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Thanks to everyone who entered- I think that is a record high for number of entries over here. We would like to congratulate Lyndsi (commenter # 1,089) on being the winner of this giveaway (chosen at random). Lyndsi completed all three tasks to win and got herself a big fat $500 gift card to Walmart. Thank you again to Walmart & Nickelodeon on this fantastic giveaway. Check back each week for more great giveaways!

Times are tight for everyone this holiday season. Wouldn’t it be great to have a little more cash?

Wouldn’t it be great to figure out how to make the cash you do have stretch farther?

Thanks to Nickelodeon and Walmart you can do both!

Yes, Nickelodeon and Walmart have teamed up to sponsoring a contest that will not only collect together some of the BEST holiday money saving tips on the web, they are also giving one lucky MomAdvice reader a $500 Walmart gift card!

Talk about a present that will always be the right color and size!

There are multiple ways to enter this contest, but for each entry you must submit a separate-that means different folks-holiday specific money saving tip.

Be sure you leave an email address with each tip. If I can’t contact you, I’ll have to choose another winner!

You can enter 3 separate times by doing each of, or any combination of, the following:

#1-By commenting on this post and leaving a holiday money saving tip.

#2-By writing a blog post mentioning a) this contest, b) Nickelodeon, c) Walmart & d) MomAdvice. Then in that post you have to give a different holiday money saving tip (don’t just repeat your original tip) and link back to this post. Then you have to come back here and leave another comment with the link back to your blog post.

#3-Subscribe to my blogs,(pick one or subscribe to all three) then leave a comment letting me know you have with, yes, another holiday money saving tip. If you are already subscribed you don’t have to do it again, just tell me that and leave your tip.

I WILL THROW OUT any entries that are not about the holidays, or that do not follow the directions above (ie didn’t link back to this post in their post, don’t mention Nickelodeon etc)

The winner will be chosen at random (using the random number generator) out of all the valid entries. I say again-the VALID entries. Make sure you read and follow those directions above folks!!!

The contest runs from today-Tuesday December 2nd through Monday December 15th at 12 noon, EST.

You can enter to win a $500 Walmart gift card not only here but at all of the ElevenMoms’ sites. You can only win once, but you can try to win at each site. Each contest may have slightly different rules, so make sure you read carefully! Many of the tips will be featured on the Elevenmoms site-maybe even yours!

So good luck! I am looking forward to seeing all the great ideas. . .



  1. 1451

    I discovered Rite Aid’s Single Check Rebates program this holiday season. I was able to get some Christmas gifts such as house shoes and a blanket as well as some stocking stuffers (lipstick, fingernail polish) for $24.00 after I used a $5.00 off coupon from the mail. I put in the receipt online and they are sending me $11.00 for discounts on a few of the products as well as $5.00 toward a future purchase. It was an amazing purchase for really only $8.00 total!. I didn’t know about this program. I am excited to use it again especially since you just put in your receipt and you do not have to mail anything in.

  2. 1452

    A money saving suggestion I have is to not get young kids expensive toys. It is going to get broken or lost so why not save the money and dissapointment of the child and get them small gifts like playdough,coloring items, and sport items. Not only will it save money it will enhance their mind too.

  3. 1453

    I just subscribed to the motherload blog. I am so excited. My holiday tip this year was to set a $20 limit for all family members. This way we don’t have to worry about overspending on each other.

  4. 1454

    I like to make photo books for my family and friends. They all have photo web site and I can upload them to kodak or snapfish. Then I make sure that I sign in to ebates and get the cash back. They can be shipped to the receipents house for the same price. The gift was quick, cheap, and delivered. Stress free shopping done from Home!

  5. 1455

    My holiday money saving tip is to shop at…free shipping on orders over $25 and they have almost everything and usually at the most competitive price. And no sales tax!

  6. 1456

    My money saving tip is to shop the sales all year long. Always keep your “list” handy and as you buy even a little gift, jot it down. It keeps you from overspending and allows you to save lots.

  7. 1457

    instead of gifts for everyone, we have a drawing and a pot luck dinner, and i have learned i dont need to go to the expensive stores for like real pretty ribbons and flowers the dollar stores have those items just as pretty but cost a lot less

  8. 1458

    Reading moneysaving blogs is the best tip! I have saved a ton of money on teacher gifts and my holiday cards by using the information I gleaned from the blogs I subscribe to. My mother and I are amazed at the amazing deals we are taking advantage this year. With tight budgets, it has been a lifesaver for my family.

  9. 1459

    I would say my biggest way of saving during the holidays is shopping the “black friday” sale. I am able to get almost all my shopping done that day. And you get the best deals of the year.

  10. 1460

    My best Holiday money saving tip is to decide as a family to buy each other only one gift and spend Christmas day just having fun together. Much more memorable than opening a lot of gifts and also saves a lot of money.

  11. 1461

    My money-saving holiday tip is to buy things on sale or clearance that you think your friends and family would like and stow them away until the holidays. A wal-Mart card would come in handy!


  12. 1462

    Buy presents on sale throughout the year and stow them away until the holidays.

    Love Wal-Mart!

  13. 1463

    Since my husband and I are just students we have been learning a lot about going green and saving money. We read that even when appliances are turned off but still plugged into the outlet they still use energy and run the meeter. We have taken out all the appliances we are not using and turned down the heater just a few degrees at night and have changed out bills from $197 and $98 to $98 and $18. A good way to save while celebrating the holidays.

  14. 1464
  15. 1465

    If you have a large extended family, draw names for secret santa instead of trying to buy gifts for everyone.

  16. 1466

    I subscribed :o )

    Tip 2: Make a list of the people you are shopping for and what gift you have in mind for each individual and STICK to it.

  17. 1467

    I bake a lot. Since I’m not bad at it, most of my friends and family seem to appreciate the little goodie bags I put together. It saves me money as I start collecting ingredients a couple months before Christmas.

  18. 1468

    SHOP SALES WHENEVER POSSIABLE! As the get older the things they ask for get more expensive and try to shop early! Alway try to get the best dealwhen possiable.

  19. 1469
  20. 1470

    My holiday money saving tip is to look for and use company coupons. Bath and Body Works always send me emails to buy something and get something free. This week I purchased a $.40 nail file and got an $8.00 stuffed lamb free. They will let you do multiple purchases, so I ended up getting 3 lambs for less than $4.00!

  21. 1471

    I use my CVS stockpile as gifts! The girls get nail polish, makeup and body sponges, while the guys get razors, shaving cream and chocolates!

  22. 1472

    I’ve saved so much money this year by collecting points from drinking Coke products. I’ve used to to get 5 photo books, a photo mousepad, and over 200+ photos all for free. (Just wait for Snapfish to put out a free shipping code, that that do several times this season) I love giving photo gifts :)

  23. 1473

    We collect the promotional CD’s that we receive in the mail. At Christmas, we take tops to travel shampoos that my husband gets on his business trips and glue them to the bottom of a CD. This creates our base for our advent wreath display. On the top of the CD we glue four shampoo tops facing upward so that we can glue a small candle in each one. With the candles equally placed in the four corners of the CD, we then take hemlock pine cones and glue one cone equally spaced between each candle. With the CD’s reflective finish, the overall affect when the candles are burning is superb. You can also add white paint to the tips of the pine cones to look like snow.
    Eva Marz

  24. 1474

    We had to cut back on gift giving this year. With so many to buy for, it was not just the dollar amount we spent on the person, but knowing that we are giving them something special that is on their list. The main thing is that we will all be together for the holiays including our daughter from out of town and our new grandson for his 1st Christmas!!

  25. 1475
  26. 1476

    An easy money saving tip this holiday season is to watch your local store receipts for surveys that offer money off of your next purchase for completing. I have saved so much money this shopping season on gifts for the whole family by completing surveys.

  27. 1477
  28. 1478
  29. 1479

    This year every store is basically giving things away. To say money, match up your shopping with specials stores are running. Sign up for emails from your favorite stores, and you will find out about sales before everyone else. Then try to go only to the stores that are giving out gifts with other items you might buy, for example, one major clothing store gave away 4 movie tickets with the first 20 bucks you spent in the store, that’s like getting to seperate gifts for only 20 bucks!

  30. 1480

    I am saving money this holiday in a lot of ways, but I am saving the most money by clipping coupons and doing all of m grocery shopping once a week at Wal-Mart. I buy what’s on sale and what I have a coupon for. I am saving at least $50 a week by doing this.

  31. 1481

    My money saving tip – in the past, when we would have a big family party, everyone would buy a gift for everyone and that became way too costly. So now when we get together, the cousins exchange a $5 or under gift and the adults play a game with $1 each gifts. It has been really nice and saves so much!

  32. 1482

    First, on each side of mine and my husband’s family, we pick names so we only have to buy for 1 person (we do this for cousin presents too), and we usually make a limit of $10, so that means you have to get pretty creative! I start looking for deals a few months before Christmas. I’ve started making my own Christmas cards, and this year, nearly all of my presents are home-made craft items. Also, for friends, I make my mom’s butter cookies and toffee and popcorn wreaths, and I usually attach a home-made ornament to the bow around it.

  33. 1483
  34. 1484

    My tip is to know what your shopping for and it’s price, before you head to the store. That way you don’t end up spending more money without even knowing it and you know a good deal when you see it.

  35. 1485

    I buy items on clearance throughout the year. A lot of stores have toys 75% off in January in February. A great time to stock up on Christmas gifts.

  36. 1486

    I plan my meals for the week based on what’s on sale at my local grocery store. It pays to take the extra time to match coupons with sales. This week I saved well over $50 on my shopping trip!

  37. 1487

    I calla “wash” on gifts with my sister and close friends. We really do not need anything – so we agree no gifts. I still wish them a happy holiday by a small token – sometimes baked good or something similar.

  38. 1488

    Having a lot a family members that live by often makes it seem like an obligation to buy all of them gifts, which becomes really expensive.

    This Christmas season we were all feeling a little spent and bummed out. But then we decided that we would focus on the kids and have a secret Santa amongst the adults. We got away with buying 1 gift for my niece and nephew and just 1 gift for an adult member of our family (3 gifts rather than giftS for 10+ people not including our own household). That meant we had more money to focus on gifts for our household members.

    Christmas dinner will be a potluck alleviating the expenses of buying holiday dinner groceries drastically. And since everyone in my family loves to cook everyone is excited to bring their own special dish. My husband and I are thinking of having them write their recipe down and take their pictures as well as a quote and quirky bits on information about the person so next year we could print a family Christmas cookbook and give them out as gifts. So inexpensive and yet so priceless.

  39. 1489
  40. 1490
  41. 1491

    I shop at Goodwill all year long. I can find something for everyone in this store. Most of the time the original price tag is still on the clothes.

  42. 1492

    my holiday saving tip is, to start early, make a list of who you need to buy for what you want to buy,and spread out the shopping! and make the gift creative. you don’t have to go all out, $20 is a prefect amount for a gift!
    in my family we draw names, and we get 20$ to spend on that person. this year my husbund happen to get his sister and her husband.. so for them we had 20$ each. so we put together a date package, were they can either have a 3 date to go on or just 2 on how ever they plan to do it. one was a stay in date where we got a basket and filled it with yummy goodies and a movie, the second was a gift card to the movies where they can go out to eat and go to a movie.. gifts just need to come from the heart.. and since they have kids we thought this was a good way to get them to go out, we also put in a coupon to babysit!.. we know they will be happy to get out since they don’t that often!

  43. 1493

    One of the BEST ideas I ever had for Christmas was to make a cd for my mom. I’m a singer/songwriter/piano player, and I wrote a few songs that she hadn’t heard yet. One of them was about growing up and the BEST memories of my life. It was about things I’ve never forgotten but will always miss (It’s called “What Made Me,” on my myspace page). I gave her a blank cd and as she looked at me confused, told her to play it. When she did, she immediately started crying. Just knowing that I made her happy was the best way to not only save me a little money but making her gift, but gave me the most satisfaction knowing it was absolutely perfect!!

    I would suggest using any talent you have to create a gift that is unlike any other. An artist? Paint or draw a favorite memory or recreate a favorite picture. Like to take pictures? Make a scrapbook with tons of fun stickers and inside jokes quoted along the sides. Like to cook? Create a new recipe that includes the name of the person you’re creating it for! These are just a few ideas, but EVERYONE has a talent or gift they could use to maybe save a little cash by creating something special and memorable rather than splurging on that expensive holiday item!

  44. 1494

    My holiday tip is remembering that the holidays are not about shopping and getting the best deals, but about spending quality time with friends and family. Being a poor college student my friends and I wore ugly Christmas sweaters and made our individual family recipes of cookies and candies. Sharing the ingredients this was fairly inexpensive and the memories will last forever!! I would much rather have these memories than a bath set any day!!!

  45. 1495

    Have a white elephant Christmas party. It is tons of fun, but no one has to spend very much on a gift.

  46. 1496

    I subscribed to The Motherload.

    My tip: Decorate with kids’ artwork. You can find tons of free Christmas and holiday themed coloring sheets, printable crafts, etc. Print them out, have fun with the kiddos, and decorate away. It may not make the Good Housekeeping Best Decorated Houses list but your kids and your heart will love it.

  47. 1497
  48. 1498

    My holiday savings plans are to take some
    of my kids best art work(have 4 kids) That
    I save sence school started. Each time
    Micheals has a 50 % off coupon I buy a
    frame for that art work. They are going
    to make great grandparents gifts!!! I think
    each frame was 5.00. And it’s a very personal

  49. 1499

    For my money saving tip I would suggest that you hand make gifts. A scrapbook or collage with pictures & items that will bring back many great, happy memories.

  50. 1500

    Last year for christmas i was short on
    cash, so for the grandparents, aunts an
    uncles we made home made place mats for
    the kitchen table. I went under my bed
    an got out photo’s (had lots with doubles)
    for each child i have i made a photo collage
    the size of a place mat.
    What i did was gone to my local staple’s
    bought 4 of the biggest laminate they had
    arranged my photo’s in it, bring it back to staple”s to have it laminated.
    they turn out so good!!! It’ really dress’s up the table!! it’s always a conversation piece!!
    My total for this gift was under 5.00 each!!!
    Grandma loves showing off the kids to her friends!!!!