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ipod-touch1 I have a wonderful giveaway to offer this week that I am so excited about for you. We are giving away an iPod Touch 8GB (2nd Generation) plus a $10 iTunes Gift Card to one lucky MomAdvice reader.

I wanted to offer you many different ways that you could submit an entry. You can choose to do just one thing on the list for one entry OR you can choose multiple things to do to gain extra entries. It is totally up to you.

For each item that you do, you can leave one extra comment to enter. Each comment is one entry.

Your Multiple Entry Options. Choose one or Choose Them All!

1. Leave a comment and tell me how you celebrate Valentine’s Day.

2. Subscribe to my feeds. Subscribe to my blogs,(pick one or subscribe to all three) then leave a comment letting me know you have subscribed.

3. Follow me on Twitter. I need more friends and love seeing what you are up to. If you are unfamiliar with Twitter, read this entry for what it is all about and sign up for a free account. My Twitter name is @momadvice. Once you have followed me, leave a comment and let me know that you are my latest and greatest friend!

4. Join the MomAdvice No Spend Challenge. You must add your name to this linky list and commit to a day, a week, a month, or whatever time frame you feel comfortable with and not spend money. Our family has committed to the month of February and will be documenting our journey with you. I would love for you to join in and you get an extra entry in the process! Once you have added your name to the No Spend Challenge, leave a comment and let me know that you are commited to getting those finances back on track!

5. Try a Notebook Experiment. Each Thursday we post a Notebook of fun ideas from other blogs. If you attempt one of those ideas, and add your name on Thursday to my linky list with a link to a Notebook Experiment that you tried, you can get an extra entry. This will be posted on Thursday so start your engines and do something creative with your families this week. Once your name has been added to the list, you can leave a comment and let me know what Notebook Experiment you completed. Here are some examples of my past Experiments and a link to all the notebook links that you can choose from.

6. Listen to MomAdvice Simplified.I will be dropping a secret word in for an extra entry. Once you hear the word, you must privately email me at amy(at)momadvice(dot)com with the secret word. This episode will be airing at 2PM EST on February 5, 2009.

Only valid entries will be included in this contest and our winner will be chosen at random. A big thank you to our sponsors: Walmart, Nestle, M&M’s, and Russell Stover who decided to offer our MomAdvice readers and my fellow 11 Moms a chance to giveawayan iPod Touch in celebration of Valentine’s Day! Walmart is offering some Valentine’s freebies for you too! Visit Walmart’s Valentines Page to download the free Hershey’s Blow a Kiss iPhone application, send a free M&M personalized E-Card to your Valentine, and make a playlist of your favorite love songs while you take a listen to Walmart’s 11 Moms favorite love songs!

All entries must be in by February 14th at 8PM EST. Again, only valid entries will be included. Good luck to each of you and thank you for taking the time to enter this wonderful contest!



  1. 1452

    Although I have a husband and two kids, this year I plan to spend Valentine’s day with my mother. Take her out to dinner, buy her a gift, and make sure her day goes stress less. Valentine’s day is about sharing a day with someone you love.

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  3. 1454

    We usually celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving away chocolate flowers or chocolate cakes to close friends and relatives. It has become a tradition for years; I really am not sure as to how it started.

  4. 1455

    I am now subscribed to your blog (albeit using a different e-mail address than the one I used with this comment :) )

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  6. 1457

    I celebrate Valentines day different each year. (of Course) This year we are combing Valentines day and a few other holidays that were not so great last year, we are going to Las Vegas to watch Nascar! WooHoo. As far as the kids, I buy them a heart shaped chocolate box each year.

  7. 1458

    This year we are trying to get the most of our valentines day for the least amount of money. So far we are going to see a movie for free thanks to the 2 movie tickets I won on a sweepstakes and then we are going to go to TGIF and take advantage of their B1G1 free entree.

  8. 1459
  9. 1460

    Well, I’ve never actually celebrated Valentine’s Day. Hopefully this year my boyfriend and I will celebrate since it’s our 5th anniversary. I guess since we’re going to the movies to see Friday the 13th on Monday, that’ll count as our Valentine’s “celebration”.

  10. 1461

    This year I have coupons for heart shaped pizzas from a local pizza place. My three boys and husband will be at home this year.

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  13. 1464

    We go out for hot chocolate and a treat on Valentine’s Day with our daughter. We avoid the expense and stress of going out to dinner (the restaurant’s in our area are crazy on that night). My husband and I used to exchange gifts but now we’ve scaled back to meaningful cards.

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  22. 1473

    i’m working all day tomorrow so i hired a locally famous singer to show up at my house tomorrow evening and sing my wife’s favorite love song: “heart and soul”.

  23. 1474

    Nothing special here… Normally just a special dinner for us and the kids… handmade cards (really just crayon marks on paper) for daddy and mommy… But this year we are all sick and under the weather so not sure what the plan will be… perhaps pink tissues and tv time

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  27. 1478

    wish I could say that we do something spectacular; but we are like an old married couple already – will probably just relax at home

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  31. 1482

    Hubby’s hobby is cooking and he just got laid off :( so I already know he will cook me something fantastic, and I will probably get to laze around and even take a nap! (We have 4 kids, napping usually not an option!)

  32. 1483

    My wife and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day. In fact we actively boycott it!

    My wife’s b-day is the 15th, and after a childhood filled with getting lame, usually heart shaped, gifts picked from the day-after bargain bin, she’s developed a passionate hatred for the V-day. (She also has a, bridging on unnatural, hatred of anything heart shaped).

    We will however be engaging in many, non-Valentines day related, Birthday festivities the day after.

  33. 1484

    i spend valentines days with my kids, giving small gifts throughout the day, maybe a trip to the park or the library and then at the days end I love to relax with my signif. other share a a homemade beer and watch a movie and eat a nice homecooked meal over small talk about our days.

  34. 1485

    On valentine’s day, I send out cards to my friends and family and celebrate with my boyfriend.

  35. 1486

    We all spend Vday together. We give the kids their gifts (usually a stuffed animal and some chocolate but this year my oldest son is too old for stuffed toys so he is getting a book). They also get homemade cards with a personalized poem that I wrote for each of them. Then they give me the gifts they got with daddy. We usually go out to dinner together as a family. At night after the kids go to bed hubby and I exchange gifts and cuddle up with a movie and our homemade wine.

  36. 1487

    I’m having a candle light dinner with my husband.. And we will go home and watch movies for the rest of the night together…

  37. 1488

    Dinner out, home for dessert, wine and snuggling. :-)

    Oh, and lots of chocolate!

    seattlevess at

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  41. 1492

    I celebrate Valentines day different each year. (of Course) This year we are combing Valentines day and a few other holidays that were not so great last year, we are going to Las Vegas to watch Nascar! WooHoo. As far as the kids, I buy them a heart shaped chocolate box each year

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  49. 1500

    My husband and I go to a movie in the afternoon and then have an early dinner at our favorite restaurant. Thanks!

  50. 1501

    I’ll be going out to dinner with my husband for Valentines Day. Thanks for the great giveaway.