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Giveaway Results: Scotts Paper Products for A YEAR & A $100 Visa Gift Card

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Thank you to everyone who entered. We would like to congratulate commenter #1,007 (Lori) on winning this amazing prize pack from Scotts. Happy Holidays, everyone!

I am so excited to be offering another giveaway with Scotts. This time we will not only be offering a year’s worth of paper products to one lucky winner, but we are also throwing in a $100 Visa Gift Card so you can get a little of that holiday shopping done or reward yourself for staying on budget this year.

The prize package breaks down to:

  • Scott Towels:  (30) Mega Rolls,
  • Scott Bath Tissue:  (10) 12-Packs
  • (Approximate Retail Value – $144)
  • $100 Visa Gift Card

Sure we all love the holidays, but between decorating, shopping, cooking, and social events, the holidays can be stressful.  Scott Common Sense wants to help – check out Scott Common Sense for tips on surviving the holidays, come back, and leave your favorite tip in the comments section.

One lucky winner will be chosen at random to receive a year’s supply of Scott Bath and Towel products to help you through holiday spills, as well as a $100 Visa Gift Card to help with all your holiday shopping and entertaining. To enter please leave a comment and tell me one special thing you are doing for YOURSELF this holiday season. We love to hear about how you care for yourself during this hectic time. Please leave your comment by Tuesday (12/16) at 8PM EST. Only entries that follow the guidelines will be included. Good luck to each of you and happy holidays!



  1. 1151

    My tip for surviving the holidays is to do something I enjoy for an hour of two. Like knitting or walking on my treadmill listening to my mp3 and zoning out. Watching a christmas special or movie that I enjoy.

  2. 1152

    I bought myself some cute new clothes to wear to holiday parties (which I got on sale), as well as new make up too (you know how fun shades come out around the holidays for eye shadow and lipstick). I never buy for myself anymore so getting that stuff was really great. I did that and also when I need a break I have a cup of tea and read a book. I love to read. Thanks for the chance to win something good!

  3. 1153
  4. 1154

    I will buy myself a pair of shoes cute shoes and a pair of pants ( I need clothes) so this is luxury for me and if i have enough chocolate love chocolate

  5. 1155
  6. 1156

    Enjoyed the Scott site and happy to have a chance to win all those great products. I am being pampered by going to my mother-in-law’s house for 3 days this Christmas. She always cooks things especially for me, so I will have 3 glorious days of her wonderful cooking.

  7. 1157

    I’m going to not do any house work on Christmas day! I hope my family picks up my slack!!


  8. 1158

    I’ve never done this before, but I have scheduled to join a girlfriend to get a pedicure and have a facial.

  9. 1159
  10. 1160

    A wonderful treat I gave myself this holiday season was to rent some movies and watch them all by meself after the kids went to sleep. No interuptions throughout the movies was complete bliss for me.

  11. 1161

    Merry Christmas… it is coming fast. :)

    Something to pamper myself? How about taking a day off and finishing up my shopping and wrapping with no schedule to keep. Worked wonders for me and at the end of the day, I was in a better mood for me and my family. :)

  12. 1162

    I have been going to see good movies. I just watched Slumdog Millionaire today and I’m planning to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Marley & Me on Christmas day.

  13. 1163
  14. 1164

    I am relaxing and enjoying the season. I decided not to overwhelm myself and my family with too many holiday parties. It is a breath of fresh air to say no to most of the parties and enjoy my family instead. It brings back the real meaning of Christmas.

  15. 1165
  16. 1166

    I am gonna pamper myself by watching the Christmas Carol and eating home made fudge and popcorn…This is what we did as a family when I was a child and it makes me feel closer to my mother who has passed away

  17. 1167
  18. 1168

    I’ve take a few days off before the holidays so that I can relax and have time by myself. This way I will be more fun for the kids.

  19. 1169

    I took off two days from work and took my son to daycare anyway. I feel like a new woman. I got all my shopping wrapping and organization for the holiday done. AND I had my way with my son’s closet and some Space Bags!!!

  20. 1170

    I don’t have a lot of “me” time, so I hope to do a lot of reading and maybe get my hair colored this holiday…I get 2 weeks off from work, so that should be doable! And of course, spend lots of time with my family…

  21. 1171

    My mother-in-law, my 2 girls (ages 8 & 3) & I took a girls only week long trip to Walt Disney World. In fact, we just got back 2 days ago. It was the first time for them, my 3rd. It was magical! Everything was decorated for Christmas! That was definitly a “me” trip for each of us.

  22. 1172

    The one thing I am doing this holiday is I am hosting a cookie exchange with many of my friends that I haven’t seen in a while. It will be an opportunity to see all of my friends and enjoy some time socializing as well as providing all of us with holiday cookies to eliminate extra baking and save some time for everything else.

  23. 1173