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There are many creative ways to stay hydrated and for those of us that struggle with drinking water, I thought I would share a few new ways to add hydration into your day.

  • Buy a reusable water bottle that you can take with you when you are on the go. I love the stainless steel varieties because it keeps your water nice and cold. If you are unsure how much liquid the water bottle will hold, pour the water into a measuring glass and then figure out how many of those bottles are needed to meet your water quota.
  • Adding lemon or a splash of bottled lemon juice to my water makes drinking water more appealing to me. That hint of flavor seems to make all of the difference.
  • Exercising forces me to drink more water. By exercising, I am not only getting my body in shape, but it also makes me thirsty for more water. I call that a total win-win situation!
  • Encourage the rest of the family to drink more water by serving a glass of water with your meals instead of any other drinks. After everyone gets one glass in, then offer milk or juice for the second glass.
  • Make a deal with yourself that for every cup of tea, coffee, or soda that you drink that you will match this with one cup of water. This has helped me scale back the amount of coffee I am drinking and increased the amount of water going into my system.
  • Crystal Light does offer lots of fun flavors that you can add to your water and it is low in calories. I am a fan of the Raspberry Lemonade & Fruit Punch flavors for adding a little punch to my water.

Crystal Light would like you to sign up for the Water Way Challenge is easy and will only take a few seconds. You can then use the site as a tool to track your hydration throughout the day. The bonus of signing up is that Crystal Light will be assisting those 900 million folks around the world who do not have access to clean water.

To help encourage discussion about hydration, I will be offering a fun giveaway of $50 to one lucky reader each day that I post about this challenge (four opportunities in all). To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment by 06/23 (Tuesday) at 8PM EST and tell me one creative idea for sneaking in more water throughout your day!

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(Please note that this post has been sponsored by Crystal Light. We are happy to be working with the company and sharing the message about hydration and giving others access to clean water through this sponsorship)



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    I joined the water challenge and was entered into the DivineCaroline giveaway

  5. 155

    I keep Crystal Light and other water flavoring products in my purse, that way when I am at work or out to eat, I can still drink healthy! The slim design of the packages makes it easy to fit 20 or so in the cell phone holder of my purse.

  6. 156

    Flavor the water with crystal light. I drink alot more, sometimes too much that way.

  7. 157

    Hi I always have either a mug or a stainless water bottle with me. I just can’t be with out. I find with that stuck to me I’m always sipping my drink.

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    I try to fill a large water bottle with a lid every morning when I get up. I add lemon slices and ice and try to carry it with me all day. I’ll add water to it as needed and try to remind myself how much money I’m saving by not drinking anything else.

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    I have a big glass that I keep near the sofa byt the TV set and then I have another one in the office. That way I have water everywhere where I am.

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    I always have a bottle of water in my car and in my purse that way whenever I am thirsty I have water handy.

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    I drink a big glass of ice cold water first thing in the morning — helps wake me up, and gets about 12 oz in me to get a running start on my water intake.

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    In the summer I like making my crystal light into a freeze pop – just get a popsicle container, pour in your favorite flavor (already mixed) and freeze! Presto – cheap and so good on a hot day :)

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    I get my water in by keeping a bottle of water on my desk by my work phone and keep filling it up.

  22. 172

    For about two months I’ve been using crystal light and it’s been great. I have found so many ways to drink more water throughout the days and weeks. For example, the other day I went to Dennys and the waiter asks what l would like to drink in for a minute I thought about it, and then I said water. So after receiving my water, I happen to carry with me the Crystal Light “on The Go “packet and I used it in my water. The Waiter even laugh a little, then she said do you thing girl… So for that day I intake more water then I attended to. I also carry the Crystal light with me to work so I can drink more water during my eight hour shift and it works.

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    I’m a recovering coffee fiend (well I try)…Since I have an unnatural attachment to my stainless steal travel mug, which was formerly filled with coffee ALL the time, I keep it full of ice water. Interestinly once I get the first sip I can’t get enough of that refreshing cold H2O!

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    I’m a recovering coffee fiend (well I try)…Since I have an unnatural attachment to my stainless steal travel mug, which was formerly filled with coffee ALL the time, I keep it full of ice water. Interestingly once I get the first sip I can’t get enough of that refreshing cold H2O!

  25. 175

    I have a gallon jug of water sitting on my kitchen counter and whenever I walk by, I drink a glass of water.

  26. 176

    I have an insulated mug that is filled with water at all times when I’m home and have a reusable water bottle that I never leave home without. If it’s there you’ll drink it instead of reaching for something else. Watermelon is also a fun way to get some water!

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    I encourage my own water intake by keeping my glass near the kitchen sink and drinking a little each time I wash my hands. For my boys, they each have a fun container to carry around to help them.

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    I find the only way to get myself to drink more water is to always have it handy.

  34. 184

    It’s not creative, but I just make sure I carry water with me everywhere. I put my water bottle in one of the bottle holders in my son’s diaper bag, so it’s at hand while we’re out and about.

  35. 185

    Before I allow myself a can of diet soda, I must finish 2 bottles of water. Knowing that I want my diet soda for lunch, this encourages me to drink water in the morning hours.

  36. 186

    I like to add a dash of fresh fruit juices into my water,and lots of crushed ice! grandkids love it too..
    thank you