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Congratulations to Kerry (Comment #28) on winning this wonderful DVD set. Thank you to everyone who entered and please check back next Tuesday for another great giveaway!

Little Pim is the fun, entertaining,  educational language DVD that can introduces more than 180 essential words and phrases for everyday situations to your kids in three different foreign languages. This series is the only total immersion DVD that was created especially for babies and toddlers ages 0-4.

Each 35-minute disc features short 5 minute episodes starring a lovable animated panda bear named Little Pim. Little Pim interacts with real-life children while teaching language used for expressing a child’s needs and desires.Each set includes Eating and Drinking (DVD 1), Wake Up Smiling (DVD 2), and Playtime (DVD 3), and they are offered in Spanish, French, Mandarin, and English/ESL. Of course if you just want to try 1 DVD they are sold individually.

Now you can have the chance to win a set of Little Pim DVD’s in the language of your choice.  But don’t worry if you don’t win you can still grab the Little Pim at or at

Below is a sample of the series:

To enter, please leave a comment by Tuesday 1/13 at 8PM EST and tell me what you are doing to promote language development in your children. Thank you so much and good luck!



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    Right now since my child is only 10 months old we are trying to promote signing to avoid frustration when communication. I believe that the more comfortable baby is communicating the sooner he will be able to acquire spoken language.

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    My son and I use flash cards so he can see the letter and a word that starts with that letter.

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    I simply make it a point to read to my children. I also narrate whatever it is I am doing with them so they can pick up new words along the way.

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    We learned some sign language together by watching Signing Time DVDs a few years ago. Now we like to practice words and phrases in a few different languages we have experience with (Russian, Arabic, and Spanish).