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ipod-touch1 I have a wonderful giveaway to offer this week that I am so excited about for you. We are giving away an iPod Touch 8GB (2nd Generation) plus a $10 iTunes Gift Card to one lucky MomAdvice reader.

I wanted to offer you many different ways that you could submit an entry. You can choose to do just one thing on the list for one entry OR you can choose multiple things to do to gain extra entries. It is totally up to you.

For each item that you do, you can leave one extra comment to enter. Each comment is one entry.

Your Multiple Entry Options. Choose one or Choose Them All!

1. Leave a comment and tell me how you celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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4. Join the MomAdvice No Spend Challenge. You must add your name to this linky list and commit to a day, a week, a month, or whatever time frame you feel comfortable with and not spend money. Our family has committed to the month of February and will be documenting our journey with you. I would love for you to join in and you get an extra entry in the process! Once you have added your name to the No Spend Challenge, leave a comment and let me know that you are commited to getting those finances back on track!

5. Try a Notebook Experiment. Each Thursday we post a Notebook of fun ideas from other blogs. If you attempt one of those ideas, and add your name on Thursday to my linky list with a link to a Notebook Experiment that you tried, you can get an extra entry. This will be posted on Thursday so start your engines and do something creative with your families this week. Once your name has been added to the list, you can leave a comment and let me know what Notebook Experiment you completed. Here are some examples of my past Experiments and a link to all the notebook links that you can choose from.

6. Listen to MomAdvice Simplified.I will be dropping a secret word in for an extra entry. Once you hear the word, you must privately email me at amy(at)momadvice(dot)com with the secret word. This episode will be airing at 2PM EST on February 5, 2009.

Only valid entries will be included in this contest and our winner will be chosen at random. A big thank you to our sponsors: Walmart, Nestle, M&M’s, and Russell Stover who decided to offer our MomAdvice readers and my fellow 11 Moms a chance to giveawayan iPod Touch in celebration of Valentine’s Day! Walmart is offering some Valentine’s freebies for you too! Visit Walmart’s Valentines Page to download the free Hershey’s Blow a Kiss iPhone application, send a free M&M personalized E-Card to your Valentine, and make a playlist of your favorite love songs while you take a listen to Walmart’s 11 Moms favorite love songs!

All entries must be in by February 14th at 8PM EST. Again, only valid entries will be included. Good luck to each of you and thank you for taking the time to enter this wonderful contest!



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    We celebrate Valentine’s Day by NOT going out. My parents are our babysitters and it is their anniversary (48!)We respect it as their day and go out another time.

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    We will be celebrating at home. My son and I will wake up my fiance with breakfast in bed. Then we will watch movies. We will spend the day together because my honey has to work the graveyard shift.

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    We celebrate by just being together. I don’t care what we do, as long as we have time alone and away from the caos of our daily lives. Tomorrow night, we are driving 1.5 hours away to eat pizza at my aunt’s pizza restaurant. My husband thought it would be a nice drive and spend time together in the car, which actually does not sound too bad to me. Just being together is what matters most anyway :)

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    Hi! I whip up a gourmet meal and have a romantic dinner at home, complete with chocolate dipped strawberries and champagne! Happy Valentines Day everyone :)

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    We celebrate together as a family with a nice dinner desserts and fun and games.

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    we have no set in stone tradition. This year we went the weekend before and had a lovely dinner at a restaurant downtown that we’ve never been to. we also went to a chocolate festival and got some delicious fudge! Yum!

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    Usually a home cooked dinner, flowers, and maybe a movie.. but things have changed recently now that we have kids.

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    By ignoring it. I think it’s sad that we’re forced one day a year to tell our sweethearts that we love them. I believe that spontaneous expressions of love throughout the year are so much more special than the once a year mandates. (Sorry, stepping off of my soapbox to go cuddle with my sweetie…)

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    This year we are staying home with the kids and my in-laws and having barbeque. And chocolate.

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    It really depends on what is going on that year, but usually we go out to dinner and exchange gifts.

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    Given that three out of four of us (everyone who isn’t wearing a cast) are just recovering from the flu, this is going to be a peaceful-stay-at-home-get-Thai-takeout-and-more-kleenex kinda day this year. That’s okay — we spread it out over the whole year anyway!

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    Valentines Day is just one more day to me now that my children have grown up and I don’t have to help fill out valentines cards for their classmates.

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    I make cookies with my kids during the day, and at night me and my husband have a romantic dinner.

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    Instead of the traditional going out to dinner, I am making us a seafood dinner at home and a wicked chocolate cake for my chocoholic husband (with espresso cream cheese filling and dark chocolate ganache). Mmmmmmmm! I told him no flowers, but I still had a vase of them with a card on my office chair this morning. What a sweetie!

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    My single friends and I get together for a kind of anti-Valentine’s Day festivity — we usually have a horror movie marathon and tell our “worst date” stories, though, being the romantics we all are, we usually take a break from the gloom and doom to get dressed up and go out for a fancy dinner, acting as each other’s dates. Thanks for the great giveaway!

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