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Thank you all for entering. All I can say is, Wow! You guys love some soup! We would like to congratulate Commenter #115 (Sarah) on winning this prize pack for her family. Thank you all for taking the time to enter and please check back each Tuesday for a new contest.

After getting the opportunity to tour the Campbell’s facility,  I can honestly say that this is a company that truly stands behind offering good nutrition to families at affordable prices. I was so thrilled that they contacted me to see if we would be interested in hosting a giveaway with them, and I believe you are really going to enjoy this one!

For one lucky reader, we are giving away a year’s supply of Campbell’s Chicken & Stars Soup with Reduced Sodium (24 cans) and a Campbell’s Soup thermos so that your kids can take their soup on-the-go.

Campbell’s has been working very hard to lower the sodium in their kid’s soups and to still offer the same great flavor that they are known for. We got to do a taste-testing on these soups and barely any of us guessed correctly because it is that difficult to tell which had the lower sodium. I know your kids will enjoy these soups just as much as my children do and I hope you can get the opportunity to sample their new lower-sodium varities that are being stocked at local supermarkets now.

To enter, tell me what is your favorite Campbell’s soup? Please leave your comment by Tuesday (03/03) at 8PM EST to be entered to win this great soup giveaway. Good luck everyone!



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    this is nice,my grandson and me like the chicken noodles,by i also like cooking with more then one.

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  4. 554

    Campbell’s tomato soup…nothing is better on a cold afternoon with a grilled cheese sandwich! BUt for my children it’s Campbell’s chicken and stars. We try to count the stars in each bowl!

  5. 555

    I love the 98% fat free cream of broccoli. It is great on it’s own and even greater mixed with cooked chicken and cheddar cheese!

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  8. 558

    My favorite is tomato soup. It’s something my mom always gave myself and my other five siblings on those cold Nebraska days. I now have three kids of my own and feed the same thing on those cold days.

  9. 559

    I like to eat chicken noodle soup with a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. YUMMO!!

  10. 560

    This is a hard one. There are so many Campbell soups I love. But I guess tomato wins. I love it plain, with crackers, or with grilled cheese sandwiches. I’m especially glad that Campbell’s is reducing the sodium in their soups because I don’t like alot of salt for myself or my family.

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  12. 562

    I personally prefer cream of potato. It makes a fantastic base for homemade potato soup. I just put in the cubed cooked potatoes, cheese and chopped onion with the cream of potato soup. Mix till all hot and wonderful. Yum, yum!!!

    As for Chicken and Stars soup, my granddaughter swears by it. Will not eat any other kind. So it would be nice to have a cabinet full.

  13. 563

    My favorite is Cream of Chicken soup – I use it in a ton of recipes!

  14. 564

    Tomato Soup is by far my favorite, served with a grilled cheese sandwich, YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 565

    campbells chicken noodle soup is my favorite soup; I remember as a child mom always broke out the chicken soup and orange juice whenever one of us had a cold.

  16. 566

    My favorite soup is tomato. Of course I have to have a grilled cheese sandwich with it.

  17. 567

    Camnell’s Tomato soup is my fave by far. It’s good anytime of day and can cure just about any cold. Even my 5 month old baby loves it!

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  21. 571

    Hmm… tough question, me and my family are such soup junkies, lol. I think I have to go with minestrone, vegetable soup and of course any chicken soup when we’re sick.

  22. 572

    I think the exact name is Campbells vegetable beef chunky soup, I actually just like any of the chunky soups! mmm… mmm… good!

  23. 573

    Any Campbells soup :) I cook with cream of mushroom and cream of chicken all the time, but I sure do love plain old chicken noodle and minestrone.

  24. 574

    I love the cream of mushroom, it is great to cook with and to eat alone.

  25. 575

    My favorite soup is the Chicken and Rice with a side of crackers. My whole family of 5 each has their own “favorites” and we eat quite a bit even if we’re not under the weather.

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  27. 577

    My favorite is tomato soup with grill cheese, but I love a bunch of varieties including chicken and stars!!

  28. 578

    I love tomato soup with grill cheese. however, I also really like your vegetable soup, original chicken noodle! My daughter’s favorite is chicken and stars! We are huge campbell’s fans!

  29. 579
  30. 580

    Well my favorite is Cream of Mushroom because it has so many uses, my favorite is Green Bean Casserole, which is the first thing I learned to cook , you can use it on chicken and everything its a life saver!

  31. 581

    My favorite used to be Chicken & Noodle. But I liked the Noodle-Oooo, too.

  32. 582

    My favorite Campbell’s soup is the Chicken Gumbo. When I was young, my great-grandmother would warm it up for my sister and me on cold, winter days. Mmm! Mmm! Good!

  33. 583

    I have been eating Campbell soups for over 30 years!!!! When I was at home sick my mom would give me cream of chicken and I would watch Mister Roger’s and take a nap…..I love the Chicken and stars because the noodles are smaller….

  34. 584

    My favorite Campbell’s soup is the Chunky Chicken Pot Pie… yum! I’m also a fan of just plain ‘ol chicken and noodles.. it just makes you feel good.

  35. 585

    Campbells Chicken and noodles is my favorite and has been since I was a child. Now it is my daughers favorite too! I have actually added veggies to this and served it at potlouck dinners people love it. It brings back childhood memories..

  36. 586

    Campbells Chicken and noodles is my favorite and has been since I was a child. Now it is my daughers favorite too! I have actually added veggies to this and served it at potluck dinners people love it. It brings back childhood memories..

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  38. 588

    My favorite Campbell’s soup to eat is tomato. I had it growing up and still love it. I also love to cook with the Cream of Chicken – great for casseroles.

  39. 589

    I also think the soup labels for the school is a great idea. I always save mine and give them to the school. Today is chilly so it is a great day for toasted cheese and tomato soup!

  40. 590

    My favorite is the chicken noodle. I can honestly say that I have never tried the chicken and stars though. Maybe I should pick some up now that my daughter is getting to the soup loving stage! : )

  41. 591

    The chickens and stars soup has to be one of my sons favorites. Nothing is better in the winter time than getting home from kindergarden on a winters day , and having a bowl of delicious, nutrishious, Cambells soup . Keep the good work up our family loves your products!!

  42. 592

    I myself was have always been impressed with all the different cambells soups, they have a great variety of products to meet different consumer needs. But my favorite would be the cream of mushroom cooked over chicken and rice . And i also love it when my wife makes her cream of chicken soup …and our son loves all the childrens soups. Thank you for commitment to our family !

  43. 593

    I use Cream of Mushroom & Chicken all the time they make great dinner’s

  44. 594
  45. 595

    My favorite is chicken noodle. This was the soup my mom fed me as a little girl whenever I was sick. Just the smell brings back all the best memories of my mom taking extra special care of me. I now make it for my own children all the time for snacks, lunch or dinner. Hopefully, they will have the same fond memories when they get older.

  46. 596

    My favorite has to be Cream of Chicken because it is so versatile! I esp. love the reduced sodium/low fat version.

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  49. 599

    My favorite has, and always will be, tomato! I know it might sound strange, but dipping a plain peanut butter sandwich in tomato soup is really good :)

  50. 600

    My favorite soup is veggie beef. I like to make it and put it over rice for a more filling meal.