandwich the night before ans as they are eating breakfast I am making their sandwiches!! Yeah – piece of mind and no decisions!

  30. 429

    I try to coupon stack as much as possible when it comes to lunchtime goodies. My daughter & I discuss it the night before and pack it together so that way the food won’t go to waste. It’s all the good stuff she likes.

  31. 430
  32. 431

    We make what we can the night before and pack it in the lunchbox. What we can’t make like sandwiches that may get soggy if made early,we make sure everything we need is all together in one place, the bread is in the baggies ready to get and everything is stored together in the fridge. That way it is easy to put it all together.

  33. 432

    Wash produce ahead of time. Jot down ideas on a post-it note. Saves time when you look in the refrigerator and *think* you have nothing to make.

  34. 433

    I use coupons to buy items I know we will use. Some items that we use but don’t get coupons I buy in bulk. The beginning of the week I make ahead the dry snacks in bags for each day. She gives me in put on what she likes. I try to keep it all healthy but sometimes there is a little fun snack that makes her happy.

  35. 434

    We buy things that they like and go through fast in bigger quanities and also make them at night so they are ready to go in the morning.

  36. 435

    We make salads (like chicken salad, egg white, tuna, etc) at the beginning of the week and pre-portion it in tupperware. It makes it simple then to pop one in a bag with a couple pieces of bread and some fruit! Easy peasy lemon-squeazy!

  37. 436

    I make what I can the night before and get up a little earlier than the kiddos to let them sleep in a little later. I like the lunchables kits too.

  38. 437

    We usually buy bulk and package everything the night before school. Saves a lot of time in the morning cause its already so hard to get the kids up and going in the morning.

  39. 438

    Love reading everyone’s time-saver ideas! Thanks for sharing. My daughter just turned 10 and is of the age where a brown bag is no longer “cool.” So to let her make it cool, she gets to color and decorate her bag every day. Once she’s done all of her morning routine and lets me or dad know she’s done, she’s free to “cool up” her bag. She LOVES this and it makes her move pretty quickly in the morning so she has time to decorate. As for packing lunch, her and I go shopping together each weekend, so that she can choose one fruit, one vegetable, and one ‘Friday’ treat. Then, at the time of unloading groceries, we peel, chop, slice, sort, and package all of the items she will take for lunch (and eat as snacks after school) for the entire week. So the night before, she gets to pick a fruit (portion-sized and individually packed), a vegetable (carrots, celery sticks, cucumber slices, etc), and a “main” course. The main course is typically prepared ahead of time and pre-packaged (tortilla wrap with a little cream cheese and turkey – it keeps for days, or left-overs from the night before), but sometimes she will make herself a PB&J or other type of fresh sandwich. And on Fridays, she gets to take one of her treats in her lunch. Aside from shopping and preparing the food for lunches and snacks, which is only once a week, I don’t spend any time daily on lunches. Easy, breezy beautiful morning!

  40. 439
  41. 440

    I never buy any lunch snacks unless they are on sale and I have a coupon. It allows a variety of different foods for your kids, so they don’t get sick of the same thing day after day. I also make the KOOL-AID and put it in my sons thermos..saves me a lot of money on juice boxes!!

  42. 441

    I would say for sure make the lunch the night before for time savings in the Morning. Definiltey have them involved so theres no surprises. Mix it up a little. I also use cookie cutters for the sandwhich’s, my 4yr. olds favorite is a Gingerbread man.
    I know kids love Ranch and I put that on verses Mayo, helps with Turkey or chicken sandwhichs.

  43. 442

    My 6 year old twins love to get their lunches packed all by themselves. I make a big batch of basic gorp- and each day I add a new item to the basic batch so by Friday, they have had a special treat in their lunches. They love to get their lunch bags packed the night before as much as possible. Then in the morning, I add the surprise and pop it into their lunchbags.