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aurora-beforeaurora-afterPictured here is just one of many examples of what winning this fantastic giveaway could do for you and your family memories. How many times do you wish you had the software or skills to fix those photos that did not turn out as you hoped? If you have these moments, then this giveaway is just for you!

Light Crafts just launched a very unique photo editing and management software called Aurora. They were very excited to share their product with our MomAdvice readers so I am looking forward to sharing this great giveaway with you.

Displaying photos in your home is one of the most affordable and personal ways to decorate your home, but sometimes your favorite photos are a little blurry or the lighting was a little off.  Aurora is a powerfully simple photo management software for consumers who want to reduce the complexity, and increase the results, of editing, organizing, sharing and storing digital images.

Aurora is intuitive to use, enabling anyone to go from download to expert in a matter of minutes.

Aurora’s key features include:

o     Visual photo editing: The strength of Aurora lies in its intuitive, powerful, visual editor which presents suggested improvements in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get fashion. The unique relight tool essentially “turns on” the light inside the image, creating better, more realistic photos. Users can also straighten, adjust color strength and warmth, crop, zoom and adjust red-eye in a simple, intuitive and visual way.

o     Organizing and viewing of photos: Aurora allows consumers to easily import photos from their camera or computer, re-arrange and re-name them, then tag and rate favorites for easy viewing and retrieval.

o     Sharing and publishing: Aurora enables consumers to email, print, and connect directly to their photo sharing, social networking and accounts from within Aurora making it easy to share select photos online on sites like Flickr and Facebook.

o     Online back-up: Photos are one of those truly irreplaceable items. Aurora’s optional online back-up service is powered by and stores photos to keep them out of harm’s way. Online back-up plans are available for $4.95 per month. Users can simply hit “online back up” from within Aurora to sync directly with their Amazon storage account.

Even if you don’t win this great giveaway, the website is currently offering this software for half price (at just $19.95) and they are offering a 7 day trial to see if it can make a difference in your photos. Visit their site for more details about these offers.

We will be giving away five copies of this software to five lucky readers. Please leave a comment and tell me your best photo tip (either to edit or capturing great photography). You can enter to win this giveaway through Tuesday (06/02) at 8PM EST and all of our winners will be drawn at random.  Please only enter once and only entries that follow the rules will qualify. Thank you and good luck!



  1. 151

    I do a lot of bird photography and the thing I’ve learned is to have my tripod with me all the time. Steady shooting is the key!

  2. 152

    I would say take lots of photos that way you are sure to get some great shots

  3. 153

    When I’m taking a picture outside near trees, I try to line up a tree in the left side of the picture to sort of frame the action going on.

  4. 154

    My tip is give my young sons something to hold while I try to capture their picture. It keeps them focused a little longer.

  5. 155

    I would love this software. My digital camera stores its data on a memory stick. The memory stick fits right into a port or my color printer. This I can send the pictures to the grandmothers. It would be very nice if I could edit the pictures to have more clarity and brightness before I printed them for the grandmothers. That’s what this editing software would do for me and the grandmothers.

  6. 156

    It’s great when summer finally arrives. There’s nothing like fun in the summer time.

  7. 157

    I like to use natural lighting and shadowing to enhance the artistic appearance of any shot.

    Thank you. :-)

  8. 158

    it may sound trite or even silly or quaint, but READ the instruction booklet that comes with your camera. As a male I never ask directions while driving or when handling things electronic. Therefore, I am always lost and my pictures look like I was on the battlefield. Now I take professional grade photos because I finally understand my camera… PS: dont tell anyone I read them.

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    This sounds perfect for me. I really like to take pictures of my girls with my camera diagonally. I just like the look of the pictures that way, instead of everything being horizontal or vertical all the time.

  11. 161

    I like to go with UN-posed shots…
    just sort of walk around & snap everything going around. I also found that if it is sunny & you are taking a picture say under a tree or in the shadow of a building, it is best to use the flash , it tricks the camera & lightens the subject, instead of everything being dark.


  12. 162

    I would say angling your body. Not standing up straight always looks better. Put your weight on one foot, bend your other knee, and turn to the side a little. Also, trying to get real smile in pictures instead of creepy plastered on ones.

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  15. 165

    My advice is to always have the camera handy because you never know when that perfect shot will appear. Thanks!

  16. 166

    When I take pictures of our chihuahuas or the grandkids I sit on the floor and the shots are better.

  17. 167

    my best photo tip would be catch them off guard – i love to have those pictures of my kids doing what they do

  18. 168

    Photo Tip = When doing potrait photography, I never stand straight up, even if the person is taller then me. To get a true eye on shot, I always bend down just a bit. That allows the camera a view straight on. Even though that sounds like it wouldn’t work, it does very much work. It is the trick of the camera!

  19. 169

    I just keep taking pictures. My 2 and 4 yr olds will not sit still long enough for too many good shots. I can only hope for at least one.

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  22. 172

    I’m not the best photographer, so my tips are simple: take tons of pics and hope for the best and outdoor photos look best.


  23. 173

    I’m really a novice at photography but I do have a sweet little 3 yr old boy as my subject so I’m intent on learning. One tip I just recently learned from another source is to have your child say “monkey or milkshake” instead of the old stand by “cheese”. It really works! You get a much more natural smile and who doesn’t love monkeys and milkshakes!

  24. 174

    Take multiple photos of your subject so you can pick and choose the best to edit.

  25. 175

    I carry my camera in my purse at all times. I love being able to catch those not so posed moments.

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  27. 177

    The biggest mistake I see people do is to shoot into the sunlight. Never set people up with the sun behind them – their faces will be in shadows.

  28. 178

    Instead of saying cheese say something that starts with the letter M it makes the smile more natural.

  29. 179
  30. 180

    my tip is to know your camera and it’s settings — don’t just click and shoot!

  31. 181

    my best photo tip is to read the manual that comes with the camera and copy/cut out the specific parts that are relevant to the kind of pics that you take and tuck that into your cameras carrying case so thise instructions are always at hand.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  32. 182

    My best tip is get outdoors! The natural light and vibrant colors make for some of the best photos!

  33. 183

    I bought my first digital camera (a Nikon) last spring, and the first thing I did was to thoroughly read the manual while checking out all of the dials, bells and whistles on the camera. If you don’t read about your camera, you can miss so many great “tricks” to capture unique shots. I too love natural light, and it seems that the only time I don’t use it, is early on Christmas morning when my granddaughters are up at dawn, and I need to use the flash!

  34. 184

    My photography tip is to full the entire frame with the subject. The less blank space there is, the more exciting the photo will be! This can also be fixed by cropping in post-production :)

  35. 185

    Experiment with different settings. You never know which shot might be the most brilliant.

  36. 186

    I love taking pictures of my kids having fun outdoors! Taking pictures of them in action can be a little difficult to develope, having this software would be great for me to capture those lively moments:)

  37. 187

    I love photo editing software
    i use it alot
    Thanks 4 the opportunity 2 win this 1

  38. 188

    My best photo tip is to try to take pictures where the people in it look natural and not posed.

  39. 189

    The biggest change I’ve made is to get down to the kids level when taking photos. I love the new perspective and such a great change from every photolooking down on them.

  40. 190

    My best photo tip is to remember that the subject (usually a loved one) doesn’t always have to be in the center of your shot.

  41. 191

    I have been experimenting with different view points and angles. Climb up on a ladder and shoot down, sit on the ground and shoot up. It makes photos of every day items and events seem different.

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    I use the sports setting on my camera when taking pictures of my kids. That way, I can catch them in action instead of always being posed. And get in close!

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  47. 197

    I try and use natural light, not the flash. I like the “soft” effect it creates.

  48. 198

    Thanks for the chance to win this! The best tip I can give for taking pics is just take it. No matter how odd you may think it is, it just might be the best picture you have ever taken.

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  50. 200

    Dont stand to far away from the person, object you are taking at picture of.