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Thank you to all who entered our giveaway! We are happy to announce that commenter #41, r. robinson, was the winner! Congratulations to their family!

“My daughter is a straight A student who greatly desires a Build a Bear. I have been unable to purchase this item for her. This game will be a great treat for her. Her grandparents are planning to buy her a Wii for Christmas and this game would be an awesome gift to find under the Christmas tree.”

Now that I am back from my vacation, I am so excited to start our weekly giveaways back up! Today we will be offering two luck winners a new family game for your Nintendo Wii.

The game is called Build-A-Bear Workshop for the Nintendo Wii, and it is a family-friendly game perfect for young children. The game is for children three and older, and will be released very soon!  It encourages multiple players, making it ideal for a birthday party or family game night. In the game, players create a stuffed friend, and then guide him through a series of fun and challenging games and obstacles. Build-A-Bear Workshop was released on the Nintendo DS in 2007 and received rave reviews, and the Wii version promises to be even better!

To enter, please leave a comment and share your favorite Nintendo Wii game that you play with your family. If you don’t have any games yet, please share why this one would make a good start to your collection. Please leave your comment here by 10/28 at 8PM EST to be included. One entry per person and US residents only. Thanks & good luck!!



  1. 151

    We don’t own a Wii yet, but will be getting one for the family at Christmas. What a fun game this sounds like!

  2. 152

    We have purchased a wii for our family this Christmas. We don’t have a lot for it, but mostly stuff for older ones. Our children are 2 1/2 and 5 and I’d love to have something like this that they can enjoy, and that is clean!

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  4. 154

    We don’t own a Wii yet – I’ve been watching for sales and saving our extra pennies. But my SIL has a Wii, and my kids love playing the different sports games (fishing, bowling, tennis) and Mario Cart. So they would have even one more reason to be excited to visit their Auntie!

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    My family played Wii at my grandmother’s house and they all loved Bowling the best. My 5 year old brother evan beat my dad (who is GREAT at bowling, real-life). My grandmother is planning on giving my family a Wii for Christmas (shh, don’t tell!) so this would be their first game.
    PS – I have a big family: 8 brothers and 1 sister so you can bet it will get a lot of use!

  7. 157

    We love mario kart. I have always loved mario kart, ever since I was in second grade and playing super Nintendo. This version is awesome as ever and the rainbow track even makes a comeback!

  8. 158

    I just got us a wii but it’s a surprise for Christmas for my little one. I haven’t even bought any games for it yet, so this would be perfect for my little one, who loves Build a Bear. Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. 159

    i actually won the wii we have in a contest thru my local paper and its been fun fun fun since then…only have a few games so far but i still love the sports game that came with the wii,love how it actually makes you workout,plan on getting the wii fit by christmas so i can do exactly that,cant wait..thank you

  10. 160

    We LOVE to play Mario Kart Wii!!! The whole family gets into it! I am so glad that we purchased the Wii. It keeps us entertained, and active! :)

  11. 161

    We love to play Wii Mario Kart. Even though my kids come in last place every time, we have so much fun playing together it doesn’t matter what place we all come in! We’d love to play build a bear on our wii!!! As fun as Mario Kart is it would be great to have another game to play as a family!

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  13. 163

    Our children have been wanting for a Wii for a very long time. We told them they could get one once we find a house. We moved a year ago in June and we still have not found a house in our new location. By winning this game, it would encourage us to get the Wii even though we have not found a house. Our children have been very patient in this long wait.

  14. 164

    Don’t have a Wii yet but my Grandson would LOVE it. It would introduce him to something I’m sure he would be a favorite!!

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  16. 166

    My son loves any Mario game–especially Mario Cart. He just turned 5. My husband is in the military and I am a stay at home mom so I am always looking for good deals on these games.

  17. 167

    Our favoite game is Sims for the Wii. Our kids love to compete to see who can build thier village the quickest! So far my daughter is 1st and my husband second. That doesn’t make my son very happy that his dad is beating him! LOL So we would love to add the Build-A-Bear game to our collection; maybe it would help them to quit asking me to take them there! They have a whole collection, which represents each one of our family members! Go figure! Thanks!

  18. 168

    We love to play the Olympics game that we have. It is very challenging and we are a fairly competitive family. Our 9 year old often beats the grown ups. The Build-A-Bear game would be a GREAT addition to our collection because our 9 year old LOVES to go to Build A Bear and with the game, she could bring Build A Bear home. This would also be a game that my 3 year old could play with her sister.

  19. 169

    Our favorite game is the lego star wars. My 4 year old loves it. It is great for little kids because they never die and they are just smashing legos. He also loves the fishing, and cow race on wii sports. My husbands favorite game is the new star wars one, this the fist game that he hasn’t won in the first day. He even still plays it because it has several differant ends and achivements to get

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    We are getting a Wii for Christmas and would love to have this game as we have grandchildren who would love this. Hey, I love the store Build a Bear for myself so I’m sure I’ll love the game too!!!

  23. 173

    We have a lot of games geared for our teens and, even though they are ‘safe’ for our 9 year old sometimes they are alittle too hard for her. This would be something that she could play with and it would be something geared for her age.

  24. 174

    As a grandma, my grandbabies would love to have one of these, but being low income I am not able to afford it, I have heard abnout the WII and wish I could purchase for the wholw family to enjoy. I heard it’s wonderful for the whole family to participate and spend time togeteher. Which I could get itone for them.

  25. 175

    My favorite Wii game is just playing with the Miis on Wii Play. My littlest one loves it (3) up to the 18 year old!

  26. 176

    Our family loves Wii Fit, we are a blended family so we have varied ages in the house from 4 months to 53 years with children all ages in between. The funny thing is, we all have at least one Build-A-Bear either made for us or by us. I think that we would enjoy this game and the time together we spend playing it (as we have 8 wii motes).

  27. 177

    My granddaughters favorite game is the Wii fit. She absolutely loves it and plays with all my friends and hers!

  28. 178

    My daughter loves the WII, Her favorite game is mario cart, however we play several different games. She loves build a bear and would so enjoy it. Plus she could teach me how to play another WII game.

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  30. 180

    We have a Wii with only the game that has the multiple sports games on it…and my DH is in tech school for the air force, and has it with him, so I’ve not even played it yet. But this game would be great for us, because we have twins, and it won’t be too long at all before they are able to play it! It’d be perfect for them.

  31. 181

    We do not have a Wii yet but my kids love the Build a Bear Workshop and are always talking about playing with the Wii. I told my daughter when she passes 10 of her reading tests with 100%, Santa will take note of it and might surprise her with a Wii for Christmas. Good luck to my daughter. I am sure my husband would not mind playing with it either!!!

  32. 182

    I just submitted my comment but used the wrong email address! This one should be included in my previous comment. Thanks.

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  34. 184

    We only have games for the older boys, so my 5 year old just watches and doesn’t get to participate as much. This would be a good start to his collection and getting him involved with his brothers

  35. 185

    Our favorite family Wii game is Mario Party 8. My 7 year old son is a genius at the game which makes my husband and I look like complete dorks. We compete in the mini-games and my son always beats us.

  36. 186

    At this moment I don’t own a Wii, but I would love to have my father play with one because he is looking for some sort of exercise after his open heart surgery. This would be a great game for him to play and help him with his recovery in the future.

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  38. 188

    Of all things, we have enjoyed the bowling game on the wii. My daughter has had a bowling birthday party for the past two years (she is turning 7 soon) and I think this year she will bowl without the bumpers! Even grandpa gets into the game…which just tickles me.

  39. 189

    Our familys favorite wii game is Carnival. I play with my three boys and they all love the game…Whats great about the wii games even a 3yr old can play and not feel left out.

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  42. 192

    The favorite Wii game our family plays right now is “MarioKart!” This game sounds fantastic, also.
    Please enter me in your delightful giveaway drawing. Many thanks…..Cindi

  43. 193

    We mostly play the sports package-bowling of course. This would be great for my toddler to play and get involved in!! Thanks

  44. 194

    This would be so Perfect for us as a family.
    We purchased our we so that we could all play together and it would bring us more together as a family.
    So far it has worked perfectly. But I would love to be able to add this game to our Wii. as I know that my children would adore it !!
    Thank you so much for offering this wonderful giveaway.
    I would LOVE to win !!

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    We do not have a Wii yet. But as a family Christmas present my Husband and I are buying one. This would be a great start for our daughter’s collection.

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