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momAgenda is a line of organizational tools for women in transition, looking to organize and manage the various pieces of their lives.  Their signature momAgenda desktop is a day planner with room for your schedule, your children’s schedules, your husbands schedule (if need be) and useful planning information such as party resources, expense records and an address book.

I have seen the momAgenda featured in many magazines that I read, but had not gotten my hands on a copy until this year. My first initial impression of it was that this calendar was clean and simple. The calendar pages are set up in such a way that they provide ample room to get all of your scheduling needs in it. Each month has two pages devoted towards the month-at-a-glance and then it is divided by week (two pages per week). The weekly pages offer room to categorize which is very useful for a mom who needs to divide her work and home life or just wants to divide schedules. The book has two ribbon bookmarks to bookmark what week you are on and any area other area in your calendar you would like to keep bookmarked.

Each page provides a great motivational quote and there are many other sections within the MomAgenda that make it a great tool for moms. For example, a party-planning section, a place to jot down favorite wines, and even a list of favorite websites. I scanned and scanned and I think the only thing that seems to be missing is MomAdvice from their list of resources. We will cross our fingers for a mention next year as we think this is a great tool for all moms.

Suggested Retail Price: $33.60 (currently on sale for 20% off!)

Website for More Details: momAgenda



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    Hey thanks for the great review! This is Nina the founder of momAgenda, I just want you and your readers to know we have posted some great new downloads for the holidays. Check them out here:
    These are printable downloads for tracking gifts given and received, as well as holiday cards. Best of all, the downloads are free:) Hope you all enjoy!


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    Thanks so much for sharing these, Nina, and giving us the opportunity to share our impressions. Our moms love free printables so that is a wonderful bonus! Happy holidays to your family!


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