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hello-kittyFor this review, I passed the torch on to a family of  some of my very favorite little girls, The Wegner Family! My daughter was a little too young for this product, but I always know I can count on my friend Michelle to help me in my time of need. To learn more about their family, please visit Michelle Wegner! A big thank you to Whitney & Maddie for helping us and sharing her perspective on this product.

For this review, both Maddie (10) and Whitney (8) helped out.  They both enjoy this game, so here’s what the experts have to say about it:

Tell Me about the Hello Kitty game.

Maddie: The game is pretty fun. It is fun because you get to play games and make friendship points (money) so you can buy stuff like clothes or a new room. You are Hello Kitty. So, when you play it Hello Kitty is the one who is walking around for you.

Whitney:  You can do lots of activities and you get to gets lots of friendship points by clicking on certain people.

What are the activities like?

Whitney: There are lots of activities.  There is a drawing pad where you get lots of friendship points.

Maddie: The camera snap one is very fun, it is hard though.  You go around on a boat and try to take pictures of animals.

Whitney: The best part of the camera snap game is that a duck follows you around and you can take lots of pictures of him, but sometimes he goes away.

What is your favorite activity in Hello Kitty?

Maddie: Jump rope

Whitney: Jump rope

Sounds like jump rope is the winner.  Why is it so fun?

Maddie: Because it’s easy.

Whitney: It’s easy because you keep on clicking the jump rope, then once you reach your goal, you get friendship points.  My highest is 53.

What don’t you like about the game?

Maddie: It’s kind of tricky at times. It’s sorta hard to figure out what to do.  I get stuck a lot.

Whitney: If you hit “save game” in the middle of a game, they won’t save the friendship points, the room you are in, or the design.  That’s pretty much it.

How old would you say you should be to play this game?

Maddie: 7-10

Whitney: 7-10  It would be too hard for a 6 year old, and it would be too “kid-ish” for an 11 year old.

Suggested Retail Price: $27.99

Website for More Details: Hello Kitty Big City Dreams Nintendo DS Game



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    As a nanny i bought this game for the children ages vary. They all loved it till they had to go for dinner & turn off the ds. So naturally went to save & quit. Don’t know what the point of save is it doesn’t do anything. The menu has 3 options: New game, Continue & high scores. Don’t kno what the point of Continue button is cause you can’t use it. children give this game 6/10 minus 4 cause you can’t save


  2. 2
  3. 3

    I have to agree the fact the save does not is very upsetting. My daughter is in tears right now because she worked very hard on the game to get lots of FP’s and now she has to turn off the game and will lose them. Should not have function to safe if it does not


  4. 4

    I don’t know what to do the game is in good condition but how do I save my game because each time I turn my DS on I have to start a new game and it’s really like annoying!!!
    And my games like not properly saving…


  5. 5

    My daughter just got the Hello Kitty Big City Dreams Game and you can save the game! When Hello Kitty gets out of the elevator in her apartment press the start button on your DS and it will ask you to either save and continue or save and quit. You can only do it though when she gets off the elevator which is kind of strange but it WORKED:)


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