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Giveaway Results: Animal Planet Emergency Vets DS Game

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Thank you all for entering our contest.  We chose our winner randomly and would like to congratulate Commenter #57 (Oona B.) on winning this prize pack. Please check back each Tuesday for a brand new giveaway and thank you all for entering.

Today we have a great giveaway for a new DS game for kids called, “Animal Planet Emergency Vets” for the Nintendo DS. Kids who love animals and dream of becoming veterinarians now have a new, interactive way to play pretend.  Animal Planet, known as the authority on “all things animal” has partnered with Activision to create “Emergency Vets” for Nintendo DS!

Based on the popular Animal Planet series “Emergency Vets,” kids can play as an up-and-coming veterinarian that helps the other vets at the Alameda East Hospital perform veterinary procedures on a variety of different animals, like teeth cleaning, medicating and operating with the Nintendo DS stylus.  After performing successful procedures, players will have the opportunity to interact with each animal and see their reactions.

This game is rated “E” for everyone and retails for $29.99.

To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment and tell me what your child says he/she wants to be when they grow up (and it is totally okay if it is not a veterinarian). Leave your comments by Tuesday (04/28) at 8PM EST to be entered to win. Only entries that follow the rules for entering will qualify to win.



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    I bought my girlfriend a DS with Animal Crossing, but that’s the only game she has…I’m sure she would love me to give this to her.

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    My granddaughter told me she wants to be a vet when she grows up. This would be a perfect game for her.

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    My daughter wants to be a dentist for astronauts in outerspace (and a chef!)

    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

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    M (8) wants to be a scientist/ranger/scuba diver/geologist. J (10) wants to be a robot builder or a ranger.

    Mom wants to be a kid. :)

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    Not to sound like Im kissing up but my daughter has wanted to be a vet for along time

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    My son is very insistent that he is going to be a racecar driver! Thanks for the chance!!

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    My soon to be 4 year old is obsessed with dinosaurs and wants to be a “dinosaur digger” AKA a paleontologist. His first word was d-saur. He reads books about them non stop. Who knows, maybe it will pass but for now it is sticking

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    a cheer leader who works at macdonalds, hopefully she’ll reach higher when she gets older

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    My children are already in their careers. My grandson wants to be a ballet dancer.

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    My daughter wants to be a teacher, as she has had wonderful examples in her life so far. She would love this game!

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    Today (LOL), he wants to be a video game designer. Tomorrow, who knows?

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

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    The baby is too young to talk but I hope she will be what ever she wants when she grows up.

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    My oldest wants to be a lawyer and a nurse and my youngest wants to be a race car driver. My middle child says she can’t decide.

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    This is a fun question and since all three of my talking kids were here in the room with me I thought I would ask them directly (my 5 month old daughter is keeping her future dreams secret at the moment!) My 11-year-old wants to be a marine biologist, my 9-year-old wants to be in the military and my 4-year-old wants to be a doctor and a teacher. Everyone in our household LOVES Animal Planet and Emergency Vets is an addicting show – my kids would love this new game! Thanks for the giveaway!

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    My 9 year old has always wanted to be a vet, it has never changed since she was younger. My 6 year old wants to be a princess, ballerina, teacher and nurse.

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    my daughter wants to be vet, after all we have 4 dogs 5 cats all recuse and a mice

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    My oldest says he wants to be either a scientist or a toy maker, and my youngest wants to be the blue power ranger or a doctor. Little kids are soooo cute, aren’t they?

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    One of my sisters wants to be a teacher, one a marine biologist/actress, one bro wants to be in the Army, and one wants to be in Nascar!


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    My son says when he grows up he’s going to work for Dreamworks and either be a 3D animator or a game creator :D

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    My granddaughter wants to be a veterinarian~as she loves animals~Thanks so much for the chance!

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    My daughter wants to write and illustrate children’s books when she grows up.