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Giveaway Results: 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget

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Sorry, this giveaway is closed! We would like to congratulate Tracy (Commenter # 106) on winning this giveaway.

Tracy said, “First, I hang on to all my coupons pretty much, even the ones I don’t normally use. Second, I match items on sale with my coupons for things I want to pick up…I get help with this by reading blog posts at or Sometimes I get things for free.
I rebate at Rite Aid and buy things I get Register Rewards with at Walgreens (if they are of value to me). Lately I’ve been able to save lots of money…only spending like $3-$11 per shopping trip and stocking ahead a little bit.”

Way to save, Tracy! Thank you all for entering & check back each Tuesday for another great giveaway!

If you love visiting Wisebread for great money-saving tips & savvy advice, you are going to be thrilled to know that this team has come out with a great new book called, “10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget.” This book is chock full of tips from tips on green living, to family entertainment on a budget, eating for less, and even ways to score free food. This guide has something in it for everyone, whether you are an experienced tightwad or just starting¬† your adventure in saving money.

I love this book because it is approachable and gives you great options for saving money without a lot of sacrifices. It not only shows you how to save money, but how to manage the money that you have.

I know that this book is going to make a fantastic graduation gift and one that I will be buying often to give to a new college student just learning the ropes of frugality.

Lucky for you, I have two copies of this fantastic book to give away to two lucky readers. Please leave a comment and tell me your top tip for saving money (the more creative the better). Leave your comment by  Tuesday (05/26) at 8PM EST. Our winners will be chosen at random and only one entry per person please.



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    I’m afraid it isn’t terribly creative, but I find that one of the best ways to save on groceries is to use coupons and to plan meals and shop for only the things you need.

  3. 153

    I try to hang most of my clothes on a drying rack instead of using the dryer. I also wash all my clothes with cold water instead of warm or hot.

  4. 154

    I clip coupons. I don’t buy until its on sale. Most of the time I end of getting it for free or almost free. I make a list and then search online for coupons to the items i need to purchase.

  5. 155

    Every spring we invest in a year pass to the local zoo/science museum. We save a ton of money and always have something to pull “out of the hat” on any given weekend. It’s also a great way to spend those freezing winter days when your suffering from cabin fever.

  6. 156

    One excellent way to save and be energy conscious is to hang clothes after washing to dry, either outside or inside!

  7. 157

    I have found that searching for things on EBAY is a great way to save money. I used to spend $5-$6 a tube for the Burt’s Bees that I love…but now I pay less than half that when I need them, on EBAY:)

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    If you have certain things you use often or brands you really like, join their website so you can download and print those coupons. They usually aren’t available in the paper or on coupon sites. Also, my son does not have many true, store-bought toys. They are expensive and only interesting for a short time. I buy a few really great toys on sale and then use tubs, boxes, anything that he finds interesting and fun to fill in. He loves his rotation of unusual things to manipulate!

  10. 160

    I buy a majority of my clothes at Goodwill. They tend to have a better selection than “real” stores, anyhow…

  11. 161

    I am always looking for ways to save money…We cancelled our internet at home and now go to the library. I always use coupons and love it when somehow I can actually make a few cents when you match them with ads. I have recently started menu planning and although a bit overwhelming at first, I am now a true believer, my husband and I can’t believe that we can get out of walmart for less than $100.00. Yeah menu planning.

  12. 162

    By dumping change in a bottle & having husband do same was able to turn into coinstar for Amazon e-certificate for birthday, already have a good start for next BD coming up. Don’t watch alot of TV thus don’t see all the things (commercials) I must have.

  13. 163

    my husband has been laid off for almost a month
    and my least worry is food I have learned to make food last I never use a piece of meat for just one meal anymore I always cut it in half and make two meals out of it usually one is soup its amazing how creative you can get when you have to

  14. 164

    I do comparison price shopping for ALL my medications. Calling Walgreen’s, Costco, Sam’s and Wal-Mart always shows one store that is clearly much cheaper. It takes a little time, but it so worth it.

  15. 165

    I LOVE after hoiday clearance!! I stock up on this years savings for next years holidays. My 2 1/2 yr old loved getting valentines day stickers/erasers and halloween spider rings in her easter eggs! I also take advantage of toy clearance and save up all year so it isn’t a money issue with birthdays and christmas. We even have a “gift box” full of and items I either found for cheap or didn’t think my kids needed.

  16. 166

    Never go grocery shopping hungry! You make too many impulse buys listening to your stomach.

  17. 167

    We barter for services with people we know! My husband does computer work for a massage therapist so I get pampered. I help a lady with her embroidery business to get free babysitting. Get creative and don’t be afraid to ask!

  18. 168

    We are cuurently looking at everything we do/pay for and rethinking if things are necessary. Do we really need a landline when we have cellphones? Things like that. It is amazing how much you can save.

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    I have a box I keep in my bathroom closet that I keep all my freebies in. I check this when a gift is needed. A basket full of shampoo, toothpaste, etc would make a great gift.

  21. 171

    I set price limits for most items that I purchase. Then, I aim for that price or better. Take toilet paper for an example. My limit is $.25 per roll. I prefer some of the more expensive brands so I try to combine a sale and coupon to arrive at or below $.25 a roll. If you are not picky about the brand you could do even better. My clothing price limit is set by what I would pay at our local Goodwill. So for kids pants/jeans, I will not allow myself to spend more than $2.99. I can often get items new for this price or less by shopping end of season clearance and yard sales.

  22. 172

    I am stunned by how much we’ve saved by purchasing a $199.00 freezer. I stock up on frozen foods at BJ’s and we hardly ever need to eat out or pick up take out any more. When Momma can’t get it together to cook – we have “garage take out” and pick something out of the freezer. It has paid for itself several times over this year already!

  23. 173

    I think that FREE is a great word during these economic times. My favorite website is

  24. 174

    Every few months I decide to stay away from the grocery store for an extra month (except for perishables like milk..) It’s amazing how much food you have in the pantry that just doesn’t gt used!

    pdxbabysigns at gmail dot com

  25. 175

    My top tip was to get rid of cable. We had to do this last year when my husband was laid off, and I thought that it was going to be horrible. However, it has turned out to be so wonderful! I will watch my favorite shows online, so I really do not miss it. I also found that I have so much extra time that I didn’t before since I don’t just sit down for hours watching meaningless shows. I also love that my children are not being subjected to marketing ploys and tricks.

  26. 176

    We love to give photo gifts for all gift giving occasions – Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day, etc. You can always find some free or cheap photo deal throughout the year and we look for them, stock up, save money and they’re awesome for gifts – everyone loves a personal photo calendar, tile necklace, etc…and little do they know it cost next to nothing!

  27. 177

    My husband has a group of friends that share tools. That way no one has to run out to buy tools. We all live within a few miles of each other in the country (not a quick trip to the store) & we always need big ticket items such as chain saws, generators, riding lawnmowers, post hole diggers, rototillers you get the idea. The guys always get together to work on the projects as well, this includes tiling a friends whole house, fences, building sheds etc. It’s great to have a network. This weekend we’re putting vinyl siding on our house (I wish it would stop raining :( )

  28. 178

    I find I save the most when I know what’s in the house. I post a list on my fridge with everything that’s in my freezer, cupboards & fridge. I do my shopping monthly and make menu of about 10-16 meals that I know I can make with the inventory in the house or from the shopping trip. It’s so much easier to look at my list see what I have and make it then to dig through the freezer or buy rxtra things I didn’t know I already had!

  29. 179

    Couponing helps a whole lot! My family thinks I’m a coupon queen, but I save hundreds of dollars a month on groceries each month. Bow before the queen!

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    How to save money ~ stay home, cook from scratch, use coupons for just about everything and read great blogs like this one for many more tips! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  32. 182

    My best tip is that I do ALL of my shopping on 1 day. Since I am not working its Tuesday but when I did work I did all of my shopping Saturday. I start around 7:45 am. This gives me several days to get organized i.e. to cut out coupons, make lists, menu plan, and ask my son and hubby if they need anything for work/school. Organization is my key to saving the most money.

  33. 183

    Take leftovers from dinner the night before to have for lunch at work the next day. Tastes better than fast-food and healthier for you, too!

  34. 184

    I save lots (and encourage others to) by using coupons AND shopping at a local grocer on $10 off days. They give $10 any purchase of $50 or more. I search the local sites (STLMOMMY.COM) to match my coupons with the deals and save lots!

  35. 185

    no web site but would like to have a chance at this book, with my medical bills it would be a big help.

  36. 186

    I purchase most things with cash, but never use change. Instead, I bring home the “pocket change” every day, and put it into a coin-sorting bank. It takes very little effort to save money this way. I have been able to save $65 in the last few months, which I will be using to purchase items for our garden. A little change every day goes a long way!

  37. 187

    I have stopped impulse buying. I save my money and I use coupons. I research what I want to purchase or where I (or my family want to go on a trip) for the cheapest fare or hotel prices. I have learned to use my voice and ask “do you have a coupon I can use?” Or ask for that discount, it works 90% of the time. :)

  38. 188

    We save about 10% from my huband’s paycheck every month and save it. I also work hard at clipping & using coupons and matching them to sales for the best savings.

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    I put all my loose change in a jar and use it for vacation play money later on!

  41. 191

    I find what’s on sale at Target then I go to the Target coupon generator and find a coupon for the sale items. Then I go to the newspaper coupons database (RedPlum, SmartSource, P&G) and see if I can match up those coupons too. With a sale item, a store coupon and a manufacturers coupon I can quite often get free items that I need like cereal or toothpaste or toilet paper.

  42. 192

    coupons, coupons, coupons. store brands, store brands, store brands. cash, cash, cash. no credit cards.

  43. 193

    I always buy my groceries on sale and with coupons. Don’t just stick to one store. I always check over the flyers each week. It’s amazing what control you can have over your grocery bill!!

  44. 194

    I am amazed at how my leftovers add up. I used to just give the little bits to the dog or add it to the compost. Once I started sticking them in the fridge, whole meals could be planned from just leftovers. Besides making soups from the odds and ends, my kids love it when we have leftover night because after I reheat the food, we eat it right out of the container. No extra dishes here! And the kids think it’s something special. Who needs fine china plates?

  45. 195

    My top tip is using coupons wisely. I use hair color and and like pricey hair conditioner and shampoo. Unfortunately I have high end taste on a blue collar budget. I don’t deny myself I wait until it goes on sale. Target clearances a lot of their hair color and good shampoos and conditioners. I combine this with my coupons and get what I want for prices under two dollars. In fact people watch me and ask how I do it and usually end up giving a lesson on saving money.

  46. 196

    I love saving money by using coupons and playing the CVS game. I scour blogs and play IWG to win stuff for free also. I find it FUN!

  47. 197

    I shop consignment sales and shops…and I consign items that I know I cannot use again!

  48. 198

    We save all of our change in a large change jar. When this jar is full, we use it as a special treat for our family. (movies, etc.) The kids know that we can’t do this special treat unless we have the money, so they help by putting their change in the jar, too.

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    I we find free things to do as a family. All you have to do is a little research and you can find all kinds of fun activities. Festivals, free music in the park, playground, geocaching (hide and seek with gps), etc.