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Thank you to everyone who entered our contest!  We have contacted our winners by email and look forward to shipping these DVD bundles out to them. Thank you all for entering and please check our site each Tuesday for new giveaways!

We have another fun holiday giveaway for your families! I hope that this one can be wrapped under your Christmas tree this year.

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To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment and tell me your favorite holiday activity. Please enter by Tuesday (12/2) at 8PM (EST). Only entries that have completed the criteria for entry will be included. Thank you so much and good luck!



  1. 151

    My favorite part of the holidays, doing crafts with my 2 children we always pick one thing to make for each person in our family for them to give as gifts (Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents) with everyone trying to go green my youngest decided we should do the same. We are doing flower pots and a packet of seeds for eveyone.

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    My son is 3 this year so I’m learning all kings of stuff to start our OWN traditions. We liked making a Christmas countdown calendar that we both color and put on the fridge. Then we’re gonna make a gingerbread house….something I haven’t done in years!

  5. 155

    Growing up my mom never baked cookies with us. The one year that I begged and begged her to, she bought box mixes and that is how we baked. This is my son’s first year and I plan on baking cookies with him. I know that he won’t know what is going on, but it will become a tradition that I will enjoy.

  6. 156

    My favorite part is making handmade gifts and homemade baked gift baskets. I love making something special for each person, knowing I am giving of myself. It is a great feeling. One you really can’t get at the mall.

    carolyn s

    ceashark at aol dot com

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    My favorite Christmas activity is when my whole family (10 siblings, 12 grandkids & grandma and grandpa) Go to a retirement home a couple days before Christmas and sing Christmas songs to the residents. I am always amazed at how much they seem to enjoy and appreciate it. My family and I were at my in-laws for last Christmas and I realized that that was what I missed the most.
    I love it!!!

  9. 159

    My favorite holiday activity is to make ornaments with my two kids kids. We also love putting up the tree and drinking egg nog. Happy Holidays everyone!

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  11. 161

    I love decorating sugar cookies with my Mom and sisters to share with family and friends. Now the daughters join in too!

  12. 162

    Now that my 3 year old is in pre-school my most favorite holiday activity is making Christmas art projects with her! She is so creative and it is so much fun to watch her mind at work!!
    Now, when she is alseep, my favorite activity for myself is to grab a glass of wine, sit in front of the fireplace and wrap gifts!

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  15. 165

    My kids love to decorate the Christmas tree and we always bake santa’s cookies the night before Christmas..

  16. 166

    Thanks for a chance in this great giveaway. My favorite holiday activities are making ornaments for the tree and baking and decorating cookies with my husband and 3 children.

  17. 167

    Listening (really concentrating on listening) – - – to the talk and laughter of the family gathered in a room

  18. 168

    I have family come by for pre christmas desert, and we all get in our cars and go around christmas house decorations sightseeing !!

  19. 169

    Drinking coffee and eating deliciously decorated Christmas goodies with friends and family can’t be beat!

  20. 170

    My girls & I enjoy making crafts. We’ve been making Christmas ornaments, an advent wreath, and a Thanksgiving turkey centerpiece this fall.

  21. 171

    We get up way early on Christmas day and make scones or monkey bread. While it’s cooking we do our Christmas festivities and then eat the yummy food after.

  22. 172

    I love making Christmas cookies and other goodies – it fills the whole place with a nice smell, and brings out the holiday feeling!

  23. 173

    My girls and I love spending time making ornaments with persons name on them and giving them away. We also make lots of homemade goodies to give away.

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  25. 175

    this will be my first christmas as a grandma,but my favorite thig to do with my children was reading their favorite xmas book THE POLAR EXPRESS.i hope to pass this tradition on to my new graddaughter,

  26. 176

    My Favorite activity to do is picking out the chrismas tree. Going shopping and making cookies.

  27. 177

    I am the mom of six children and our favorite thing to do during the holidays is to play board games. Its an activity that the kids look forward to every year so we try to buy a new board game each year. We share a lot of laughs!!!

  28. 178

    Our kids always anticipate cutting our own tree at a huge Christmas tree farm and taking a train ride afterwards.

  29. 179

    We get together with my siblings and their kids at our parents’ house on Christmas Eve. Supper is always fried ham sandwiches on homemade bread. Late-night snacks include pizza and Christmas munchies. The grandkids (starting with the youngest, ending with the oldest) get their Christmas gifts from Gram and Gramp before we go home.

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  31. 181

    My daughter and I enjoy making chocolate for our friends, family and neighbors in addition to making craft items to give to those who live in a near by nursing home. We love “HANDS ON ACTIVITIES”

    We also have several traditions including making cookies for Santa and driving around looking at Christmas Lights on Christmas Eve Night.

    My daughter has a December birthday and next year she wants to have a party where the guest will bring gifts for Toys For Tots or for the Salvation Army Angel Tree. :)

    It is better to give than receive.

    We love reading everyone’s comments about what they do with THEIR family.

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  33. 183

    My favorite holiday activity is decorating the house and tree. I get excited weeks before Christmas! I love to get my whole family involved in decorating.

  34. 184

    I love to bake nearly for every season but especially for christmas there are so many types to bake. I would love to win these for my little granddaugter who we are just introducing to the features of christmas

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  36. 186

    My Daughter and I Start Thanksgiving Day and We make snow flakes we live in Florida and she has never seen snow so we make our own by making big colorful snowflakesand hang them from the ceiling.So it looks like its snowing in the house.

  37. 187

    I love baking cookies and making a gingerbread house with my son every year. He’s almost 4 this year and SO excited about Christmas!

  38. 188

    My favorite thing is to make the dressing that my mom always made. Now that she is no longer with us, it makes me feel so warm inside like she is still here with us. My kids always say to me that it tastes just like Maw-Maws.
    Norma Kringle

  39. 189

    we love to make christmas cookies with our children. We also love to ride around our town to see all the lights and decorations

  40. 190

    Opening that first present. Watching the familys interactions. Snacks are my favorite time of the holiday meals.. I love seeing the lights. THere use to be a place we went to on christmas eve called the cripsmas place. It all went to charity. TOns of light displays. They closed it last year due to a death in there family. I wish i could have taken more years there.. I also love watching the christmas story.

  41. 191

    Our favorite family activity is decorating the family Christmas tree. It is so fun to take out the ornaments that have been added every year, including the one that has our family photo

  42. 192

    My favorite activity is making sugar Christmas cookies with my mom. We have done it every year since I was a little girl and now we are doing it with my three kids. Each child gets to pick a color icing and then we get to eat them.

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  44. 194

    We always open new pj’s on Christmas Eve and wear them to bed. We have done it since I was a kid and now I do it with my kids!

  45. 195

    I’m a grandma on a budget and getting this gift for my granddaughters would be wonderful. When they come to grandma house, we’ll have so much to read and do.
    Thanks for chosing me.

    Grandma Bright

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    My daughter ( who is now 18), we take one weekend before Christmas make cookies all weekend. We make about 8 different kinds, 4 kinds of chocolate candy. The ones we really like we take to a cookie swap on Sunday! Its lots of fun and then we bring home even more cookies! Its so special that we can still do this together every year. No matter how old she is and she still wants to.

  49. 199

    Having a cookie baking and decorating day with my daughter, mom and aunt. It makes the holidays special

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