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Thank you to all who entered our giveaway! We are happy to announce that commenter #41, r. robinson, was the winner! Congratulations to their family!

“My daughter is a straight A student who greatly desires a Build a Bear. I have been unable to purchase this item for her. This game will be a great treat for her. Her grandparents are planning to buy her a Wii for Christmas and this game would be an awesome gift to find under the Christmas tree.”

Now that I am back from my vacation, I am so excited to start our weekly giveaways back up! Today we will be offering two luck winners a new family game for your Nintendo Wii.

The game is called Build-A-Bear Workshop for the Nintendo Wii, and it is a family-friendly game perfect for young children. The game is for children three and older, and will be released very soon!  It encourages multiple players, making it ideal for a birthday party or family game night. In the game, players create a stuffed friend, and then guide him through a series of fun and challenging games and obstacles. Build-A-Bear Workshop was released on the Nintendo DS in 2007 and received rave reviews, and the Wii version promises to be even better!

To enter, please leave a comment and share your favorite Nintendo Wii game that you play with your family. If you don’t have any games yet, please share why this one would make a good start to your collection. Please leave your comment here by 10/28 at 8PM EST to be included. One entry per person and US residents only. Thanks & good luck!!



  1. 51

    I would love to have this game!! My kids(12,10 &3) love to go to Build A Bear and I think this would be a great addition to our games!!

  2. 52

    We like playing the games that came with the Wii. These are the only ones we have as my brother gave it to us for a christmas present. The wii is great on rainy days or in the winter especially for my ADHD son. Thanks for considering us.

  3. 53

    My daughter just has the game that came with the Wii…she is so good at bowling….it’s her favorite game! I want to get her some games for Christmas….but they are so expensive.

    Thanks for giving me the chance to win this game for her! She has carried “Princess” her Build-A-Bear around for 3 years! She loves going to Build-A-Bear and visiting the online

  4. 54

    I’m a big Mario Galaxy fan, but since my 3 year old shouldn’t be playing that with me we play Wii Play cow racing and the Wii Fit game, she loves being a penguin and catching fish as well as racing around the mountains! Thank you

  5. 55

    I don’t have any games but i would love to play this game with my Nephews, they love Build A Bear.

  6. 56

    My little girl loves build-a-bear. She had about 10 of them so far. She loves to play on the Wii. Her favorite game right now is Carnival Games. I know she would love to play the Build-a-Bear game.

  7. 57

    I enjoy playing Carnival Games and Playground. My DD age 9 enjoys High School Musical Sing It. My DD age 3 doesn’t play yet. I would love to be able to have something for her to play and this sounds perfect.


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  9. 59

    My family loves the Wii. I have Wii Fit and it is sooo fun and I actually get a great workout with it.

  10. 60

    My grandsons really love to play fishing and tanks on wii. They are 3 and 2. Bowling is hard for them, they can’t quite grasp the b button and letting go. But their favorite is jumping cows. They have named the cows, Otis and Clyde. There is lots of laughter and screams of Go Otis Go. I am sure they would love Build a Bear. They each have been to the store a picked one

  11. 61

    We don’t have a lot of Wii games, but I have to say that of all the games we have I like the Mario Kart racing game. I am rather good at it and my husband gets a little irritated with me about it!! But I think this Build a Bear Workshop game would be a great way to include my kids. I can’t wait to see what it is like!!!!!!!!

  12. 62

    My family loves the wii fit. I started it about 2 weeks ago and just this week my family joined with me. We like to try to beat each others scores. It is especially great for my son who has CP. He likes to do the games and was thrilled when he beat Mom’s score on the tightrope. It’s great to get us more aware of how we use our body. I love the wii because it encourages us to get up and move. My youngest kids don’t even know they are getting a workout.

  13. 63

    We enjoy playing the bowling game and my three year old tries to play with us and gets frustrated because she cannot “throw the ball” she loves doing what her big brother does so if she were able to play her own Wii game she would be thrilled,as an added bonus ,she loves teddy bears.

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  15. 65

    My daughter has a wii, so we would appreciate getting a game for our 3 year old in the house.

  16. 66

    My boys would love this they play a lot of the lego mario games. My four year old would love this cuz everytime we go to the mall they are always asking please mom please can we make a build a bear so then this way he can do it every day! I also have wii fit and it is great also. Even though I am assistant teacher at the ymca but want to be home when I can with my boys.

  17. 67

    The wii was not invented when my son started playing video games that his grandmother had. Now I have a grandson who is getting to the age to start playing video games just like his dad. I would like to pass this down to him.

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  20. 70

    My 7 yr oldson and husband love wii sports they play a lot of baseball, however my 3 yr old is not old enough yet to hit the ball so it would be really fun to have a game just for him.

  21. 71

    I have heard through the grapevine that Santa is bringing my family a Wii for the holiday! :) Both of my children love Build-A-Bear – so a virtual game they can play together would be a wonderful addition.

  22. 72
  23. 73

    We are planning on getting our kids a Wii for Christmas. The Build a Bear game would be a great start to building a selection of games.

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  27. 77

    My daughters birthday is in November. We are giving her a wii for her birthday. She loves going to build a bear, so I know she would love to have this game.

  28. 78

    We don’t yet own a wii so winning a game would be the perfect excuse to buy one! I think my 6 yr. old is ready.

  29. 79

    We have Wii family bowling nights with my four year old all the time. (It is a lot cheaper than the bowling alley…since our Wii was a gift!) She LOVES to bowl and sometimes beats us at the Red Pin Game! You have no idea how much she would love the Build-A-Bear game. It would be her new favorite thing to do!

  30. 80

    We actually just bought the Wii as a Christmas gift for our 4 sons. They are 10,10,5, and 4…so this would be a great gift for the younger 2…maybe even the older 2 ;)
    Thank you for the opportunity!!

  31. 81

    We have wii fit, and have family time cheering each other on with the various challenges. One of my sons is obsessed with animals, especially bears. He has autism. He loves the Build a Bear stores! They can be very expensive. This would be a great game to use to have him interact with us, because it captures his motivation – bears!

  32. 82

    Our Family does not have a Wii System yet but we are planning to put one on layaway for Christmas for my 8 year old Daughter Kursten.She loves those build the bears.Last year we went to Adventureland in Iowa and they had a shop there that she enjoyed as much as the park!I know this would make Kursten very happy.Thank You,Kurt

  33. 83

    The only Wii games that we have is the one that came with the system when our kids received it at Christmas. They love the bowling, cow racing and golfing the most.

    My seven year old would love it!

  34. 84

    Me and my nephew love playing My Sims. It helps us spend some quality time together.

  35. 85

    My 3yr old son loves the wii sports his favorite games on it is the tennis and baseball. On the other hand after my husband and I put the kids to bed we have our game time. We play the mario party8 it is so much fun! We also like playing the mario kart game that one is also very fun you get to drive through different courses. My 3yr old would love the Build A Bear game he always enjoys a new game! :)

  36. 86

    Me and my family have really enjoyed the wii blance board and the game that came with it.
    It has a lot of games that work on balance, strenght training, and core exercises. Lots of fun with exercise built in .

  37. 87

    My youngest daughter, who is 7, has a neurologic condition that makes fine motor movements quite challenging for her. Video games are usually out of the question for her. And, the family board games we play are either too easy (which translates into boring) for the 11 and 14 year olds or are too hard for the 7 year old. We finally saved up enough money and purchased a Wii that we will be giving to the kids for Christmas with the hope that family nights will become fun for every one again. Most of the games I have researched seem to be aimed at older children and may still pose some difficulty for my youngest, but I think this game would be a wonderful game geared more to her abilities. It would be a great starting point for her and she loves Build a Bear. I am so excited about this giveaway! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  38. 88

    This will make a great Christmas gift for my adorable cousin! She’s so good with the wii system and so imaginative when playing with stuff animals.

  39. 89

    My husband and I have five children together, we all love to play Mario Cart especially my eldest son JonJon, he has Ceribral Palsey so we bought him the Wii and so far it has helped him with his motor skills. Plus when the weather isn’t all the great, we all play together.

  40. 90

    My husband and I have enjoyed watching our nieces and nephews play the Wii – I guess my favorite would be Bowling. Its amazing how quickly they pick up on how to work these electronic gadgets at a young age.

    The build a bear game would be a great addition because with the four of them (1; 3; 5; and 6) there is not much to choose from.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  41. 91

    We just got a wii for our big Christmas present. This would be a great start to our games. We have 3 boys ages 3 and under. Our 3 year old is just now getting the idea of video games.

  42. 92
  43. 93

    We don’t have a wii yet, but are going to get one for our 2 daughters for Christmas. They love their build-a-bears so I know they would have an awesome time with this game!

  44. 94

    If we had to pick just one game, it would be bowling followed closely by Wii Fit balancing games. What a way to bring all ages together and share a good time. Get motivated….Have Fun!

  45. 95
  46. 96

    What a sweet giveaway! I hadn’t even heard of that game before. My little ones would love it. Some games just seem so hard for younger kids. It’d be nice to have more games that the whole family could play together.

    My personal favorite wii game is Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party.

  47. 97

    I dont have a wii system yet. I hope to get one for my grandchildren. The build-a-bear game would be a great first game.

  48. 98

    We absolutely love our Nintendo Wii especially in the winter months. Our family loves to play the bowling game that came with the Wii sports pack but my three year old son sometimes gets discouraged as he doesn’t understand the concept of the game. The Build-A-Bear game for Wii would be a perfect game for his age to enjoy!

  49. 99

    My son loves playing the sports everyone in the family does but our daughter is only 3 and I believe this would be great for her.

  50. 100

    My favorite game so far is Wii sports, but I would love to have Mario Party–that is such an awesome family game. The Build a Bear game sounds great, too!