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beansproutsI love to meet fellow work-at-home moms and to get to learn about the new products that they create. I met Jessie Ryan,  owner of Beansprouts, at the American Baby Faire and had to stop to admire her personalized growth charts. She admitted that she just made them as gifts for people as something fun to give and then suddenly started receiving orders from other people who were interested in buying them from her.

Each chart is uniquely made for the recipient and she sent us a Princess growth chart for our daughter Emily’s big girl room that she I shared that I shared that she would be moving into.


The princess growth chart was beautiful with a tiara topper and little mirrors where you could put their photographs at each stage of growth. There is also space on it for you to keep your own personal records of their height and any other personal milestones you want to remember.

This family-owned business offers twenty different designs to fit any style of room and you can choose your own background colors and personalize it with their name.  They offer many different themes including dinosaurs, cowboys, solar system, dress-up, and nautical themes- just to name the few.

The quality and care that goes into these products can be seen right away. It is obvious that there is much love and thought that goes into each one and it would be a lovely and special addition to any child’s room.

Thank you to the Beansprouts company for giving us the opportunity to review their lovely product. We wish them great success with their family business!

Suggested Retail Price: $99.95 (plus shipping)

Website for More Details: Beansprouts



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    I, too, love this product. I have the “heart” theme for my newborn, which is so adorable that my 4 year old was a bit jealous. So I bought her the princess theme–went to her doctor’s office to get her measurements– and viola! now my 4 year loves doing her growth chart as well!!

    Note for those people who plan on moving or do not want to mark up the walls in their homes, this is transportable and a keepsake for your child for years to come. In the meantime, it is a true piece of art with 8-12 picture frames built in– quite the bang for your buck!!

    I am now giving them out as signature gifts, knowing they will have them for a lifetime and not be tossed away.


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    What a fantastic idea! It makes perfect sense as I think about my daughter’s height pencil markings on the side of the door which is now her brother’s door!!! What am I supposed to do, move the door to her new room?!?!? This is one of those ideas that makes you say, “I wish I thought of that!”


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