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Fisher Price has done it again and they have released another great kid-tough product. This year they have released a DVD player that will be able to handle a royal beating from your toddler. As a personal fan of their kid-tough camera, I was excited to see how the new DVD Player worked.

This DVD player is built from sturdy heavy-duty materials that can handle plenty of abuse. Each unit comes with a rechargeable battery & charger, which holds a charge for about two hours.

The screen size is 3.2″ and has a color LCD screen on it with simple controls that make it easy for children to use. It also has a handle where kids can tote or hold the unit while they watch their movies or you can use the kickstand legs on the unit for hands-free viewing.

Not included with this player is a video out cable for the television, but if purchased, your child can watch their movies through their own DVD player on the regular television.

The main issue with it, as a parent of a destructive toddler, is that your child can take their own movies in and out and a parent safety latch would be great for keeping the movie in there, but still allowing your child the “controls” of stopping and starting their own shows. Because of this reason, it makes it a toy that requires more parental supervision to insure that we don’t ruin our precious Dora movies that would be played on it.

The screen size is small, but understandably so in order to make this portable for little hands. This toy has a steeper price tag, but would work great for a family that doesn’t want to make an investment in a DVD unit for the car, but wants to be able to take their child’s entertainment on the road.

Of course, my parents used to have us entertain ourselves and we laughingly referred to our car as the “blue prison” on our treks to visit the family in Florida. Perhaps something like this would have saved my parents from yelling at us so much.

A big thank you to Walmart & Fisher Price for giving us the opportunity to review one of the hottest 12 toys for Christmas ’08!

Suggested Retail Price: $149.88

Website for More Details: Walmart



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    Well, it depends on your parenting :) The battery life is two hours so it would get you through part of a long trip. I thought it would be helpful for keeping my daughter entertained when I am a the hairdresser or as a special treat to take up to her room to watch a movie (we don’t have televisions in the bedrooms). I would anticipate using this mostly for travel though!


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    My 3 year old just beat the life out of his portable dvd player I’m surprised it lasted this long!!! Thanks for the great giveaway great idea!!!


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    We purchased two of these Christmas 2008. One pink, one blue. As of this review, our pink one is still working but the blue one is shot. I called Fisher Price customer service but because it’s been over the one year warranty (info that offered voluntarily) nothing could be done. The blue one does not charge … period. Working, working, stopped working. Keeping track of the tool to open the back is a pain and I’ve swapped out adapters (with the pink one) to make sure it’s not the adapter. I’m throwing out a toy and don’t even know why. Customer service says this isn’t an issue they’ve seen before and because of that, there isn’t anything they can do.

    I’m so disappointed we spent this kind of money. As of today, the blue one is a $220.00 toy! Save your money and get the kids a cheapie portable DVD player. You could replace it 7-8 times for the cost of this one. It may be kid tough, but it should be “Tough, Kid.”


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