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I have always been aware of the great benefits of drinking water. A little known fact about me is that I actually went to college for a food and nutrition degree. Even though I didn’t pursue my career as a dietician, I have been able to put into practice how to cook for my family and provide healthy choices for them.  Drinking more water is a positive choice for all of us… well, maybe not my daughter who is still in those early stages of potty training, but I digress!

There are oodles of benefits to water and I can say that I am seeing a couple of benefits already. For me, my eyes don’t feel quite as dry as they used to. I also feel like I have a little more bounce in my step. More importantly, it is helping me get over the hump of midday snacking because I feel more full.

Here are few more positive benefits of drinking more water:

  • While water is not a miracle cure for anything, dehydration can make you feel drained and can cause all sorts of ailments from muscle aches to headaches. You can combat issues like these by drinking the recommended amount of water for your day.
  • Water might not make you lose weight, but it can help you feel fuller. My junk food loading has slowed down these past two weeks and I have been trying to reach for a glass of water instead of that cookie jar.
  • Drinking more water will help your skin look even better. By drinking my eight glasses of water, my skin doesn’t feel as dry anymore. Anything that can help my skin look better and still keep me on my frugal budget is a dream come true.

Crystal Light would like you to sign up for the Water Way Challenge is easy and will only take a few seconds. You can then use the site as a tool to track your hydration throughout the day. The bonus of signing up is that Crystal Light will be assisting those 900 million folks around the world who do not have access to clean water.

To help encourage discussion about hydration, I will be offering a fun giveaway of $50 to one lucky reader each day that I post about this challenge (four opportunities in all). To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment by 06/23 (Tuesday) at 8PM EST and tell me one benefit you notice from staying hydrated?

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Photo Credit: Rob Wakerfield

(Please note that this post has been sponsored by Crystal Light. We are happy to be working with the company and sharing the message about hydration and giving others access to clean water through this sponsorship)



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    Fewer leg cramps! I have restless legs and the more water i drink the better it is as well…
    thank you

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