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img_6638Today was our last day with the GLK and we decided to end it in style. The grandparents took the kids and we hit the town. I had saved my birthday money for a special dinner out and so we hit Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse for a fancy steak dinner. We were so excited to try out the restaurant and were pleasantly surprised that we made it for a dinner special that they ran for early birds. Any extra money that sits in my pocket is a bonus for me.

With no kids in tow, we were able to full blast the music and really enjoy the sound system at the maximum levels.  I have to say that the sound was really incredible, and is one of my favorite things. Of course, no matter what car you’re in, blasting the radio alone is always a wonderful treat.

We enjoyed a fun night out and then ran around like crazy people in the morning. We picked up the kids from the grandparents and dropped of a meal to my nephew who had just had surgery. I now know why I can never reach the machine at the tollbooth because I was able to grab a ticket with no problems on our trip. My vehicle doesn’t hit at the right height, I guess.

With all the running around, we had to stop for food and the kids were excited when we pulled into McDonald’s and they got to eat their Happy Meals in the fancy new digs. My kids are messy eaters and definitely gave the GLK an apple juice and French fry christening. Thank goodness the seats are leather and with a few swipes with a baby wipe, we were back in business. Despite all our errands, we used less than a half tank of gas.

Before this adventure, I would never have dreamed of buying a Mercedes, but next time we purchase a car, I’ll be doing a little more research. There were many great features on the GLK and the safety factor is certainly important — especially in such horrible weather.

We would like to thank Mercedes & RGM for giving us the opportunity to try out this vehicle. It made for a really fun week for the whole family!


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    I’m jealous. I had a very old and tired MB when I was young. But the seats were sooooo comfortable.

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    now that it’s had a McD’s christening – it’s good to go! And music full blast – my favorite thing to do when I’m in the car by myself (which is rarely) :)

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    I’m impressed that you got such great mileage with an SUV. I’m glad that you had so much fun with your test week.

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    You did a nice job of showing how the GLK can fit into any lifestyle from business to eating at McDonalds. Thanks for the posts.

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    It sounds like fun!Especially cranking the stereo up.I love mine wide open but then I no longer have any little ones riding with me. :(

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    Thanks for all the info about this car! We’re looking at buying a new one in a few months. Wondering what the April issue of Consumer Reports will say about the GLK. (It’s the issue devoted to new cars, so hopefully their feedback is as good as yours…but I bet their people never tried the kids’ french fry test that yours -and mine – would put a car through!) ;)

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    Wow great info! I guess that is why the Mercedes has the reputation that it has.. Wish I could drive one for a day! Thanks for sharing!

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    Test driving a Mercedes would be a blast and I have to admit, blasting the stereo and singing along like I’m in an American Idol commercial sounds like fun to me!

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