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We are excited to be a part of another Mom Central blog tour and touring today is the newly improved Clorox 2. I have always been a fan of this product because it is a color-safe bleach and the women in my family have a bad history of sloshing bleach and ruining our pretty things. This Clorox 2 version is made for women like me who like to have things nice and bright, but prefer not to have splattered bleach stains on their clothes.

The best part is that I have found that soaking my clothes in a scoop of Clorox 2 and a pail of cold water is a very effective stain-fighter. Add an equal scoop of Cascade diswashing detergent (just the powdered stuff) and you have a recipe from our grandma on how to treat any formula and baby food stain. Don’t soak it longer than 24 hours, but I promise that it really and truly works!

Want to learn more about the new Clorox 2? Head on over to Dare To Be Colorful to learn more details!

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To enter to win, tell me one laundry tip that can help our readers. Entries must be received by Tuesday (12/2) at 8PM EST. Sorry- only US residents can be included and all entries must follow the guidelines in order to be entered for the giveaway. Thank you and good luck!



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    If you shake out your wet clothes before you put them in the dryer (jeans, pants, button-down shirts), they will have less wrinkles & require less ironing.


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    I have a spray bottle of Clorox 2 and water mixed up and hanging on my laundry organizer, so when I get a spot on an outfit or see my hubby’s jeans need a little extra “power” I grab it and spray away. IT WORKS GREAT!!!


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    I use Biz Laundry booster for presoaking as well as an enhancer to my regular detergent. Works like a charm!


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    I like to use a cup of vinegar in the wash to help with the smells and stains. Also if I have a bad stain I use a degreaser and it works wonders. Thanks!


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    No reason for mom to do all the work, involve everyone to do their own folding, which seems to be the worst and dreadful task! We have “sock parties” Folding white socks is terrible, when everyone is gathered for favorite tv show, dump the socks out and everyone matches their own!


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    As soon as your clothes are dry, take them out of the dryer…hang up the shirts and pants and fold everything that has to be placed in drawers. Your clothes will be less wrinkled.


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    I have four children, so I am always washing clothes. When washing infant clothing, use cold water. The cold water preserves the color and integrity of the fabric. Warm-Hot water frequently makes infant clothing look very worn and old.


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    Soak any stain for 24 hours in oxy clean. If it does not come out the first time do it again. After soaking twice for 24 hours in Oxy Clean then washing almost any stain will come out.


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    I soak my new dark clothing for 8 hours in warm water and vinegar before I wash it. This keeps darks from fading in the wash.


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    I try to wash at least one load of clothes each night. It is such a daunting task to try to tackle 10 loads on Saturday–NO FUN! hahaha


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    Add 1 cup of Borax to very soiled loads to get clothes cleaner. Most grocery stores have Borax (boxes) in the laundry section.


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    I do a lot of the same, one load daily, wash everything in cold water & hang clothes as soon as they come out of the drier. Every little bit helps!


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    I also use only cold water, no problems with our laundry and lower electric bills. Be sure to add detergent to water prior to adding clothing, it won’t stick to your clothes and become a stain in itself!


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    I fold and hang clothes asap and put them away (or have kids put them away) at a later date, that way, i don’t have such a huge pile of laundry that overwelms me, just one load at a time


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    Wash as many loads in cold water as you can. It will get them just as clean, but it will save on energy costs and hot water.


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    I absolutely HATE ironing, and try to avoid it at all costs. When I do laundry, I try to sort things by color and then if I can, I sort it by loads of things that “hang” and things that fold. If I can get the things that hang out of the dryer and onto the hanger quickly, they don’t always need ironing! Another trick (especially if you’re in a hurry) is to hang your clothes in the bathroom while the hot shower is running, the steam helps de-wrinkle your clothes!


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    Treat stains when you take your clothes off. Also add a little white vinegar to each load of wash, takes out any odors, and any additonal soap residue…..


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    When in doubt… throw it out! I hate to waste time rewashing items over & over… so if I can’t get the stain the first time, I simply toss it!


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    Clean your lint catcher/screen/collector/thingy every single time. One of the biggest causes of house fires is lint build up. Even better, you can wash it off with some mild dish detergent.



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    If I don’t have time to fold, I at least lay all of the laundry flat across the top of my basket. This way, they don’t get wrinkled because I hate to iron.
    Another tip is to have a shower rod or clothes line in your laundry room. This way you can air dry your clothes in the winter months as well.


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    My big tip- check to make sure the stains are truely gone before putting the clothes in the dryer. The heat will set the stain for sure.


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    There is a product called Purple Power that will take out any stain from any surface and from clothes. This product is amazing but you should wear gloves if you have sensitive skin if cleaning appliances/household items. I use an old spray bottle to use around the home and I also like to use it to pretreat stains that are very difficult to get out of clothes. You might want to test a small area first before using it on all clothing. I also like to add a little to the laundry in the wash to get towels/whites extra clean.

    I also like to use scent free/nothing added baby wipes to clean my monitors/tv screens/ or anything else that needs dusting. It doesnt leave any lint and it is safe to use on most anything…just make sure you get the kind with nothing added. If they dry out before you get the chance to use them up(sometimes the packaging isn’t completely seal-tight if you buy the cheaper brand) you can simply just add some water to it and for some extra clean even a tad of alcohol. It should be ok to use on most tv screens and computer monitors.


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    Forgot to add that Purple Power is usually found on the automotive isle. It is actually a product used for getting grease off of automotive products but works great in the kitchen and all over the home for stains. I have seen it occasionally at Freds Discount Stores/Dollar General and/or the Dollar stores but it will always be located in the automotive sections of anyplace it is stocked. If you get it at Wal-mart it will be located in the automotive section. You can also buy it in the Automotive Parts stores. You can buy the spray bottle size/gallon size and even 10 gallon bucket sizes. If I get the size other than the spray size i just use an old spray bottle and refill each time I run out. Its cheaper to buy the bigger size and it lasts longer.


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    will clorox leave a film on floors if you use it to clean them, and will it attact dirt. does it have an oil base to it.


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