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Giveaway Results: 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget

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Sorry, this giveaway is closed! We would like to congratulate Tracy (Commenter # 106) on winning this giveaway.

Tracy said, “First, I hang on to all my coupons pretty much, even the ones I don’t normally use. Second, I match items on sale with my coupons for things I want to pick up…I get help with this by reading blog posts at or Sometimes I get things for free.
I rebate at Rite Aid and buy things I get Register Rewards with at Walgreens (if they are of value to me). Lately I’ve been able to save lots of money…only spending like $3-$11 per shopping trip and stocking ahead a little bit.”

Way to save, Tracy! Thank you all for entering & check back each Tuesday for another great giveaway!

If you love visiting Wisebread for great money-saving tips & savvy advice, you are going to be thrilled to know that this team has come out with a great new book called, “10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget.” This book is chock full of tips from tips on green living, to family entertainment on a budget, eating for less, and even ways to score free food. This guide has something in it for everyone, whether you are an experienced tightwad or just starting¬† your adventure in saving money.

I love this book because it is approachable and gives you great options for saving money without a lot of sacrifices. It not only shows you how to save money, but how to manage the money that you have.

I know that this book is going to make a fantastic graduation gift and one that I will be buying often to give to a new college student just learning the ropes of frugality.

Lucky for you, I have two copies of this fantastic book to give away to two lucky readers. Please leave a comment and tell me your top tip for saving money (the more creative the better). Leave your comment by  Tuesday (05/26) at 8PM EST. Our winners will be chosen at random and only one entry per person please.



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    Coupons! Also only shopping the sales and stockpiling things so you don’t have to buy them later. Thank you!

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    My sister and her two daughters(8yrs and 2 1/2yrs) are living with me husband and our son and daughter(4 and 6 1/2). Money and square footage is tight, so one the nights were neither her or I want to cook, we take our kids to a local restaurant were kids eat free and after 8pm you can order a large 3 item appetizer for $5.00. All six of us can eat(drinking water of course) for under $14.00 with the tip! Thats what I call a cheap meal.

    Laurie Hancock

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    I use coupons and store coupons together. I also shop clearence sales, shop thrift stores and I got to auctions. At autions you can get anything you can or can’t imagine. I bought a almost new pressurer cooker along with many other things. I have got craft supplies, clocks, dishes and appliances at very reasonable price.

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    1) Buy in bulk (Costco/Sam’s Club or good deals at Walmart/Kmart), keep nonperishables in a cooler in the car (water, drinks, chips, snacks, etc.). Get back to basics, your kids/you will live drinking room temperature water/drinks. Prep/cook/eat meals at home before going out and/or pack meals when the family has all day activities/errands.

    2) Discipline yourself to buy only what you really need, not what you want/desire/crave. Be true to yourself and avoid getting sucked into the materialistic/shallow world of “keeping up with the Jones” and/or “whoever has the most toys wins” to have designer/name-brand clothing, bags, shoes, etc. In the end, it’s not what you have but who you are and what you have accomplished (career, family, travel/sports experiences, happiness/inner peace, etc.) that defines you and gives full satisfaction.

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