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Thank you all for entering. All I can say is, Wow! You guys love some soup! We would like to congratulate Commenter #115 (Sarah) on winning this prize pack for her family. Thank you all for taking the time to enter and please check back each Tuesday for a new contest.

After getting the opportunity to tour the Campbell’s facility,  I can honestly say that this is a company that truly stands behind offering good nutrition to families at affordable prices. I was so thrilled that they contacted me to see if we would be interested in hosting a giveaway with them, and I believe you are really going to enjoy this one!

For one lucky reader, we are giving away a year’s supply of Campbell’s Chicken & Stars Soup with Reduced Sodium (24 cans) and a Campbell’s Soup thermos so that your kids can take their soup on-the-go.

Campbell’s has been working very hard to lower the sodium in their kid’s soups and to still offer the same great flavor that they are known for. We got to do a taste-testing on these soups and barely any of us guessed correctly because it is that difficult to tell which had the lower sodium. I know your kids will enjoy these soups just as much as my children do and I hope you can get the opportunity to sample their new lower-sodium varities that are being stocked at local supermarkets now.

To enter, tell me what is your favorite Campbell’s soup? Please leave your comment by Tuesday (03/03) at 8PM EST to be entered to win this great soup giveaway. Good luck everyone!



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    My comfort is a fire in the fireplace a movie blanket and a warm bowl of campbells chicken noodle soup. I now have a 10 month old and his favorite thing to eat is chicken and stars!!

  4. 604

    My favorite is plain ol’ Tomato. Made with milk. For cooking, cream o celery.

  5. 605

    Chicken and Stars has been my favorite soup since I was a child. It is my daughters favorite as well!

  6. 606

    My fav is chicken noodle I made it for the kids this weekend with grilled cheese after they played in the snow. It brings me back to my childhood all the time.

  7. 607

    My favorite since I was a kid was Chicken Noodle. I used to eat it when I was sick & sometimes still do! lol I’ve even passed it on to my daughter. We actually believe it has healing powers! :D

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    The cream of mushroom and cream of chicken soups are my favorite because I use them in all of my casseroles and its’ the only brand i use. I actually haven’t ever tried the chicken and stars but would love to and it sounds like a good choice for my little one!

  10. 610

    The cream of mushroom and cream of chicken soups are my favorite because I use them in all of my casseroles and it’s the only brand I use. I actually haven’t ever tried the chicken and stars but would love to and it sounds like a good choice for my little one!

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    Campbell’s Tomato Soup is the best with a grilled cheese sandwich!! Yummy! Thanks!

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    It’s hard to pick one soup, I never tried a Campbell’s soup I didn’t like, but I guess I eat more Vegetable Beef soup than any other. and cook with more Cream of Mushroom soup than any other

  14. 614

    I love the basic chicken and noodles! It’s because it reminds me of my grandma :p She always made the best lunches!

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    tomato soup. I’m very frugal, so I will buy different brands of soup, but will only buy Campbell’s Tomato Soup. It has to be Campbell’s tomato, or we won’t eat it!



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    As a child, I loved regular Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup…and I still love it as an adult! It reminds me of wonderful snow days and time spent with my Mom.

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    My favorite soup is campbell’s tomato soup. My grandmother made a dish called “grind meat and noodles”. It has been a favorite for three generations. Now that I have a family I make it for them. This soup reminds me of what her house would smell like on a sturday afternoon when we would all get together. For her recipe you can only use Campbells! my kids and I think of her whenever I make this for dinner.

  20. 620

    I love a bowl of cream of brocolli (Broccoli?). It is great to eat and great to cook with… Yummy!

    Thanks for this offer!

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    My favorite has to be the Chicken Noodle simply because it is what my mom gave me as a child to make me feel better when I was under the weather. I also give it to my daughter when she wants soup and if she isn’t feeling well! It is one of my favorite things from childhood and I hope my daughter will feel the same!

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    My favorite is Tomato Soup. Whenever I was sick, my mom would make me cream of tomato soup and it always made me better!

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    I LOVE Campbell’s soups, their Chicken and Stars and the original Chicken Noodle have always been favorites of mine!

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    I just love that cream of mushroom. It is my
    favorite thing to eat when I dont feel well. And its good to cook chicken in too!

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    My favorite Campbell’s soup is Tomato Garden not always easy to find, not every grocery store carries it.

    However 2 of my children are HUGE fans of Chicken and Stars and I will only buy it on sale or special occasions so they would go nuts over a years supply.

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    My absolute favorite Campbell’s soup is “chicken noodle”.


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    I’d say my favorite is still tomato. I have fond memories of my dad making that creamy soup for me after church on Sunday evenings with grilled cheese. I still can’t get it at rich and creamy as my dad could get it. Thanks!!

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    I love Campbell’s tomato soup with a warm grilled cheese on a cold day…Mmmmm!

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    My favorite is Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom. I use this in a lot of my dishes that my family loves!

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    My favorite Campbell’s soup has always been tomato. It is rich and creamy and hits the spot just right.

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    I really like the Vegetable Soup! It’s great for when you’re feeliing under the weather or for a cold day like today!!!

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