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Congratulations to our winner- entry #49 (Mindy) on winning this prize pack. Thank you all so much for entering and please visit our site each Tuesday for a new giveaway!

More than 24,000 kids are hurt in a shopping cart each year. Next time you go shopping, you won’t have to worry about your child being injured in a runaway cart. The Cart Stopper attaches with a soft suction cup to any clean vehicle surface (even holds up in the rain) and the other end fits snugly through a hole in the cart, so the cart can’t move while you unload your groceries. When you’re done, simply remove using the pull tab. The Cart Stopper is a sensible way to keep your child safe and your shopping cart secure; also reduces car damage related to runaway carts. The compact design makes it easy to store in your purse, diaper bag, or glove compartment. Available at


Each year, dozens of children die because of one simple accident: an unforgotten child is left in his or her car seat and dies of hyperthermia. So far this year, 42 children have died from hyperthermia (that’s higher than last year’s total of 35). Baby Alert International is trying to prevent it from happening again with a passive monitoring system. The Smart Pad is an ultra-thin sensor pad that goes under the fabric of a child’s car seat. The alarm unit is connected to your keychain. If the driver walks away from the car without removing the child from the car seat, the alarm will sound. The Smart Clip and Toddler Alert are also available.

One of the most dangerous pieces of baby furniture is the crib. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), approximately 50 infants die each year from crib-related incidents. The all new Crib Tent II with the Inside Surround Net gives extra protection for children by helping to prevent limbs from getting caught, sprained, and broken through the crib’s rungs. Crib Tent II does not allow the child to climb out of the crib, which could lead to injury. It also prevents siblings’ toys, books, and games from being tossed into the crib and it keeps the child’s own bottles, stuffed animals, and playthings from being thrown out. It also discourages insects and unwelcome pets through the added safety of the Inside Surround Net, which helps to restrict entry from ALL sides of crib as well as the top.

To enter to win this trio of safety products, please leave a comment! All entries must be received by Tuesday (1/6) at 8PM EST to qualify. Good luck everyone!



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    With a new baby coming into our house next month, these could be useful products! Thanks for sharing!

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    What great products!! I have 3 pregnant friends – so if I win (and I want to!), I’ll being giving these to one of them! :)

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    practical products! I’ve never heard of any of them before. Very cool

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    I totally need the cart shopper thing as our parking lot is on a hill and I am terrified of the cart rolling away. The car seat thing almost made me cry. Car seat manufacturers should put these on ALL car seats.

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    What great ideas. I am soon to be an Aunt and I am looking for things to keep the baby safe when he/she starts moving.

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    Thank you for these give aways. I have a 7 month old grand daughter and they really could use these things. God bless

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    I would love to win these products. I’m due for my first child in August so these would really come in handy!

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    This is so practical, why did someone not invent these a long time ago. At least they have them for the grandkids I take shopping.
    This looks like it would be good for just stopping the cart to get the kids out!!

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    What a wonderful product so that my grandchildren do not runaway in the cart.

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    how clever these products are! I think the shopping cart stopper should be attached to all carts to avoid those nasty car dings. Keep up the invovative giveaways,I love them!

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    Wow! People are so creative… you think of these type of things but I’m grateful there are actual people that make a plan to produce these products.

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    These items are really great ideas. It would be great if I could be able to win. I find it to be a challenge for me with a 6 yr old, 17 month old and a 7 month old with the buggys running off. I think that that would be wonderful to have that item it would be a relief. Thank you vry much.

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    This is one awesome giveaway! The car seat pad is wonderful & I’m sure when this product catches on will save lots of children’s lives and lots of parents from heartache. The crib protector I absolutely love because it just so happens my son has the same exact crib thats in that picture. These are some products I’d love to win!! Thanks!!

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    I did not know they made these car seat smart pads! I’m so glad someone found a solution to a big problem.I hope everyone buys one of these! It’s better to be safe than sorry! No one ever thinks bad things could happen to them… until they do. No matter who you are you have to admit you’ve made mistakes, forgetting your child in the car is one I never want anyone to make again and now there is no reason to.Thank you so much to the inventor!

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    What great things! With 4 ages 4 and under all of these things would come in handy! Thanks for sharing them.

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    wow, if everyone had a carseat moniter i bet there would be alot less infant deaths… thanks for the giveaways

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    Thanks, Amy. These are the types of products my stepdaughter can use for her new son. I’d love to win them for her. She’d be very excited.

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    i love the crib tent. my baby boy shares the room with big sis an she’s always throwing something into the crib. the tent would help me relax knowing she can’t get to him

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    Wonderful safety items. I just found out I might be having twins and all of these things would come in handy. I’m gonna need all the help I can get. Thanks!

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    I can’t blieve the crib is the unsafest. I always put them in there so they would BE safe. Happy Winning everyone!

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    Awesome giveaway!!! As a first time grandmother to be, these safety products would come in VERY handy!!

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    i’m having a baby in april and these products would be very helpful. thanks for the giveaway!