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start-healthyCongratulations to Shauni (commenter #115) for winning this giveaway. Please check back each Tuesday for a new giveaway and thank you for entering!

For this week’s giveaway, we are offering up a Gerber diaper bag filled with a recipe tin and a Gerber Teddy Bear to help with Gerber’s mission to encourage healthy nutrition in our children.

Gerber is dedicated to improving the nutrition and eating habits of your growing children from birth to preschool through the Start Healthy, Stay Healthy campaign. They want to encourage parents to make their own pledge towards their children’s nutrition and want to share this campaign initiative with you. You can create your own Start Healthy Stay Healthy pledge by going to their site and taking the pledge!

To enter this contest, please share one tip you use to help improve the nutrition and eating habits of your children by Tuesday (02/03) at 8PM EST in the comments section below, and you’ll be entered to win a Gerber diaper bag filled with a recipe tin and teddy bear! Good luck everyone!



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    I let my kids make fruit wraps.I cut up bananas,apples,grapes, and anything else they can think of.We spread peanut butter first on the wraps then top with the fruits they like.The best part is seeing thier faces whe they finish rolling them up. My 6 year old son had me bring all the fixins up to lunch at school so he could show his friends how to make them.

  2. 252

    All we eat is fresh food. We do not buy sugar or fatladen foods. Your children will eat healthy food if that is all they’re given. They do not know the difference.

  3. 253

    I cut up veggies and have a veggie tray with homemade dip in the fridge at all times. When my son is hungry for a snack, or hungry too close to dinner, I pull it out and he munches away. I also keep fruit ready to go in the fridge or ready on the counter (apples, bananas)so that grabbing fruit is as easy as grabbing a bag of chips

  4. 254

    We play a dice game with the meal. Everyone takes turns rolling the dice to see how many veggies to eat. We also play “Goin’ on a Picnic” and people get distracted from what they are eating and just eat.

  5. 255

    Every week I bake items like apple bran muffins or zuchinni bread and make sure to substitute applesauce for the oils. My son loves to snack on ‘cake’ and they are a lot healthier than store bought items.

  6. 256

    I bought one of those hand choppers and chop of brocoli and carrots, or any type of vegetable and mix them in with mac-n-cheese or spaghetti! It’s so simple and the kids never notice!!! It’s a great way to add in an extra serving of fruits or vegetables without the battle!

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    When my son was transitioning from baby food to table food, we used gerber stage 2 foods as a sandwich filling on whole grain bread. It introduced him to table food while still making sure he got all the important nutrition that gerber provides.

  8. 258

    We always start with a veggie & fruit “appetizer” so that they eat that first. We also slip veggies that are pureed into everyday things that they will always eat.

  9. 259

    We try to minimize the high fructose corn syrup intake of our kids, since it has been linked with so many negative health issues.
    I also try to make all their food from scratch to minimize unknown ingrediants in prepackaged foods.

  10. 260

    I only have a seven month old so eating is fairly limited but I have plans to go organic with milk.

  11. 261

    I’m breastfeeding right now, but I try to make sure I have plenty of vitamins and also make sure to eat fruits, veggies, and oats!

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    I have started a healthy and greener trend in our home – I cut way down on the soda drinks and instead replaced them with water bottles. When the water is gone, I reuse the water bottle with hot tap water and stuff a tea bag in it, a packet of sugar and let it steep to sip hot tea or let it cool down and place in the fridge for a nice cold tea drink for later. Saving the water bottles from ending up in the landfill is a plus for me. I buy water bottles that have a sippy seal on it so I can use it when i’m traveling and I have no spills. It works great for at work so we don’t spill or have dust in it either.

  15. 265

    I also forgot to include in the water bottles I blend my favorite vegetable or fruit drinks to have an on the go healthy drink. Thus saving you from being tempted to buy sugar or fatening drinks.

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    When my kids say they are hungry for a snack I only give them the choice of 2 things, usually it’s fruit or yogurt.

  18. 268

    I have no problem with the fruits, think they would eat only fruit if I allowed it. Now for veggies that is a different story, they hate them. So I buy the juice that has veggies in also and they love that, Harvest Blends.

  19. 269

    We give our daughter lots of delicious fresh fruits and veggies for health, but also allow for some less healthy goodies, so that they’re not the really tempting “forbidden fruit”

  20. 270

    I offer fresh produce at every meal, and sometimes “hide” more in other items. What they don’t know…..

  21. 271

    We do sometimes “hide” the veggies in dinners and side dishes. We have had “mashed potatoes” aka mashed califlower without the kids knowing the difference. We also try to make pot pies or there things where the veggies can be hide. Tomato sauce is a another good one or veggies in hamburger patties!