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Giveaway Results: Hoover Bagged Upright Vacuum

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Sorry- this contest is closed! Thank you to everyone who entered! We would like to congratulate Commenter #384 (Helen) on winning this great vacuum! Please check back each Tuesday for a brand new giveaway!

Our giveaway with Hoover just got an upgrade. The warehouse accidentally shipped an extra one of these upright vacuums and I am so excited that they are letting me keep it and give it to you! If you have already entered, there is no need to enter again. Just know that your entry got an amazing upgrade and you can read our thoughts about this amazing vacuum here!

I may be in the minority, but I think a brand new cleaning tool is a fun and practical Mother’s Day gift that would keep on giving and giving in our family. That is why I am so excited about this fun new giveaway that we are offering up for a brand new Hoover Bagged Upright Vacuum valued at $449.99!

Removing more dirt in a single pass than other lightweight bagged uprights, this powerful vacuum cleaner combines direct air-flow technology with patented Windtunnel Technology for fast, efficient results. Weighing less than 12 pounds, the cleaner moves effortlessly from room to room and up and down stairs. It also provides illuminated fingertip controls for easily turning the power on and off or switching between high and low speeds. The upright vacuum cleaner uses a dust bag with a HEPA filter, which traps 99.97 percent of dirt, dust, and pollens down to 0.3 microns for better indoor air quality. The quick-release, self-sealing bag prevents dirt puffs from escaping, and the cleaner’s check-bag indicator illuminates when the bag needs to be changed.

Other highlights include a 12 amp motor, a 14-inch-wide nozzle, automatic height adjustment, and edge-cleaning brushes, as well as a lifetime LED headlight, a comfortable D-shaped handle, and a 35-foot power cord. Even more, the unit comes with a canister vacuum for above-the-floor cleaning and for bare-floor surfaces. Simply attach the included bare-floor brush, dusting/furniture brush, or crevice tool to the end of the telescoping extension wand for thorough, detailed cleaning throughout the house. A detachable shoulder strap for conveniently transporting the canister vacuum comes included, along with a Type Q upright HEPA bag, a Type I portable canister HEPA bag, and a user manual for both the upright and the canister. The upright vacuum cleaner measures approximately 15-1/2 by 13 by 45 inches and carries a six-year limited warranty.

To enter to win this fantastic prize, please leave a comment and tell me what is your biggest cleaning dilemma in your house? Please leave your entry by Tuesday (05/12) at 8PM EST in order to qualify to win. Only one entry per person please! All entries that do not follow these guidelines will be omitted from the drawing and winners will be chosen at random. Good luck to each of you!



  1. 401

    We have a small house with limited storage, so clutter is something we really battle. And ambition to keep it clean. =)

  2. 402

    My biggest problem is pet hair. My poor vacuum has gotten a workout cleaning after Lucy,my lab mix. She sheds all the time so my vacuum has about vacuumed out.I could use a new vacuum with a lot of power.

  3. 403

    My biggest challenge is finding things that make it easier for me to accomplish tasks. I have several medical challenges but the Rheumatoid Arthritis, Nerve damage, PMR and Fibromyalgia really make things difficult. Small motor skills and all.

  4. 404
  5. 405

    My greatest challenge is keeping the kitchen floor clean. It’s a small kitchen, but it seems as soon as I clean it, something spills and makes it sticky almost immediately!

  6. 406
  7. 407
  8. 408

    Our biggest cleaning dilemma is all of the pet hair. We finally got rid of all the carpet but now you can see pet hair EVERYWHERE! Especially this time of year when they are shedding more!

  9. 409

    Ironically, vacuuming is my biggest challenge, because it is practically impossible to get the living room clean while my son is awake, but I don’t want to vacuum while he sleeps because I am afraid he will wake up! So I try to time my vacuuming for right after his afternoon nap!

  10. 410
  11. 411

    I need a vacuum that can handle laminate hardwood, linoleum and carpet. Sturdy enough to handle all the pet hair, but can also get dirt off the hard floors without pushing it around. I don’t like having to use a vacuum, a broom, a swiffer and a mop just for my floors. This looks like a fantastic vacuum!!

  12. 412

    Our biggest issue is keeping our family room floor cleaned up. First, getting all the toys off it. Then trying to keep it free of dust, dirt and snack crumbs from 2 toddlers who won’t allow us to use a vacuum cleaner in their presence because they freak out from the noise. Which means either getting up at the crack of dawn or staying up late to clean the floors.

  13. 413
  14. 414

    My biggest problem cleaning is the laminate wood floors in our kitchen. You have to dry them by hand to avoid steaks on the floor!

  15. 415

    I have a ten month old that does no tlet me go out of her sight. So the only time I have two hands free is during naps! At that time I also have to find time for a shower, food, and to do other needed things!

  16. 416

    My biggest problem is the hardwood floors, it seems like I never stop sweeping. Wouldn’t a vacuum be nicer to use?! :o )

  17. 417

    Getting clothes put away after they are washed and folded. We live out of piles! It drives me nuts!


  18. 418

    My biggest cleaning dilemma as a Mom of four children, is to keep the floors clean. Whether it is carpet, or tile floors, they are always being tracked with dirt/mud, or catching the latest food/drink crumbs and messes from my little ones. It is so frustrating that I really have the desire to just “quit” cleaning sometimes. Thanks, and I hope to win this awesome vacuum!

  19. 419

    My biggest cleaning issue is that my husband and dog are always tracking in dirt, grass, leaves, or some other debris from outside. It never ends.

  20. 420

    Ditto to many of the other ladies..CLUTTER!! With 3 little girls and a border-collie, we find it hard to keep anything neat around our house! Would love a new vacumn to try to tidy things up!

  21. 421

    My biggest problem is finding time to keep everything done. As soon as I vacuum the living room, someone comes running through with a handful of cheerios and the next one runs through to crush them into the carpet. Ahhh, a mother’s work is never done!

  22. 422

    Biggest problem: Finding the perfect routine to get it all done – and finding a way to stop procrastinating!! :)

  23. 423

    OHHHH mama needs a new vacuum in a major major way! Ours is about five years old and gets very very heavy use. We have two kids under age 7 and two dogs that are indoor/outdoor and large (37 pounds and 70). My biggest challenge is keeping the house clean and not looking “too” dog friendly if you know what I mean. Dog hair and dust is a big problem. I’d love to win this Hoover!

  24. 424

    The stairs, cord and kids throwing things all over makes it nearly impossible to clean the floors unless my husband takes the kids out for a while.

  25. 425

    My biggest cleaning dilemma are my pets! Constantly having to vacuum the floor and somehow they always manage to get the part where the walls and floor meet filthy…right where the vacuum can’t reach!