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Giveaway Results: Giving Away Holiday Goodies from Lands’ End

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A big thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to commenter #29 (Sunny) on winning the contest with this entry:

Sleeping bag set.

Q: How do you find time to blog so much, so regularly???

How do I find the time? Well, I actually only blog on the weekends and schedule everything for my week. I do all my blogging on Friday-Sunday and just work on maintenance and time-sensitive stuff (like the contests) throughout the week. Since people seem to be primarily curious about my blogging routine, I will have to work on some posts for that. Thank you for asking and congrats on winning!

We are excited to be offering our readers another giveaway that would be perfect for wrapping beneath your tree this year!

Lands’ End wants to share with one of our readers the chance to choose one of the following of items from their holiday line:

For Her: Women’s Regular Long Sleeve Cashmere Tee Sweater (Retail Value of $89.50)

For Him: Men’s Regular Down Vest (Retail Value of $29.50)

For KidsKid’s Sleeping Bag Set (Retail Value of $59.50)

To win you need to leave a comment here by Tuesday (11/25) at 8PM (EST) and tell me which item you would pick and ask me one question that you have always wanted to ask me. We will be highlighting reader questions on our site and I am compiling these for the new year. It can be personal (but not too personal) or it can be something about home management, a recipe/cooking question, or any questions on money-management.

Only entries that answer the two questions will be entered into our drawing. Our winner will be chosen at random and I look forward to your questions! Good luck, everyone and be sure to check Lands’ End for all of your holiday needs. As you can see in the examples above, they offer a wide-range of prices perfect for any budget!



  1. 201

    I would pick the sleeping bag for my little one. What a great Christmas gift her first sleeping bag.

    How many children do you have?


  2. 202
  3. 203

    I would love the vest as a gift for my hubby. My question: How do make time to blog, housework and quality time for your children?

  4. 204

    I would choose the sleeping bag. It would be a cute christmas gift for one of my nieces. What is your favorite dessert? Thanks for the chance. Have a nice Thanksgiving.

  5. 205

    I would love the sleeping bag. We just moved to a colder place and that would be great addition for warmth.

    What kind of computer do you have to keep up with demand of your blogs?

  6. 206

    I would pick the sleeping bag it looks so cute and would be a great gift for my son’s bday or xmas.

    Any suggestion on how to organize all the projects kids bring home from school?

  7. 207


  8. 208
  9. 209

    I would pick the sleeping bag. My child is just now at the age where this will come in handy . . . and it is oh so cute!

    My question to you is “What do you do with all of your samples?” Do you donate what you don’t use, give away to relatives, etc?

  10. 210

    I would pick the sleeping bag, we love yo be in the outdoors and camp and my daughter is in need of a good sleeping bag, Everything made by landsend is great!2

  11. 211

    I wold LOVE the cashmere sweater! Love the warm feeling of natural fibers. Q: What about this ‘job’ keeps you doing it when you want to do some (any) thing else? God bless and thanks for your wonderful blog. vr, Connie

  12. 212

    I would like the sweater for me or the vest for my husband. Both look nice and cozy!

    I would like to know how you keep your kids busy so you have time to blog and keep us updated on all the great stuff you do.


  13. 213
  14. 214
  15. 215

    I’d choose the sleeping bag set. My question is, “How do you handle differences of opinion between yourself and husband when it comes to disciplining your children?”
    sarah_jakel at yahoo dot com

  16. 216

    I would pick the cashmere sweater b/c I have ALWAYS wanted one.

    How do you keep blogging/computer time from interfering with family time??

  17. 217

    I’d love the sweater.

    What would you tell your own mother to encourage her to blog if she is too old fashion to use the net? My mother could use this advice to help her live on her small income.

  18. 218

    I would pick the sleeping bag set for my little guy, he would love it and it would be his first.

    my question is, Have you always loved to cook and come up with recipes or is it something that has evolved over time?

    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  19. 219

    I would pick the cashmere sweater, because the ones from Lands’ End are simply the BEST. My grandmother bought me one for my birthday a few months before she passed away because she wanted me to have something special, but now that I have lost 35 pounds it’s too big. I’d love to have a new one.

    Here’s my question…since I love your Aldi Queen section…
    What is one item that you wish you could buy at Aldi, but are frustrated that you can’t?

    (I have several of these myself…LOL)

  20. 220

    I would pick the sweater as a present for my sister who would *love* it!

    Q: What is the best way for me to get started with clipping and using coupons? Where do I get them? How do I keep them orderly? Help! :)

  21. 221
  22. 222

    I would choose the Cashmere sweater. My question is, how much time during the week do you actually spend your blogging? When do you do most of it?

  23. 223

    I would like the sweater but it would be fun to give the vest to my husband.
    How do you find time to write this everyday and pick the topics?

  24. 224

    I would love the sleeping bag for my son! He’s going to Snow Camp in February, and this would be great.

    My question, Amy, is what started you on this frugal journey that has now made you famous? Thanks for the inspiration!

  25. 225
  26. 226

    I love the women’s sweater – how chic! I love music… and I’d love to know what your theme song is! Mine is “Cinematic” by Cool Hand Luke.

  27. 227

    The cashmere sweater looks delicious, but I’d take the sleeping bag set.

    My question: Did you have any luck reducing your daughter’s separation anxiety? What worked for you?

  28. 228

    Would love to see DH in the down vest!

    My question: What are your thoughts on frugalness vs. living a “carefree” life every now and then? I have a hard time balancing my need/want to model for my children frugality with also wanting to be spontaneous and show them that life should be fun and carefree sometimes too!

  29. 229

    I would love to have the men’s vest. My husband would absolutely love it!

    What does your cleaning schedule look like?

  30. 230

    1. I would love the sleeping bag for my daughter. She is 11 and the “Barbie” one just doesn’t work for her anymore.
    2. How much sleep do you get each night? I can’t imagine how you have time to sleep :)


  31. 231

    I would pick the sleeping bag. My question is: when are you going to finish the cleaning series you started in the spring?

  32. 232

    While I would LOVE to have the sweater, my youngest doesn’t have a sleeping bag yet. I’d have to go with that.
    My question is. . . What was the best piece of advice you ever received to help you become a better wife and mom?

  33. 233

    I would pick the sleeping bag set for my Girlie!

    My question is: what do you do if you’re asked to review a product that you really don’t like?

  34. 234
  35. 235

    That sweater looks absolutely heavenly to wear.
    I have lost weight recently and NEED clothes.
    It’s been so cold here in SC…. I would just love a sweater.

    Thank you so very much for this awesome offer!

  36. 236
  37. 237

    I love cashmere so the sweater would be my winner.

    My question is do you ever sleep? How do you have time for it all?

  38. 238

    I would choose the Ladies Sweater. It looks lovely.

    My question would be do you ever get time to sleep? With such an active blog and taking care of your household and children when do you get time to rest?

  39. 239

    I would pick the sweater as well. Cashmere. Beautiful. My question is a little personal. I am wondering how you cope/deal with feeling like an inadequate mom. Perhaps you don’t, then that will be easy. I feel like moms, especially SAHM moms are expected to be stellar cooks, crafters, educators, decorators, and save the household money. How do we feel okay about not being great at all these things? Any insight would be appreciated!

  40. 240

    I would pick the cashmere!!

    My question – Do you keep a set schedule? Like computer for so many hours, cleaning on certain days etc…?

  41. 241

    I’d choose the cashmere sweater!

    My question is–what do you like and dislike most about blogging?

  42. 242

    I know I’m selfish but I’d totally go with the ladies sweater. Ah, cashmere.

    My question(s) is do you make money to keep your blog going? And how in the world do you have time to invest in thorough blogging and manage your home?

  43. 243

    I love the sleeping bag!

    My question for you is: Please tell me what secret font of energy and time you’ve tapped into, and how do you get there??!! :-)

    Thanks for all that you do!

  44. 244

    Would love the sweater. I was wondering if you had more ideas for frugal storage. I’ve read & re-read your post and love and already use many of the ideas.

    BTW – my mother gave me an inexpensive over-the-hanger storage item for storing jewelry. Its plastic with clear plastic compartments. Since my jewelry box works fine for me, I have it hanging off of a hanger off the door to my utility room. I’ve got all sorts of odds and ends that would normally get lost in the junk drawer. I think she spent $1 on it at the dollar store.

  45. 245

    Its a tie between the shirt and the sleeping bag… I’ll go with the sleeping bag. Would be great for all those trips to see my sister!

    I’ve “watched” you get busier and busier as your blog gets more popular each day. What does your day look like? You seem to get so much done, and travel and learn to knit and cook from scratch and pay down debt and, and, and. How do you do it? Thanks!