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We’ve covered a lot of games for the Nintendo Wii and DS lately, but understand not everyone has the latest and greatest video game systems. Maybe you have the trusty PlayStation 2 and are unwilling to shell out a car payment or two to for the PlayStation 3. Fear not! They are still releasing new games for the PS2 and one of the latest is Lego Batman.

Released just in time to ride the coattails of the latest movie, this game has nothing to do with the film and is a nothing like it. You play as Batman and Robin, taking on numerous classic foes like the Joker, Penguin, and Poison Ivy. As you advance however, you can take on the role of the villains, which adds a really great element to the game. Following the same formula of previous games in the series, the characters and various objects in the game are all Lego bricks. No blood and guts here, just unadulterated Lego on Lego violence.

The storyline is original and campy fun. Since the characters don’t speak and there aren’t even subtitles, it relies heavily on physical humor and expressions. Robin is an idiot and the interactions between him and Batman in the cut scenes make them really enjoyable to watch. A lot of the humor is subtle and would probably be lost on some kids.

The game is fairly straightforward and is closer to a puzzle than a fighting game. The enemies up until the main villains provide no real challenge at all. Just press one button repeatedly and your duo will dispose of them quickly. The challenge comes when you have to figure out how to get past the obstacles in the game. Besides switching between the two characters you can pick up suits along that way that give you various extra abilities such as being flame retardant or magnetic boots. These obstacles however are also the game’s biggest downfall.

Oftentimes you’ll be at a complete an utter loss as to what to do next, and it’s not because of some clever puzzle, but because the switch or whatever you need to pull doesn’t stand out at all. There are some instances where it’s obvious what you’re supposed to do (turn a wheel) but how to do is non-intuitive (stand on it to make it rotate, which defies physics, instead of using your hands like any normal superhero would actually do). This leaves you frustrated rather than feeling a sense of accomplishment.

On the upside are the levels where you get to pilot one of the various vehicles in the game. Sometimes you’re racing around in the Batmobile or flying your Batwing. Other times you hop into a Lego forklift and lay the smack down on every trashcan and streetlight in sight. No matter what your vehicle of destruction is, all are a blast and do a good job of breaking up the monotony of the standard gameplay.

Finally, the reply value of the game is really high because there are a ton of unlockable awards and characters that you can then go back to the same levels and use to complete them in an entirely different way. This will keep your kids coming back for more for quite a while.

Ignoring the frustrating obstacles, the game is very fun. As there are a lot of beatdowns that go on, you’ll probably want to hold off if you have young kids. For everyone else, get your baterangs ready for some Lego block destruction!

Suggested Retail Price: $27.99 (for the PlayStation 2)

Website for More Details: Lego Batman

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