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Giveaway Results: Harry Potter Box Set & The Tales of Beedle the Bard

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Thank you to everyone who entered our contest. A big congratulations to Rebecca (Commenter #274) on winning this contest. Our runner-up winners were #149, 314, 165, & 414. All the winners have been notified and their prize packs are on their way. Please check back each Tuesday for more giveaways!


The Tales of Beedle the Bard features five classic-wizarding tales written and illustrated by J.K. Rowling.  A must have for every Harry Potter Fan!  Available December 4, 2008!

This purchase also represents another very important form of giving: From every sale of this book, Scholastic will give its net proceeds to The Children’s High Level Group, a charity co-founded in 2005 by J. K. Rowling and Emma Nicholson MEP to make life better for vulnerable children.

We will be offering our winners the following:

One (1) Grand Prize

  • Complete Box Set Books #1 – #7

Four (4) Runners Up


To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment and tell me one charitable thing you have planned for the holiday season. You must leave your comment by 12/9 (Tuesday) at 8PM (EST) to be entered. One winner will be drawn at random. Thank you each for entering and happy holidays!



  1. 451

    My church operates a food pantry on Saturdays, and I am working hard to find ways to provide cosmetics for women in need. While it may seem unnecessary when you can’t put food on the table, a lot of these women have job interviews and cannot put their best foot forward. The self confidence boost a little mascara may give them might just help them land a job and get their family back on track.

  2. 452

    We are putting together Hygiene kits for our Church’s Humanitarian Effort. Thankfully I’ve been able to collect a ton of toothbrushes and toothpaste by couponing and watching sales.

  3. 453
  4. 454
  5. 455
  6. 456
  7. 457

    I had posted some things on craigslist to sell and was contacted by someone who was trying to buy cheap household things to donate to a family from Burma. It was a family of 4 who were sharing a blanket between them, had no dishes, and were sharing 1 cup between them. I decided to donate all the things I was selling to them instead of taking money for them.

  8. 458
  9. 459

    Each of my 4 children finds 12 toys/books to donate in honor of the 12 days of Christmas. They have to be in good to great condition. They also give to the Episcopal Relief & Development fund in honor of their teachers and we bake cookies in the shape of whatever animal they’ve donated their money towards to give to said teachers…

  10. 460

    My family and I have agreed to sponsor two children through the Angel Tree Program. I’m excited and grateful that we can do this!!

  11. 461
  12. 462

    We donated some old clothes, coats and toys to a local charity for the homeless just last week. Spring cleaning in the winter and helping others all at once! :) Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!

  13. 463

    I know how hard it can be to go through the holidays without money so I always donate any old coats to keep my city warm.

  14. 464
  15. 465

    We are heavily involved in scouting which supports our local food drives. We help collect food for local food pantries. As a family we also support Angel Tree and buy toys and baby items for those in need at Christmas.

  16. 466
  17. 467

    OKay, I don’t think I’ve entered this…so one charitable thing I am doing this holiday season is auctioning off autographed and marked up books with all the money going to First Book. My friend and I have raised $366.50 already for them!

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  18. 468

    I LOVE doing the Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. It is one of the highlights of the year for me, even though we have to drop them off in October. I fill the boxes with classic toys I’ve found in the dollar section at Target throughout the year, and toothpaste, toothbrushes, and soap that I get free from CVS, as well as a few other goodies. It doesn’t cost a whole lot if you do it this way, and the number of boxes I do each year keeps growing because it’s so much fun! Someday I hope to volunteer at the distribution center too.

  19. 469

    I plan on volunteering at a soup kitchen to help feel the homeless for the holiday.

  20. 470

    We plan on donating clothes and toys that we no longer use to the Goodwill and Salvation Army, along with participating in local food drives.

  21. 471

    My children and I are volunteering at a nursing home and taking the residents baked goods.My youngest son is also donating clothes he has worn very little to his school’s coat closet.

  22. 472

    Well like everytime during the holidays and all year long, my family and I are going to be helping out at a local soup kitchen. My children espcially love to help people in need. It makes them feel important.

  23. 473
  24. 474

    We’re collecting warm jackets and coats for kids in Denver through our mom’s group. We’re doing really well so far, but the need is HUGE!

  25. 475

    We like to give gift cards to so that our friends/family can choose for themselves who they want to donate to.

  26. 476

    Our church has made a tree with numbered ornaments. We can take an ornament and its number corresponds to a family in need and then you commit to doing service for them. We are going to pick up an ornament next week.

  27. 477

    my family and i have been making baskets for people in our area who still are not in their homes after hurricane Ike. we have been collecting samples, coupons and little snacks and putting them into baskets with a holiday handmade card. we know what it is like to not be in your home during the holidays since we were displaced after Rita. anything anyone does is great.

  28. 478

    taking pictures for free at a local event as well as giving extra items to those in need locally.

    Would love to win this book set!

  29. 479
  30. 480

    We donated alot of our clothing (mostly new) to the salvation army. There have been alot of fires in our area of upstate ny. These families can use any help they can get. Please people donate to the red cross/salvation army in your area.

  31. 481

    We have donated food to the local food bank and my daughter has also helped hand out groceries to needy families at a local church with her girl scout troop.

  32. 482

    I am having my son help pick an angel off of the angel tree. He has also gone through his closet and we are donately gently used items to those in need.

  33. 483
  34. 484

    We buy books every Christmas for each other, and each year we also buy a children’s book to donate to the local battered women’s and childrens shelter. So if we bought 4 books as gifts, we also buy 4 books to donate. It’s a tradition that I am anxious to instill in my son as he grows up because giving really is what the holidays are all about.

  35. 485

    My local Curves collects items for a woman’s shelter. Although I can’t afford to buy much, I am making homemade book marks and other little crafty things for them.

  36. 486

    My organization collected cans for the homeless and are currently collecting donations for a womens shelter in need of some coats and other items

  37. 487

    I organized, designed, advertised and sponsored a benefit photo contest for a local woman and her family who lost their home due to a fire.

  38. 488

    My husband went to the grocery store and bought $100+ in canned goods, which were immediately donated to the food bank (I stayed home with the kiddos).

  39. 489

    My son and i have donated our time several times at the local mission serving hot meals to the homeless. we have done this several times throughout the year and plan to continue this throughout the christmas season and the rest of the year to come!

  40. 490

    We have started paying it forward (just this year) by donating canned foods, toothbrushes, make-up, body lotion, soap, body wash, toothpaste, mouthwash, brownie mixes, canned milk, chocolate chips, etc. to Christmas Providers. My kids and I have had a blast doing this together.

  41. 491

    I am going to my local cancer center and giving away wrapped gifts to all of the people who are in the infusion room getting chemo. I was getting treatments myself during the Christmas season in 2005 and loved when people dropped off little gifts for us – knitted and crocheted hats, lip balm, etc. It made me feel so loved to realize that so many people were thinking of us. Just thinking about it now makes me cry.

  42. 492
  43. 493

    I live in Michigan and we have been hit hard in the job market. I was laid off after 14 years at the same company. I decided that since I have more time now I want to volunteer at our local hospital. I’m sure they have had to cut back on staff like everyone else and could use the help. The holidays made me think about helping out but I will probably continue to volunteer. It makes me feel better about my problems to help other people. I’m just waiting to pass my background check.

  44. 494

    We are making gift packs for the prisoners at our local prison. These gifts are often the only gifts they receive all year.

  45. 495