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Thank you to everyone who entered our contest!  We have contacted our winners by email and look forward to shipping these DVD bundles out to them. Thank you all for entering and please check our site each Tuesday for new giveaways!

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This holiday give the gift of fun with Klutz activity books!

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To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment and tell me your favorite holiday activity. Please enter by Tuesday (12/2) at 8PM (EST). Only entries that have completed the criteria for entry will be included. Thank you so much and good luck!



  1. 251

    Every Christmas Eve we unwrap one gift, one that we all know what it is but still the unwrapping part is part of the excitement…of course!! Everyone in the house opens up new christmas eve pj’s, even visiting guests if there are any over nighters. Then we all get changed sit on the floor in front of the fireplace and eat dinner. Its a tradition that I started when I fist got married 20 years ago, now others have begun the same one which makes me smile and I know that my kids will also carry it on.

  2. 252

    My favorite holiday activity is making and decorating gingerbread cookies with my now 6 year old son Jorge. We can not wait until this year, because his sissy Catalina is now 17 months and is gonna really enjoy helping momma and big brother. I can already picture those cute little smiles with frosting all over them, oh I can not wait.

  3. 253

    I have been trying so hard to decide between my two favorite holiday activities and I just can’t pick one over the other. Candy making with all the girls in the family or taking my children Christmas light looking.

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  5. 255

    Every year, we make a bunch of cookies. The kids can’t help with many, but they love to help with the cut out cookies. Then, we put together plates of cookies to take to school for the teachers, to share with the neighbors and take to work. While we bake, we have Christmas music/movies playing in the background.

  6. 256

    We really enjoy baking cookies and making special candies for our neighbors and church friends. Of course, we make enough to save and eat later. We sure don’t deprice ourselves from the goodies!!!!

  7. 257

    I really love just getting together with everyone. Sometimes it’s the most memorable/hilarous event all year.

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  10. 260

    My teenage daughter and I have a date each year
    to make cookies. It really gives us some bonding time during this hectic season!

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  13. 263

    i love to look at all the gingerbread houses on display at the grove park inn. this is a big thing as the winner is shown on good morning america. it is a family tradition!

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  15. 265

    My favorite holiday activity is putting the ornaments on the tree! I have lots of old ones from my mom (her childhood) and then ones from my childhood that she has given me. A number of years ago, I started collecting ornaments on my travels. Now, when I decorate the tree with MY family, we can look at all of the ornaments and know that they have a story!

  16. 266

    I love baking with my son who is 7. It does’nt matter what the cookies look like in his eyes they are the most beutiful thing.

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  20. 270

    My 3 yr old is really into Christmas this year and we are making decoration instead of buying them. I already have stuff but love the ones my children make for me. He can’t wait to do cookies also. He is my little chef. This is going to be a great Christmas this year

  21. 271

    Me and my family love spending the hoildays together.Also making all kinds of stuff from crafts to cookies.WE think the best gift come’s from the heart !

  22. 272

    My favorite holiday activity is setting up the Christmas tree. It brings the whole family together and we each have our own “job” and it is fun to look at all the ornaments we got when we were kids.

  23. 273
  24. 274

    My family and I love to go to the camp and have the decorations on the tree and Santa comes with gifts and everything.

  25. 275

    We love to take our time and make a gingerbread house over the course of the holiday – we make and nibble, add some more candy here, eat a little candy from there! It is so much fun and a new, special tradition for our family. Another fun one for us is make your own ice cream sundaes on New Years Eve, a sweet way to start the New Year!

  26. 276

    We have a tradition each year of making italian fig cookies. It is so much fun & such a great acitivity to pass down from our heritage. Everyone looks forward to these treats.

  27. 277

    My favorite activity during the Christmas season is playing games with my family after eating a wonderful meal together.

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  30. 280

    Baking Christmas cookies! When I was a teenager, a friend & I would bake cookies and distribute them to all of our neighbors. Now, my husband & I look forward to decorating Gingerbread men and women for his office!

  31. 281

    My favorite Christmas activity is decorating the tree and watching the lights twinkle in my children’s eyes as they adore the completed tree. We make some personalized balls/ornaments to add to the tree.

  32. 282

    My favorite activity with my kids is baking cookies. My pre-schoolers love “helping” and spending quality time together. I also love that they are learning valuable skills and developing creativity.

  33. 283

    I love decorating for Christmas. This year it is extra special because I have a toddler to enjoy it with.

  34. 284

    My favorite is definitely decorating the tree. I make sugar cookies, we decorate the tree while listening to Christmas music, and then sit down and watch a Christmas movie! I love Christmas!

  35. 285

    Simply baking! We make the treat of time with each other while cooking up something yummy in the kitchen!

  36. 286

    I love Klutz books as much as my 12 year old daughter. She uses them to keep kids busy that she babysits. I need these.

  37. 287

    I love these books as much as my 12 year old daughter. She has been using them for years, and now uses them to keep kids busy when she babysits. I need these books.