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Giveaway Results: Huge Prize Package from LeapFrog!

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Thank you to all who entered our contest with LeapFrog. We would like to congratulate Commenter #433, Ginger Stark, on winning this for herself AND her local library! We couldn’t be happier to see everyone making the pledge to read. Thank you and happy reading!

LeapFrog has launched 1 Million Reading Hours in conjunction with the NEA’s National Reading Month, to bring attention to literacy and to encourage families to make time to read together. By pledging to set aside at least 10 minutes a day, parents can contribute to the national goal of 1 million reading hours committed. More important, they can reinforce the importance of shared reading time in their own family.  All participants will receive special rewards and offers.

In conjunction with this campaign, LeapFrog is doing a wonderful giveaway with us to inspire your commitment to family reading.

One lucky winner will receive:

1 Green LeapFrog Tag Reader + 5 books (chosen by LeapFrog) for personal use,

An expanded-memory LeapFrog School Tag reader + 10 books (chosen by LeapFrog) to donate to your local library.

To enter, please tell us how much time you have pledged in the LeapFrog 1 Million Reading Hours Campaign. Please leave your comment by Tuesday (03/17) at 8PM EST to be entered to win. Good luck to each of you and happy reading!

If you are thinking about purchasing a LeapFrog Tag Reader, please be sure to read our review with the product!



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    I do solemnly swear that at least 30 minutes of each day will be spent reading with my children — even if that means I have to stop doing chores goshdarnit! ;-)

  4. 404
  5. 405

    I pledged 20 mins for my two year old. She is finally getting to the point that she wants to be read to for longer periods!

  6. 406
  7. 407

    I will read 30 minutes a day(and more!) to each of my four children…We homeschool…We read a lot! Thanks for the great give-a-way!

  8. 408

    My daughter has the first leap pad they came out with and has used it so much it is time for a leap frog she would love it.
    the leap frog will get used daily and for hours.When my nephew comes over both him and my daughter are glued to the books ang have a grand time.
    We promise to read for at least 2 hours per day , because we already do.
    Reading leads to all wonders of the world!
    Thank you
    [email protected]

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  11. 411

    I pledged 20 minutes a day. My husband reads to our daughter too so the total might end up being even more than that.

  12. 412
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  15. 415

    I pledge to spend at least an hour a week reading to my grandchild. Reading is one of the best ways to spend time with your child.

  16. 416
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  21. 421

    i pledged to read 30 minutes a night with my daughter. reading is a huge part of my life and i want my daughter to get the same joy out of reading that i always did. i have read to her since the day she was born

  22. 422

    I pledge to read 15 minutes a day to the girls. They are only one year old and LOVE books! They will often get a board book and take it to a little chair… plop down… and start to “read” aloud. It is so cute!! I am so pleased to share my love of reading with them.

  23. 423

    I have pledged 30 minutes daily with my 3 sons and am grateful for the opportunity to potential win a Leap Frog Tag Reader.

  24. 424
  25. 425

    I pledged to read 20 minutes a day everyday to my daughter Arabella and this is just about what we are doing now. We will just have to pay more attention to the time, maybe more reading, which I am sure Belle will love!

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  31. 431

    I just got back from taking my 4 and 5 year old to check out books at the county library today. I would love to donate to our favorite place for our days out with Mommy. I pledge to read 30 and get my husband to read to them an addition 30.

  32. 432
  33. 433
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  36. 436

    I have pledged 30 minutes a day. Under name Cori W, if you’re checking. Thanks!

  37. 437

    I pledge to read 20 minutes a day to my son if his ADHD allows….. more if I can get it in.. What a great giveaway…

  38. 438
  39. 439

    I pledged to ready to my son at least 20-30 minutes a day. We read together before bedtime every night and he loves to be the one to pick out the books. Our home library is expanding and I love that he loves to read with me!

  40. 440

    I have pledged to read 30 min a day to my son. I think this Tag reader will spark his interest. A new fun way to read every night.

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    I’ve pledged 30 minutes a day. Reading is one of the most important things to give to your chilren.

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    I pledged to read 20 minutes with my youngest daughter. My oldest reads atleast 30 minutes a day for school. Thank you!