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Giveaway Results: The Twilight DVD from PowerPlay

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Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter the contest and offer feedback on our site. Our winners were chosen at random. We would like to congratulate commenter #50, 452, 250, 130, 278, 209, 55, 456, 299, & 87. All winners have been contacted by email to collect their prize packs.  Please check back next Tuesday for another great giveaway!

We have a great new giveaway to share with all of our Twilight fans. We are giving away TEN copies of the new Twilight DVD to ten lucky readers from Hollywood Video.

They wanted to share with our readers about their new PowerPlay subscription service. PowerPlay is a new comprehensive and convenient subscription service that offers the best rental value on a large selection of movies and video games from Hollywood Video and Movie Gallery stores with no due dates or late fees. Families can get what they want to watch, when they want it, and get more for their entertainment dollar. You can sign up for PowerPlay at any local Hollywood Video or Movie Gallery store.

How it works: Movie and game enthusiasts can take advantage of PowerPlay by signing up at their local Movie Gallery and Hollywood Video stores. Customers receive a monthly allotment of points for movie and game rentals based on the plan they purchase.

They offer four plans

Silver  $7.99   8 points per month

Gold   $14.99  15 points per month

Platinum $24.99  25 points per month

Diamond $39.99  Unlimited Rentals

Every month, members acquire points according to their plan. Points roll over from month to month and can be redeemed at the register the same as cash for any rentals at the following rates

Library Movies  $2 2 points

New Release Movies  $3  3 points

Blu-ray Movies  $4  4 points

Video Games*  $5  5 points

*Each level has a designated limit on how many rentals can be out at a time

**Video games are 5-day rentals, subject to a per day late fee of 1 point, or 99¢

To enter to win, please just leave me a comment and tell me what you would like to see more of on our site? You can leave a comment until Tuesday (03/24) at 8PM EST. You can only enter one time! If you do not follow the rules, your entry will be considered invalid. Ten winners will be chosen at random. Thank you and good luck!



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    Enter me in the contest please and I would like to see more reviews on video games.

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    I love this blog..I would like more contests, but who wouldn’t :) ! I love how you show us how to shop at Wags and CVS…The frugal living tips are right up my alley! Your cite is great…no improvements necessary!


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    I would like to see more ways for us older citizens to save money. Costs keep going up and income isn’t!

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    More on frugal living would be great…especially in these times I think a lot of people could benefit. Living within your means can be fun! Really!!

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    I would like to enter your contest for the “Twilight” DVD giveaway. Here’s my comment for your site: Love your website! As a busy mom of 2, I find it useful and easy to navigate. I would like, however, to see more money saving topics, like coupon links and how-to articles on getting the most of your money (like using coupons, planning your meals, etc). Thank you!

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    Love the notebook features! I save them for future ref – kinda like my own personal crafty bookmarks. :)
    thanks for the giveaway!
    cokelush at gmail

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    After reading some of the comments, I want to go try the recipes, lol. Free is always good, and other peoples ideas and tips helps with every day stuff. [email protected]

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    Your name is perfect – you give excellent advice. Thanks to you and to Hollywood video for this giveaway!

    I have NO creativity, so I’m not good at suggestions, but I do like giveaways and product reviews.

    How about book reviews?

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    I love freebie friday’s on your site, you’re saving me money on stuff i’d like to try.

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    Coupon codes and more giveaways! I just love the feeling of saving and winning!

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    I too think the website is awesome and doesn’t need anything else but, hey give aways are totally fun and they keep me coming back often. Thank you so much. I love this place.

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    First of all, I love your website! Second,I’m always looking for clever ways to use what I have to re-purpose into other useful items. I think that this information would be both fun and frugal. I’ve seen articles about re-purposing things into unique types of furniture, yard art, home organizing and decoration,clothing,jewelry, birthday and holiday gifts for babies, kids, teens and adults. It’s also the right thing to do for the environment. And the way the economy is right now, I think that a lot of people would appreciate learning how to make something for nothing or very little. :O)

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    I have to say I like trying for the give aways havent won any yet. But the thrill of just trying is fun.

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    I would like to see more contests, trivia, questions of the day, things like that.


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    I don’t think I have already entered this contest–sorry if this is a duplicate entry! I would like to see more Notebook experiments!

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    Me please!
    I love the site. I guess I would like to see more kitchen ideas… cooking from scratch and the like. Oh and freezer meals would be good too.

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    its great i spent a lot of time looking around
    and always like to see more giveaways!!!


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    Your website is wonderful. The only thing I can think of would be to have more giveaways (one can never have enough) but you have lots already! :) Thanks for this giveaway.

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    I’m new to your site, and i can’t wait to really go through and check everything out! Of course, everyone loves giveaways!!!!

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    It would be cool to see more stuff for cheap and/or ways to save money since it seems like everyone these days is trying not to spend as much money as usual. Giveaways are always fun :)

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    Hi Amy!! I love your blog and I share it with everyone I know!! You are a blessing to many!! I would love more frugal tips!

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    I’m looking for more School-Age Children posts. Thanks for the chance to win this DVD!

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    I would love to see more educational/educational toy giveaways & more GREEN giveaways. I haven’t seen Twilight but would love the chance!! Thanks!!

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    Everything looks great to me. I don’t have any children of my own yet, but I am always looking up stuff to help out with my neices and nephew. Thanks for everything!!

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    I would like to see more ideas on making homemade items like soap, shampoo, etc

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