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roxio_vhs-dvd_packagingMy family has quite the collection of home movies. It became an annual tradition to gather around the television and relive all of those moments on New Year’s Eve. There were tears shed for the loved ones we had lost and giggles over our rowdy childhood behavior. Of course, the most infamous video in our family is the dance rehearsal where I do everything exactly the opposite of what I am supposed to be doing and the teacher is calling out to me, “Other foot, Amy. Wrong way, Amy” At the end she says, “Nice smile, Amy” and the laughter erupts. Oh, how could I live without replaying that precious angst over and over again? Or that eighties hair? Or the way I held my head to one side to flick my hair in that way only a thirteen year-old could.

No longer do you need to worry about figuring out how the heck to play those videos when your family has upgraded to the DVD system. Roxio has a handy little program out called Roxio Easy VHS to DVD where you can transfer those old home movies over to DVD.

I have had the good fortune to try out the Roxio easy VHS to DVD product and I have to say that it really lives up to it’s name.  You just plug in the small USB video capture device, load one disc of software and that’s it for installation.  The software is simple and you will find that quickly you are transferring your memories from VHS tape to DVD.  I would highly recommend the Roxio easy VHS to DVD  to anyone.

The ease of use, after reading other reviews, will depend on what updates are installed on your computer. The majority of user complaints have been from the difficulty with the initial set-up. As outlined above though, those moments of effort will pay off in the end so you can endure those painful adolescent moments over and over again.

You can use the same program to also convert LP’s and tapes to CD. I haven’t gotten a chance to try this yet, but I can’t wait to burn those great Karaoke mixes I made of myself singing my favorite Madonna songs from my youth. My parents may have not appreciated it then, but I bet they will love it as a Mother’s Day & Father’s Day gift.

Suggested Retail Price: $48.99

Website For More Details: Roxio Easy VHS to DVD



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    i have had trouble getting it to work i don’t have the drivers it needs they say a usb 2861 device and a roxio capture device. can’t find them, about ready to take it back to the store.i would love to keep it if i could make it work for me


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    I brought the program in October 09 and I the exact the problem that Robbie has. Although downloading the enclosed CD program and downloading a program “Video capture device” from Roxio, the program still would not work.
    I’m still trying to find a solution, but it is f**king frustrating.


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    Just bought it 01/05/10 it was awful. I couldn’t get it to install and never did. Then my brother came over with dazzle and boom there it was.. The software look to be great with roxio and it worked with my dazzle so after I did every thing I wanted to do to the DVD, I burned it and no highlights over the title selections were present. Found that this is a common problem with Roxio. There support ran around and around and offer me no alterative but to return there junk. Never again Roxio


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