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img_6636Another day, another scene from The Day After Tomorrow. Lots of snow. Shards of ice. Coldest day in a decade. The wind chill is a balmy negative 32 degrees.

The roads were bad enough yesterday, today they’re terrifying. All we see are wheels spinning, cars sliding and ambulances. Our neighbor made it to the entrance of our subdivision this time only to become stranded again. Another neighbor was digging her out with a shovel. Sounds like the perfect day to drive around in a Mercedes we don’t own!

Despite the absolute chaos on the roads today, the GLK did not falter once. This brings us to an important point about any vehicle you may be considering: safety. I had some reservations about test-driving a Mercedes given the financial crisis. It seemed a bit wrong to be talking about a luxury brand as I practice and preach the live-within-your-means lifestyle. But the thing I’ve been convinced of in the last few days is the value of investing in a quality vehicle that will keep my family safe during days like this.

Sure, on ordinary days our decade-old cars with 100k+ miles would get us where we needed to go just as well as the GLK. But as I watch the car next to me slide into an intersection trying to stop, I am surprised to find I’m not wetting myself in fright. Our cars have airbags, but this one has 6, including protection for the kids. When I put on my turn signal at night, it shines a light around the corner so I can see what or whom I’m going to run over. In the rain or snow, it will dry its brakes off automatically so you can still stop when you need to. Then there’s the all-wheel-drive and traction control which we’ve tested the limits of on our local ice rink today.

You may not need all of this if you live in paradise, but for those of us who settled in the frozen tundra, they’re features that are worth their weight in gold.


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    You are so right about investing in safety. Sometimes, if we ONLY look at the price tag, we are not thinking about the overall worth of something. Thanks for giving your very valued perspective.

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    With a four year old daughter, safety is all the more crucial to my family. Driving in areas with lots of little ones around it’s important to be extremely safe while Driving a car.

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    Safety is HUGE! Thank you for sharing your experience with us! It’s kind of a good thing that you are getting a chance to test this in such challenging conditions.

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    I’ve been following the Mercedes GLK online and waiting for it’s debut for months and looking forward to seeing one up close. I finally got my chance at our local Auto Show this past week. Can you say “IMPRESSED”, I can.

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    All the things you have mentioned have made me rethink my options when I get ready to buy another car. This one sounds top of the line.

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    I am completely blown away by the brakes that dry themselves off automatically. Now that is smart engineering! Only a lot of self-control is keeping me from bowing and chanting “I am not worthy!” :)

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    I would like the air drying brakes and the lights around the corner feature! Especially for deer in the country.

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    i live far from paradise, so the features and safety of this vehicle is very important to my family.