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Giveaway Results: Earth Day Celebration Prize Pack (Valued at over $130)

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Thank you all for entering our Earth Day contest.  We chose our winner randomly and would like to congratulate Commenter #9 (Mana) on winning this prize pack.

Mana said, “Every year in March, we put up green decorations around the house, put green food coloring in our meals and one year i even wore a goofy leprechaun hat :) Our Sunday afternoon tradition is to drive down to the local airfield where they have a large recycling station. We recycle all our recyclables, and then drive around so our kids can look at all the planes. Ideally I would like to build our own solar array to complement our household electricity usage.”

Thanks for entering and please check back each Tuesday for a brand new giveaway!

In conjunction with my role in the Walmart Eleven Moms, I was able to sample just a handful of the great products Walmart is carrying to green up our household routines. I am truly trying to do my part to be green and teach my children to love & protect our Earth so it is wonderful to get to sample of the great green products on the market today.

In addition to sampling them, in honor of Earth Day, we were offered the opportunity to giveaway the items we received  and to share the green love with our wonderful readers.

Here is just a little information about the products that are included in this fabulous prize pack that one lucky reader will win!

Brita Water Pitcher- The last time I bought one of these was in college and maybe that is why I am so impressed with some of the great design changes that have happened since my last purchase. This handy filtration system comes with a flip top so that it is easy to fill with tap water and a a little covered pour spout that keeps your water nice and fresh. Replacing your water bottles with these filtration systems are a great green alternative and are a lot friendlier on your wallet to boot.

greenworks1Clorox GreenWorks Cleaning Products- Longtime readers will know that I am a HUGE fan of the new line from GreenWorks and have yet to have met a product from this line that I do not like. These cleaners are more affordable than many of the green cleaners on the market and they offer the same great green benefits. In our house, we love the GreenWorks wipes and dish soap. I am sure you will find that these perform just as good as the harsh stuff, and they are easy on your wallet too! I encourage you to give these product a try!

Tide Coldwater- With two crazy kids, we have a lot of dirty clothes in our house and laundry detergent gets put to the test. I am a huge fan of Tide and feel it is worth that little extra bit of money to keep my clothes looking nice to splurge on a good detergent. The new Tide Coldwater can keep your clothes looking great without even turning on the hot water. This is better for the environment and will keep your clothes lasting longer.

White Cloud “Green Earth” Paper Towels- I won’t lie, one thing we do not purchase a lot of is paper products. I have learned I can whittle this expense down to just toilet paper by disposing of the disposable items. That being said, there are those occasions where a roll of paper towels comes in handy. I won’t illustrate those occasions, as I am sure you can imagine a few on your own. White Cloud makes a line of “Green Earth” paper towels made from 100% recycled fibers. If you are a family that has a paper towel addiction, this line would be a great option to explore or to keep on hand for life’s little emergencies.

bissell-grean-machineBissell Little Green Deep Cleaner- Of all of the products in the line-up, my enthusiasm for this one can’t be surpassed. My obsession with Bissell knows no bounds and their Little Green Floor Cleaner is great for any mom with messy kids or animals. You can not only spot clean your floors, but you can also tidy up the upholstery with ease. Anybody have a minivan stuck with years of  McDonald Happy Meals? This might be the ticket for getting order restored in the car or your children’s carseats. It takes up very little room and is a great gadget to keep those carpets looking beautiful in your house. What makes it earth-friendly? The parts are made from post-consumer recycled plastic and it has PVC-free tanks and hose. They also greatly reduced the packaging to help keep this green machine as green as possible!

For one of my lucky and amazing readers, I am offering this ENTIRE prize pack from Walmart, Bissell, White Cloud, Tide, Clorox Greenworks, and Brita (valued at approximately $130) to you, in honor of Earth Day! To enter, please leave a comment by Tuesday (04/28) at 8PM EST and tell me one habit you will change to green one of your household routines. The more creative, the better! Good luck to each of you and Happy Earth Day!



  1. 501
  2. 502

    I recycle cans and bottles, and I hope to use a water filter, so I don’t have to buy bottled water anymore.

  3. 503

    I have reduced buying paper towels and plates. One thing I have to do is remember to take back a gazillion shopping bags back to the grocery store!

  4. 504

    For Earth Day I got a compost bin –and a water catcher—collects water for your plants. I planted a ton of vegetables and this summer I hope to have a huge harvest.

  5. 505

    I don’t know creative this is but I haven’t thrown out my old towels in forever. I cut them up and used them as cleaning rags. I also like to feed the birds old bread outside my house if i know i’m not going to eat it. It’s tough times for them too and helping nature well is green. thank you.

  6. 506

    I will try to do a garden every year as well as making sure lights get shut off if not in use

  7. 507

    well, one thing we are doing is trying to re-use anything that is seemingly disposable that would not otherwise create any health issues if re-used. just an example – we save and reuse our plastic plates, cups and silverware when we have a big family gatherings. its all sturdy enough to clean and re-use so we just do that. thanks! ([email protected])

  8. 508

    For entertainment, instead of watching TV or listening to the radio for a couple hours a day, we invite friends over and play music acoustically with an acoustic guitar and saxophone and even sing too!

  9. 509
  10. 510
  11. 511

    We’ve been working our way green for a couple years; this years big change is the garden and compost bin :) We’ve always gardened on a very small scale but this year we’re putting in a larger plot and attempting to skip the chemicals on the food and lawn.

  12. 512

    this is a great earth day offering!
    i love the bissell stick and the brita water jug!!
    thank you!

  13. 513

    I will stop using plastic bags at the grocery store and bring reusable bags with me.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  14. 514

    Well, this isn’t very creative, but I’m in the process of switching my household cleaners to “green” cleaners.I gave myself bleach poisoning a little while ago from cleaning the bathroom with the door closed and I thought … there must be a better way to do this. (duh.) :)

  15. 515

    In my MOPS group we recently discussed green cleaning products. I want to start making my own cleaning products using household items such as vinegar and lemon to avoid harmful chemicals around my family. We learned adding essential oils can make your cleaning products smell great as well!

  16. 516

    i guess if every one does just a little bit it equals to a lot – I’ve been recyling what I can and trying to keep lights off when i’m not in a room and i’ve been filling the dishwasher completely before running a load.

  17. 517

    I have recently been trying to use natural products like vinegar or baking soda when cleaning instead of using harsh chemical cleaners that are bad for the environment (and bad for humans!). It is much nice not breathing in bleach or ammonia.

  18. 518
  19. 519

    I am finally plastic free and using all totes! Yeah! I love them. I also have a water saving shower head and reuse plastic water bottles. I am switching to natural cleaners. Since I have COPD my lungs are much happier with air that isn’t full of chemicals! Thanks!
    hondaray6 at hotmail dot com

  20. 520

    I am changing the light bulbs I use, and unplugging all unused appliances.

  21. 521

    I recycle everything I possibly can, turn off all lights, unplug appliances not in use, and keep the a/c as high as I can stand it.

  22. 522

    We’re going to have a garden for the first time this year, so I am going to start the very beginnings of compost – I can’t go all out this year, but I can start saving my veggie peels to go toss into the corner and make the garden soil richer!!

  23. 523

    We have changed the lightbulbs to CFL’s as they blow out.

    Most recently, I have begun using the reuseable shopping bags when going to any store (target, walmart, grocery, even drug store). It’s easier if you make sure to put them right back into the car after you take the stuff out of them!

  24. 524
  25. 525

    We have switched to walking most of the places we need to go whenever possible! The grocery store is one that we love to go to as a family and we bring our cloth bags with us too, or just throw things under the stroller. We also use cloth diapers. :)

  26. 526

    I will try to use less paper towel & only buy more of the environmentally friendly ones. I already recycle daily & turn off all unused lights & appliances.

  27. 527

    I have already stopped using plastic bags and we don’t purchase bottled water. One thing I would like to start doing is taking shorter showers and doing my wash with cold water!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. 528
  29. 529
  30. 530

    I think we could work on really recycling every single item that can be recycled. Sometimes I throw something in the trash because I don’t feel like washing it for the recycling bin.

  31. 531
  32. 532

    I already make my own dry laundry detergent (grated soap, borax, baking soda, and washing soda). We have starts of vegetables in our greenhouse waiting to go out in the garden when it’s warm enough (please soon!). We are switching to CFL lightbulbs as old ones burn out. We are fixing things instead of throwing them out and buying new. This has been the most fun. I also make “locker hooked” rugs by using cut up sheets I purchase at Goodwill. Thanks for reading my comment. This must take you a long time to do!

  33. 533

    I will stop using the heated dry setting on my dishwasher and I will let them air dry.

  34. 534

    Recycling is on the top of our list. Also, taking advantage of delayed run times for appliances like the dishwasher and washing machine and having them run overnight.

  35. 535

    We’ve taken a few steps, but the one with perhaps the biggest impact has been composting. With a toddler who likes to change his mind about what he wants to eat, we’ll often have wasted food. Instead of throwing it away, we take it to our homemade compost bin outside, where it becomes nutrient-rich dirt for our garden. Never thought I’d be one of “those people” with a compost bin, but here we are!

  36. 536
  37. 537
  38. 538

    I compost all kitchen scraps and use reuseable shopping bags. I also am planting a garden and got egg laying chickens!

  39. 539

    We’ve stopped buying bottled water and now use safe water bottles filled with filtered water.

  40. 540

    I am going to start washing my dishes by hand instead of in the dishwasher.

  41. 541
  42. 542

    I refuse to eat in fast food places that use a lot of extra packaging. I did notice that a lot of places are cutting back on some of the waste but they could still cut back a little more. I cook a lot at home so that I can avoid food additives that are in prepared and take out foods.

  43. 543

    I bought all those oddball things on the oprah site to make your own cleaners. As soon as I have an empty spray bottle, I’m going to start making my own green cleaners and using those instead of the commercial ones.

    I also have a strict new reusable bag policy: if I forget to bring my bags into the store, either I can’t buy anything, I have to carry the stuff out in my arms, or I need to go back to the car to get my bags. Sooner or later, it’s going to get annoying enough that I’ll remember to bring them when I leave for the store the first time.

  44. 544

    We currently do quite a bit, recycle, support a CSA, use CFL bulbs, wash in cold water. I would like to start composting to further reduce waste going into landfills.

  45. 545

    I’am keeping paperbags to throw all my recyling items in. I end up filling one a day.

  46. 546
  47. 547

    I plan to get a clothes line and stop using my dryer! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  48. 548

    We have already gotten rid of the “disposables” in our household and now we are working hard on using reusable shopping bags for everything.

  49. 549
  50. 550

    I recycle as much as possible. We prefer to freecycle or donate unwanted but still usable items. We garden (not a lot because of lack of space) and we switched to CFL bulbs.